November 9, 2010 6:48 PM

The only good thing about having a sore throat is that for a brief window of time I can hit some low notes. I was too sick today to concentrate on any real work but this was lying around half-finished so I took it another quarter of the way. Despite the title, this is not a murder ballad but a song about the day I realized Ms. unSane might (eventually) become Mrs unSane. Features a totally fake Hawaiian guitar, one of the rare moments where my surf playing has spilled over into one of my songs.

This is a rough mix with no automation to get a bit of perspective so comments and criticisms are welcome. There are a few bum notes in the vocal which I may redo entirely if I can still hit the notes, and the instrumentation needs tidying up, so it's more the song, arrangement and structure I'm focused on at the moment.

It wasn't actually four days but two but no-one would have believed that if I put it in a song.

I'm kind of ballad-ed out now. I really need to write something balls-out.

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© 2010 J Brownlow

Close your eyes. Turn down the radio.
Kick off your shoes. Five hundred miles to go.
Well, I've been driving hours but I don't mind, I feel okay
Why don't you try to get some sleep?

We don’t talk. We don’t say a word.
The silence sings with something understood
I've known you four days but I got the strangest feeling
I always want you sitting by my side

I've heard it said that only fools rush in where angels fear to tread
But I don't think it works that way
‘Cause I can't shake this feeling that I always want to see you
Riding shotgun next to me

Road follows road. And as we drive
Seems we could be the last ones left alive
Your face is turned away. I can’t tell if you’re sleeping
Or wide awake and feeling just like me.

I've heard it said that only fools rush in where angels fear to tread
But I don’t think it works that way
I always want you there, riding shotgun into who knows where
Why don't we take a chance and see?
What's the worst that it could be?

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One thing I'm conscious of is that the first chorus is different from the second and third, and doesn't feel as strong, (I love the 'riding shotgun into who knows where' hook), but I'm feel that the second and third don't quite fit the story of the song that early.

I had an absolutely blazing guitar solo for the instro break, probably the best I've ever recorded, but it didn't fit the languid feel of the song, which I subsequently realized is a sort of mutant stepchild of the Sleepwalk chord sequence. At that point it became obvious that I need to do a fake lap steel solo instead... it's actually played on the Jazzmaster just using the trem and some double stops.
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Very nice!
posted by Zenabi at 7:23 PM on December 28, 2010

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