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November 24, 2016 8:17 PM


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This is immediately sounding like a weird acid trip. So, I will type my reactions as I listen to the music for the first time (editing afterward for typos and nonsense):

I love how it starts sounding ghoulish and "impending doom" [that eerie voice!] while at the same time sounding like a Bouncy Club/Dance Track. But then when the beat drops out, you realize no, you're not at the party, you're in an echoey wierd place, alone! But it sounds friendly, not ghoulish anymore, and by the time beat comes back in, it's all better again. YAY! Shake! my! butt! Maybe I am at that party after all but it still sounds... uh -oh. When it drops out again a couple of minutes later, it's even more disconcerting and scary. But HEY there's the beat again, hey yeah, everything's gonna be okay. Right? ... It'll be okay... right?... The chords sound spooky again... I hear that voice, but it sounds different like a robot... [LIGHTS ON] hey where'd everyone go! Hey!

...well, that was fun. Thanks for the sonic landscapes!
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Really nice. I'm catching up on Music and it's been a lot of short songs mostly because of the current 60 second challenge, and it's interesting how much that primed me to really settle into the five minute length of this like it was something really unusual rather than a pretty normal length for a song. The feeling of there being a lot of, yeah, sonic landscape over the course of it jumped out as a result more than it might have on another day.
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