Ten Years in a Hundred Dollar Suit (vox up)

December 6, 2010 6:56 PM

I pushed the vocal track a couple of dB on this track I posted yesterday as several people suggested. See what you think.

I guess I'm always a bit shy about my vocals so I'm tempted to bury them.

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You got it! Yeah, this time, I was able to pick out every word with no straining.
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Yea, that's the ticket, man. Even listening on well travelled and really old fisher speakers, your vocals are right there and solid without sacrificing anything else. Kick ass.

Sometimes your guitar work is a bit reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and the Stones. I only mention it because I love the woven texture you do with your guitars.
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Thanks, sns. I think that may be because I am not a very good guitar player at all so I have to plan out everything in ridiculous detail to get it all sounding like I can play. I pretty much know every note that every guitar is supposed to be playing at every moment... there is no winging it involved at all as I'm just not good enough to carry it off. Even the solos are worked out like that, usually by playing about a thousand versions of it, comping something together, and then learning it by heart.

I've never listened to the dead but I love Keef's less obvious stuff, like the rhythm parts on Wild Horses, Gimme Shelter and so on.

To use the late lamented Major Dundee's phrase, I'm pretty much a strummer when it comes down to it.
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The report of my death is an exaggeration.......

This is a good sounding record btw. I like the sense of space and the nice airy mix - and don't be so hard on yourself guitar-wise. No-one listening gives a toss how many takes it took or whether it was pre-written or spontaneous. If it sounds good, it is good - that's what matters. Nice one.
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Well......(bashfully shuffling feet and clearing throat) I kinda missed you guys and all your crazy-ass ideas and stuff..
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Dundee... don't go runnin' off in a huff again, y'hear?

You great lummox.
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Seriously, welcome back.
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I guess I'm always a bit shy about my vocals so I'm tempted to bury them.

I know how you feel, which I why I almost always crank my vocals up front as much as I can. If I bury them, people will say "oh, he's shy" and then they'll listen more closely and critically to my voice to find out what's wrong with it. In turning it up, I can fake like I have confidence.

Anyway, this I think is my favorite song of yours. It sounds like something by Jon Langford / The Mekons. The chorus is nice and punchy and the increase in vocal volume helps with that.

I dig it.
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I was a big fan of the 3 Johns back in the day... I had pinkheadedbug.com as my photography site for the longest while before it got stolen out from under me and it's still my Flickr handle.

I was a pink-headed bug
Crawling up the walls of the city hall

Here's a pic of Jon Langford I took in 1988!
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Really like the guitar work. The solo seems to have fallen out of favor. Glad you still dig it. Cause I do.
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