Resistor - First World Problems

January 22, 2012 10:52 PM

Resistor makes real songs for synthetic lives.

every night i lie upon my goose down feather bed
hunger is a stranger, i never want for bread
all my limbs are functional, my parents aren’t dead
so i’ll cry over you instead
there’s no foreign army trying to fill me full of lead
no violent revolution, the streets aren’t running red
no hooded executioner coming for my head
so i’ll cry over you instead
everybody says look on the bright side
think of all the lovely things i’ve got
but I’ll never have it half as good as that guy
cause he’s with you and I’m not
I sometimes feel I shouldn’t be complaining
I’ve got luxury so many never had
but still that doesn’t help me with explaining
why I feel so sad
there’s no killer asteroid looming overhead
no tribe of hungry cannibals waiting to be fed
but I don’t have the guts to say the things I wish I’d said
so i’ll cry over you instead

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