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July 25, 2012 9:31 PM

I downloaded a random MIDI file of Radiohead's Karma Police and sent it, almost raw, to this robot xylophone which couldn't understand most of the file. It sounds terrible. There's also a boring video version.

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3.5 year old reviews the video: "Does it go by itself? HOW?"

those are pretty my thoughts also, plus I really like recognizing the fragments of the original in the robot's version...
posted by dubold at 2:13 AM on July 26, 2012

Oh man, I really like this. It's all there, even if it's half-broken and squashed down into a couple octaves. The clumpy chording and weird clicking sounds at the end are great.
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There is nothing terrible about how this sounds.
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Wow, this is brilliant. The clunky nature of it just add's so much more. But maybe that's just my passion for robots shining through. Did you design the xylophone-bot yourself? A breakdown video of how it works would be very cool.
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Thanks for the kind words. I may be emboldened to post the xylophone's rendition of Free Bird, which translated much better than this did.

Chipolux, yes, it's a homegrown design. And the xylophone itself was originally made for a calliope or theater organ, meaning it has always been played by machine, even back in the 50s or so!
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I just came across this one too, and man is it good.
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I love this and I love your robot and my first thought was that I want to send you compositions like Bjork did with the music box melodies for Vespertine. Then I remembered I'm not a musical superstar who can commission things like that. But, yeah, this is super cool! My favorite thing about it is all the non-xylophone noise the robot makes in order to produce the melody.
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Oh, you can totally send me compositions. Single channel MIDI, no more than 2 octaves. That goes for Bjork, too, if she's reading this. Hi Bjork!
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I love the broken version of this song. But the instrument is a thing of beauty that should be exhibited at an interactive museum.
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It sounds even better if you have it running 2 or 3 times simultaneously. :D
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Have you tried any Conlon Nancarrow on it?
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Oooh, that's a good idea. And within 30 seconds of googling "Nancarrow MIDI" I found out that Trimpin has built a machine for scanning Nancarrow's piano rolls. [pdf]

(Haven't actually found any MIDI files yet, though. If you've got some, send them my way!)
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This is interesting - a piano competition where the contestants record their performances on a Disklavier and transmit the recordings to the judges. More to the point, the competition posts the MIDI files on their site!
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