January 23

Dr Matt [The In Out cover]

A song we played when I was in The In Out circa 1994-1996, but I don't know if they ever recorded it after I departed. So I decided to cover it twenty years later. [more inside]

Reasonable Excuse

Piano, guitars and drum Instrumental, some unresolved tension. [more inside]

January 22

The Way of the World [Flipper Cover]

...you do what you can, though! goddamnit! [more inside]

January 21

Humbler than Thou

Yesterday I sat down behind the old Roland VR drum kit I passed down to my son at Christmas this year to adjust the hardware and give the set up a test run. I recorded a quick video of myself improvising a little groove, but later in the evening, I couldn't help myself and came back to the recording and used a free multitracking app on my phone to record some ridiculous overdubs. The sound quality is awful, of course, but this was a lot of fun to make and really helped me keep my spirits up yesterday on coronation day. [more inside]

January 18

Prior Conviction

I made a really janky demo of a dumb pop punk song I wrote years ago and then a friend of mine laid down drums for it [more inside]

January 17

Small Speakers

Something fairly new. This is two of us playing live, me on bass and singing, and synth and drum machine from Magnus. [more inside]

January 16

Bad and Boujee (Zamboni Mix)

Uh, yeah, that way, float on the track like a Segway

January 15

Things I Never Had

New track recorded today in Ableton. Solo, original, home recording. First attempt at playing with vocal delay (delay delay). [more inside]

January 14

Good (Cover)

Better Than Ezra's "Good" is one of my all-time favorite songs. [more inside]

January 11

Co-starring Richard Sanders

What scares me? Playing music in front of other people, that's what! So here, for my MeFi music debut, is a slow jam to one of the greatest sitcom closing theme songs ever. [more inside]

Dame Kraft (Lady Force)

An incendiary surf punk instrumental written to accompany the everyday fight trans women endure. [more inside]

January 10

What Happens Next?

Challenge: Do what scares you? I'm scared of death and the concept of eternity. While I'm NOT about to DO that, I could write a song distilling my fears about said subject matter, yes? Yes. OK, it's a deal, then.

January 4

Looks like rain

I sampled Morphine's classic 1992 number You Look Like Rain for this one. This is my Dec/Jan #MeFiMusicChallenge and #DoWhatScaresYou entry. [more inside]

next record

(voice of announcer from Star Wars Episode 1 Podracer for Nintendo 64) it's a new lap record [more inside]

January 2

2016 Buh Bye!

I, for one, welcome our new 2017 overlords. Written and recorded on a Zoom H4, New Year's Day 2017.

January 1


Instrumental w/guitar solo Feat. Sam Ferguson - drums

December 31

Dot of America (Demo)

I raced against the clock to finish this one before 2017: a song-journey on the Westbound Twin Cities Hiawatha train between Chicago and Minneapolis, operated by the Milwaukee Road from 1935-1971. [more inside]

Motherfuck This Year

An extremely brief goodbye to a year that deserves a screendoor to the ass and then some on its way out.

Waiting for Zamboni

Triste! Onwards to 2017...

December 29

Silent Night / Seven O'Clock News

What I did for 25.12.16, echoing Simon and Garfunkel.

December 27

Solid Hymn of Rage (Short)

I wrote & recorded this song on the day after Xmas, 2016. It's an electronic experimental groove with some serious rage behind it. Hope it's as cathartic to dance to as it was to make! [more inside]

December 26

13 miracle bar - vampire deer

recklessness - the 13th and final song of birdie [more inside]

December 25

xmas arp

merry synthmas

December 24

12 save your words - vampire deer

a lament, i think [more inside]

December 23


A thanksgiving experiment, which turned out quite nicely, I think. [more inside]

Baystar over Betlehem

And as the three wise men approached Betlehem, [more inside]

December 21

Nightmare On Elmstreet Theme (NES)

Q: What scares you? A: Freddy Kruger [more inside]

December 20

11 bitter little asshole - vampire deer

it's like mr the toad - or mr the trump - or a mini me version of the child they would have [more inside]

Little Saint Nick

Cover of the Beach Boys song. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody. [more inside]

December 19

Flight (December 19)

I recorded this song on an airplane in flight by typing in 2016. [more inside]

10 heaven - vampire deer

no, it's not fair, is it? [more inside]

December 18

09 clipboard people - vampire deer

i hang up on survey takers [more inside]

December 16

08 crow on a lamppost - vampire deer

del shannon went to my high school 12 years before i did - also hundreds of crows were run over by a train last year in my old hometown and no one understands why the crows let that happen - this is not homer simpson's springfield, it's stranger than that ... [more inside]

December 14

Mr. HONK Miser

It turns out that once you start making honkcore tracks, it's hard to stop. [more inside]

07 assassinate the people - vampire deer

history 101 [more inside]

December 11

"Little Shit"

It's about the prez-elect, had to make a quick mumble-rap-hop / norah-jones-ish / slow jam thing about it to keep my head up

06 ghost on a stick - vampire deer

song 6 of birdie - whatever this is about, it's not good [more inside]

Under the Christmas Tree

those boxes they lead lives you don't know about. [more inside]

December 10

05 blue jay blues - vampire deer

it's about a bird [more inside]

December 9

Teenage Love 2000

A song about love

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