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July 8


This is a hip-hop/rap song dedicated to Fomalhaut, a proto-planetary star of the constellation Pisces [more inside]

July 6

stupid sexy monsters

Punked up waltz about how to avoid bedbugs. Still a little iffy on how the vocals are mixed. Thoughts? [more inside]

Gone Getaway

Here's my band, the Swamp Root Jimmies, recorded live at a show in Tokyo on June 25, 2014. Video here.


I was really happy with this one when I first recorded it about 19 months ago. Listening to it now, I realise it was given way too much compression in the mastering phase. unfortunately I have lots the master project now with a faulty hard drive so it it what it is... [more inside]

July 5

Turbo Space Yacht

The ship of dreams.

July 4

You Might Remember When We Performed, For Example

Slow-moving classic sound, rolling rhythms, resonant percussive synth, all awash in a sea of reverb

July 2


have em

July 1

Dark Patterns

This is a free internet single from the new album my wife Lori and I are working on as Tangemeenie. It was inspired by a discussion I found here on MetaFilter. Lyrics under the fold. [more inside]

Oh Canada

For all the fellow canucks. Double bass solo

Don't Fool Me (Live)

Another live version of a song I posted several versions of previously. With living video!

June 30

Zonder Vorn

Hello - This is my first song post here. It is a somewhat ambient/sound tracky pedal steel guitar piece with some additional contributions from my friends in the world wide Interroclef Lodge of the Immersion Composition Society. Special thanks to my friend Christo for the acoustic piano. Thank you for listening and i hope you enjoy it.

Briggs' Reel

From Briggs' Banjo Instructor of 1855. [more inside]

Spirit Of '69

I posted a version of this way back when that didn't do the song justice. This version is a bit closer to the original concept. Bitter and reactionary old hippy delivering the lyric does not necessarily reflect the views of the author. WARNING: in-character F-word at around 1:14

June 29

Someone to Love (live)

Live version of a song I posted a demo of a while back, featuring my friend John on the mighty Hammond A100 (a B3 essentially). An interesting moment, in that it's the culmination of a long journey that I lived out here on MeFiMu, originally as unSane, then Sweet Mister, and now Sportswriters. [more inside]

It's a Quickie

3 minutes of fun

Lawn Mower Times

Another combination of Guitar vs. Keyboards. Guitar gets the first move this time.

June 28

Chocolates For Sarah

A waltz written by a friend of mine in honor of our fiddle teacher, Sarah. [more inside]

June 27

Why Not

Why not indeed

Battery Charger Error

recorded about 7 months back, I thought It'd be nice if Guitar and Keys could share some space and cohabitate. I sort of liked the combination of both here.

June 26

mmHg - Achtung!

Experimenting with a Cold War "numbers station drop" in an EDM song.

June 25

guitar track

just a guitar riff I've been working on. Not sure where to take it exactly.

(It Gets) Better

This had its genesis a while back in trying to write something to support a movement against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and to encourage young people not to be ashamed of who they are. This version uploaded purely for sportswriters who's been working on and off with the chorus. Clearly the lyric of this version won't work with the original idea and has nothing to do with sexual orientation (although with a bit of alteration it might have some salvageable lines). [more inside]

June 23

leisure for real

this is a bit of a lofi track from 2012. I looped a bass line and then jammed out to it. Then I thought, wow, if any bassist hears this, he's going so think, what a boring pass part! So for those bassist out there, I threw in a bit of a bass solo as an outro.

June 22


get shocked by data [more inside]

Without A Trace

Recorded about 9 months ago after a fairly lengthy gestation (pun intended) musically, lyrically and production-wise this one set a new benchmark for me. I know I'm going to struggle to match it and stuff I've done since has been a bit....lacking. Shrugs. Alternative title: "Countries Of The Heart". [more inside]

it would take an hour...

Feeling a bit down tonight so I went looking through my projects and tried to fix up old throw away songs. This is one that's not too bad. An idea I hadn't quite fleshed out instrumentally. But why not throw on some improve vocals to make it feel more whole?

June 19


...paint it on the ceiling..


I think this may be one of my favorite things I've done guitar-wise. I started out with a very basic chord progression and just played out as many variations of that as I could think of and then took my favorites and combined them into a simple quiet/loud dynamic. [more inside]

Beautiful Moment

I recall watching John Waters movies in my teenage years and always thinking, THIS is the soundtrack to not only my but millions of people's teenage years. Well, this song is the soundtrack to a peaceful blissful moment, based on the moment when it was created, every time I hear it. Hope you will also enjoy.

June 17

Tennesseeeee waltz

part of a fun summer jam with my friend Yukon John on vocals

Middle Domino

Sounds a bit like early 00's electronica, e.g., Idioteque + Sigur Ros, with prominent sampling from a traditional Indonesian tune.

June 16

J.S. Bach

When the radiant bliss of classical music comes to enter the realm of dream pop ambient downtempo, something serene yet pensive may be the result, as in the case of this track. Initially when we composed this track, there were lyrics and vocals, but then our computer blew and somehow the vocals didn't survive. Today it is an instrumental.

Absolutely Cuckoo

The first track of the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs, covered as electronic music. [more inside]


So...I didn't think I'd have time to work on a new song but the last 24 hours have freed up so... [more inside]

June 15

Beat Heroes Die Too Soon

Another acoustic guitar, piano and vocal sample-based song.

June 14


Rising in the east.... [more inside]

Me and Al

This is a sketch of a work in progress. It started out as a simple cascade riff on the top three strings of the guitar and morphed into what appears to be an Irish fiddle lament. [more inside]

June 12


Since music is a powerful force capable of evoking an endless array of images to one's mind, this represents just the diverse dynamic space, vocal free, to be a canvass for whatever the listener can dream up. This is for dreaming, after all :)

Just the Fax

Asked for a receipt. Five minutes pass, still waiting; Dot matrix printer. [more inside]

June 11

Staying In

The melodies are starting to fade. The references aren't what you think they are. Perhaps it's a deformed cousin of another's previous post.

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