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August 28

Brush Fire | Indie Rock, I guess?

I've briefly interluded from my normal style of electronica music in order to focus more on a sort of indie rock sound, because clearly we need more of that totally not done-to-death genre, right? I'd appreciate any feedback, though, as I have a hard time being objective and either love or hate most of my creative output. I've also included an impromptu creative writing piece inspired by the general idea in my head I had for this song. Details inside, yada yada. [more inside]

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August 23

For Now, For Now

While halfassedly doing chores today, I made up a personal anthem, and then immediately had to "orchestrate" it for a tiny marching band. Lyrics below the cut. [more inside]

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August 21

Gan Ainm No. 1

This is a little tune I wrote a few months back. I was thinking about Irish slow airs, and wanted to have some of that feel, combined with some harmony stuff I've been playing with. I was down visiting my parents, and showed it off for them, and they demanded I record it for them, so here it is! [more inside]

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More concertina and bayan based minimalist weirdness, this time with trombone! Noisy bits are just clickety clacking the bayan's keys, and crumpling some paper.

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August 16

Let Me Into The Blaseball

While most recording equipment is destroyed by the ambient cosmic horror rays that suffuse a typical blaseball game, we've unearthed a rare crowd sing-along performance captured on hand-carved vinyl by an especially stalwart Charleston Shoe Thieves fan. Here, then, is "Let Me Into The Blaseball", an absolutely legally non-infringing original song that blaseball fans have been known to sing in what short time the Blaseball Gods choose to grant them. [more inside]

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August 12

Trapeze Act

Nightmarish song about an anxious trapeze artist. Motion sickness warning. [more inside]

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August 7


another pop song [more inside]

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A Grand Unslam

More music about Blaseball, this time the story of the time Morrow Doyle hit a grand slam in the 15th inning and shattered the universe. Time went backward, the play got erased by timelords, and the Shoe Thieves and their Event-sharing rivals Breath Mints have played one more game than the rest of the league, a game lost in an alternate branch of reality.

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August 5

Workman 9 to 5

A little bit of a song about Charleston Shoe Thieves player Workman Gloom, their dog and teammate (and Shoe Thieves pitcher) Beasley Gloom, and the life that is stealing shoes and playing blaseball. [more inside]

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