Resistor - Keep it to Yourself

February 1, 2013 8:53 AM

Another bit of synthpop metacommentary in the form of the funny-cause-it's-sad-cause-it's-true inner monologue of a cynical artist.

The world isn't wanting for your song
about all the ways your life went wrong
it’s awfully cliched and far too long
the world isn’t wanting for a song

There’s nothing as bland as a broken heart
try as you might to make it art
so do us a kindness, please don’t start
cause there’s nothing as bland as a broken heart

So keep it to yourself
why don't you keep it to yourself
why burden someone else
just keep it to yourself

I know that you're angry, I know it hurts
but that doesn’t mean that you should put it in verse
when nobody listens you'll feel much worse
and then you’ll be angry and then you’ll be hurt

If I can’t convince you otherwise
go on and I’ll try to sympathize
I’ll do my best not to roll my eyes
but I hope I’ll convince you otherwise

Keep it to yourself
just keep it to yourself
be glad you have your health
and keep it to yourself

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I love how poppy and upbeat this is.
posted by ocherdraco at 9:38 AM on February 1, 2013

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