I Know It's You (Jeff, It's Roger)

November 23, 2014 1:42 PM

I turned four years worth of voicemails from my brother into this song, and I gave it to him for his 39th birthday.

He loved it.

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I laughed out loud at more points in this song than any other I can remember, especially around 1:04 when the distant "I know it's youuu..." crooning came back in. At the same time, one imagines not all these voicemails could have been bearing good news, and the more subdued greetings have a real poignancy to them, I think.
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This is great!
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Thanks guys! Always appreciate your feedback.
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This is SO great, I bet his reaction was priceless.
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Oh, geez, this is wonderful; smile a mile wide right now. Ditto Corduroy on that moment when the distant call-and-response vox come back in over Roger's greetings.

There's something surprisingly sweet about the whole thing; it's a perfect setup for a joke, and it's a great joke, but it's also, I dunno. Something great. I'm gonna go tell my brother I love him.
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I love this!

It's funny to be reminded that our voices change from day to day: it sounds like a bunch of different guys, except their words are almost all exactly the same.

Say, if you want to do an album with songs for the rest of your family, I bet the NSA could help...
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This is a really laid back and catchy song, and the whole story is really sweet. You're both lucky I think, Roger because of the obvious care and love you've put into this and you for having a brother who keeps in touch in a way that makes you want to put in that love and care.
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Love it! It's oddly touching; nice.
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Awww, man, that brought actual tears to my eyes.
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Aw! So sweet and funny, but also a great song. (Although I pity your brother - how do you top that as a gift?)
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This brought a smile to my face and everyone who was in my house when I listened to it!! It reminded me of how incredibly creative people can be! Thanks....ummmm....sorry your name escaped me. OHHH...that's right. Thanks for sharing this with us Jeff!
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So... has he left you a voice mail since?
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I heard this at the end of the December podcast and it's great! Funny, sweet, touching. You are a nice brother!
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He has left a voicemail since I made this, and it did not start the usual way.

But on the other hand, now I have friends who leave me voicemails that start with "Hey Jeff, It's Roger", so it all evens out.
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I could have listened to that all day.
Reminds me of "Hello, I'm Shelly Duvall" only much more natural and warm.
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