January 27, 2022 11:26 AM

Using my friend's old Roland SoundCanvas to get the mellotron-esque string sounds and the Yamaha SLG-100 for the acoustic vibes. It records remarkably well, though definitely not the same as the real thing. Little bit of fretless bass action on here as well!!

There was a time and a room there
there was a chance for a life beside you
and you were one in a million
you were the one that I could sacrifice for

I put my change into an ashtray
and now we live inside our cages alone
I thought I could be the best for you
and all along the things I thought I would know,
I am just someone that I thought I knew.

You can stay a little later
do a ten to twelve and sleep on the floor
you can tell it was made then
it wasn't like this before

and you can keep it in the basement
and you can leave the key beneath your front door
there's nothing else that I can take away
it doesn't matter; this is all I can come here for

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Very nice! I had to look up SLG-100. Silent guitar, eh? Interesting.

Anyway, kudos on the song. Gonna listen again now.
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