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August 21, 2016 4:57 PM

Jessamyn bought me a really nice sounding small guitar, twenny bux with all the trimmings! I'd also just bought a really sweet Yeti Blue mic off Craigslist for $25. What a bargain! So this is how I tested the two out.

I would play these phrases on guitar when i was bored as a teenager. So I decided to use the bit for the test.

First, there was a thunderstorm (a rarity this summer), so I recorded the sounds from that. Then I played the original riff on the piano, and finally countered it on the $20 guitar. SUCCESS!

But the song is stuck in my craw now and growing in all sorts of possible directions, and I have a feeling this old, dusted-off riff is now a prelude to something... more looming and ominous.

(I've never had a Real Mic before. I've been using Guitar Hero mics or internal mics forever.) This is the manual... so, if you have any knowledge of mics, and/or suggestions on how to use this one better for any particular instrument, I'd be all ears.

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I have a phrase that I've used in my head to describe this kind of lonely reverb piano for a long time: "You can hear the dust motes in the room." I'm a sucker for it, and I like the execution here with the guitar and rain.
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I love that phrase! And it totally does suit this track.
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Yeah, but there's no greenish on it! WHAT AM I TO DO! (No worries -- you have more important things to take care of!!)

Part two of this musical phrase is turning into some sort of metal thing with double-kick drums and everything. I don't know how to do the metal Cookiemonster growl or the Kingdiamond scream.
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Has a bit of a "Harry Potter movie trailer" vibe to it, with some added Nashville twang when the gtr comes in (quite the combo). Nice work!
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Yup. Can't get enough.

Satie in the back parlor with a nearby sleeping cat. A friend brought her conservatory guitar and together they try to quiet the storm.

So rich, and so little. Love it.
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Added "DustMotes" tag. (Didn't enter "Satie" tag cause I can gather dust much better than I can emulate Satie IMHO but thanks for that comparison too!)
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