March 2


There's a saying that aging is like sailing into an asteroid field, where the asteroids get thicker and thicker until one hits you. This is a song about that. One take everything. Video.

I AM NOT A BOT - a message to Twitter

Some very special guests appear here, helping me to explain the little problem I am having at the moment with social networking site Twitter. This is the audio portion of a video, which may be viewed here at YouTube.

February 28


Keep getting old. [more inside]

February 26

The City of Austin, Texas

It's been two weeks since I last laid my eyes upon you, darling, but when I close them I can still hear you move. [more inside]

February 23

Sad Enough

My friends and I have been playing together for a few years, we get a couple shows each year here in minneapolis. We recorded a few of the new songs, this one is a straight ahead pop song

February 18

Whiskey Before Breakfast

An arrangement of the traditional fiddle tune with its not-often-heard lyrics. Full album now streaming on Bandcamp. [more inside]


En roulant ma boule roulant / En roulant ma boule

February 16

Cherry Blossom Special

They're bloomin' in Vic right now! Here's a quick AcGtr piece written/played while gazing out my kitchen window. Island chills, blossom thrills

February 13

What It Did to You

Smooooth, sloooow reggae featuring a dreamy brass/ebow instrumental break, "sensitive" percussion, a falsetto bridge, and a sweet guitar solo at the end. [more inside]

February 7

B'doo Deh Du

Dance-Rock Late-70's-type Instrumental. Maybe if Thin Lizzy and the Talking Heads were commissioned to write the theme song to CHiPs? The only lyrics are "B'doo deh du" and "Bah-Bah-Bah-Bomp!" [more inside]

February 6

Reckless (Bobby Green Remix)

This is a remix of a track by Julia Lauren. Julia is an amazing singer I met in NYC that has a killer vibe and a killer voice to match. "Reckless" is a track from her EP "Pillow Talk," and as soon as I heard it I knew I wanted to retell its story with my own sound. The track has so much energy and excitement that I really wanted to elevate it and share it with a different kind of audience. Hope you dig it! [more inside]

Dance with Me

Reggae made with the infectious Caribbean enthusiasm of Leonard Cohen [more inside]

February 5

Changing the Guard

A fast tempo is ceremonially relieved by a slow tempo

February 4

Black Rabbit

A friend of mine lost her pet black rabbit recently. A conversation about it led to me digging out this old (c. 2007?) recording. [more inside]

February 3

Dick Biondi

A long and very silly edm jam just under the upload limit.

January 31

not my voice

not actually, but kinda [more inside]

January 29

10 Seconds of Static

Lot's of interesting things you can do with static. For the January Challenge. [more inside]

January 27

The Familiar

Have you talked to your child about the dangers of smooth jazz fractals? [more inside]

January 26

Bridge to Nowhere

You can feel the beat rising, incrementally, step by step. Melody, chorus, melody, chorus... The air clears. It's that part in the song that builds and builds to it's highest point and then [more inside]

Deep Sea Diving Suit

My band Charm Bracelet, covering Deep Sea Diving Suit [more inside]

Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies

The classic bluegrass hymn. [more inside]

January 25

Ramen Bowl 4

This is for the 10 second sample challenge. [more inside]

Your Racist Friend (Y Tori Kant Even)

It's past due for the 25th anniversary of Flood, but here's a cover of They Might Be Giant's Your Racist Friend done roughly in the style of Tori Amos. [more inside]

January 24

Tokyo Primer

Just working on some cyberpunk feels [more inside]

Do You Feel?

Original Power Pop from Austin. Buzzie is an old band name, but with new membership. The current lineup spent 4 hours in the garage cutting demos 2 weeks ago - this is a rough mix of the live tracks. [more inside]

Dub It Up

Daft Dub [more inside]

January 23

No Longer Defined (Simple Edit)

A simple version of a cool, brooding electronic jam. Underlying ambient riff accentuated with minor chord synth jabs alternating in EQ/phaser/flanger/stereo effect layers.

January 22


Electronic instrumentals for the 10 second challenge. [more inside]

January 21

Titry / Live and Let Die

Let's throw in a juxtaposition in sonic terms just for the sake of diversity. Here is a free download of Ummagma 'Titry', alongside one right here for 'Live and Let Die'. The first is an instrumental folky track somewhat like Peter, Bjorn and John's 'Young Folks' crossed with Tortoise (with their more upbeat side of postrock). The second is also upbeat in the best shoegazey dreamy fashion - but with ethereal yet solid vocals... Enjoy both :) [more inside]

January 20

Resistor -- Cordless Phone

A Men's Snarehouse production. Watch the video. [more inside]

Line of Life (Ummagma Remix)

When you conceive of how many tracks go into creating a song and visualize them, row upon row stacked upon one another on the computer screen of the producer's studio, it's mind boggling how it could ever come together in perfect symmetry, especially if the tracks are not laid down at the same time. This is the story of one remix. This is Huge Shark 'Line of Life (Ummagma Remix)'. Trans-continental electro dreamscape. [more inside]

January 19

shake & twitch

First upload: broody lo-fi electronic pop song, written for the January challenge. [more inside]

Those Aren't Poodles [Greg Nog cover]

I had the day off. I heard the previous song. I started singing it my head like this. I had to share. I am still in my jammas. I am a recalcitrant dog misidentifier, but I'm better known for considering all animals and some human babies gender-neutral.

Those Aren't Poodles

one day Westphal and I were in Chicago and we saw a guy walking two Bichon Frises. one was running way ahead of the guy and one was lagging behind and so Westphal made up a little song about them. good thing i was there to correct his HORRIBLE MISTAKE or WOW he would have looked like a REAL DUMB DOG MISIDENTIFIER

January 16

Our Lady Of The Morlocks

A rough vocal for a rough congregation. [more inside]

Gymnopédie No. 1

Alas, not a TMBG cover. But a droney, sometimes dissonant cover of Erik Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1 on pump organ.

Particle Man

My little old-timey number for the TMBG Flood covers project. [more inside]

January 15

Particle Man

I decided I wanted to play too! Please enjoy my ridiculous amateurism. [more inside]

Matt's Bathroom

My friend remodeled his bathroom, so I had to record a song denigrating his efforts. Pretty goofy and NSFW. [more inside]

January 14

Particle Man

A really spare last-minute acoustic cover of the TMBG song. [more inside]

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