Resistor - Insecure

July 26, 2012 9:23 AM

This one is a sparkly nugget of synthpop about the bitter, self-sabotaging adolescent lurking within all of us. Or at least within me. It's classic Resistor.

Were you laughing
at or with me?
well I'm never really sure
Were you getting
tired of listening
do you think that I'm a bore?

I will swallow
your derision
and I'll still come back for more
Well I know it's
a bad decision
but I'm insecure

I'll try to tear you down if you're more
interesting than me
how dare you be the kind of person
I wish I could be

Well you gave me
now could you please give me more
cause I'm always
the second one foot's out the door

And I've ruined
my own chances
on so many nights before
and I'll do it
on another
cause I'm insecure

I won't believe you when you say you're
interested in me
You're only trying to get your way with
reverse psychology

posted by ludwig_van

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