August 11

Goblin Rip-off please help

At 0:32 I start ripping off a Goblin riff and I can't find the song that I am ripping off. It's not off of Roller or Profondo Rosso... Any insight would be appreciated.

August 9

New York, New York

Spun off an old Brian Eno song, "Zawinul/Lava". [more inside]

The First Kiss

Pretty guitars and synths and lots of delay and a deep and lovely bass line to boot.

August 8

Funeral March

With all due respect to Steve Martin, you can play a sad song on the banjo. [more inside]

August 7


I've tried a couple different things with this progression, finally found something I can live with. Rock guitar, drum machine, and all that jazz. [more inside]

3 kids on the square

the big synth at the beginning is live-performed on a Roland JX-8P on the patch called "Van Halen"!!!

August 6

Brighton Jig

Another Frank Converse tune on fretless banjo - this one from 1865. [more inside]

August 5

The Bone Church

I'm working on a set of songs/sounscapes for a friend's online comic project. This is a spooky ambient piece using some recordings I made of a guy moving chairs around in a cathedral in Vienna, some sleep breathing, some musical saw, and a weird broken African instrument a friend gave me.

August 3

Instance - go with it

Here's the B side "go with it" from my latest project, Instance. [more inside]

Computer World [Kraftwerk cover]

Featuring the voice of greenish as the Computer. I thought it would be fun to do it slower, using mostly analog instruments and a computer to record it, in juxtaposition to how Kraftwerk originally recorded it in 1981 (using computer instruments and I'm guessing analog tape). Also I was feverish with Lyme Disease while I recorded it. Song #11 in Unu Kanto Po Semajno.

July 27

Ven Aqui 1.0

A bit of a production experiment; rather than use a click track + programmed drums, I used a click-free guitar track as the bed, and layered performed keyboard drums on top. A slightly trickier process but thought it would result in more authentic feel/better pocket etc. An instrumental demo track based off Milton Nascimento's "Cravo e Canela". Recorded in the fall of 2015 in Rosebud, AB.

July 26


Again, but with electric slide guitar. [more inside]

July 23

Briggs' Breakdown (Fretless banjo piece from 1855)

Yet another quick solo tune from Briggs' Banjo Instructor of 1855.

July 16

orbital injection hygeine

electric cello and ableton

July 14

Normal Now

From an album I made in the 29 days of February, 2016. [more inside]

July 13

Lift Off Delay

Continue to vent my frustrations of daily life through hard rocking guitar for now... [more inside]


Guitars under a slowed-and-pitched-down sample of NIN's 'something I can never have'.

July 12

Way Back

Some kind of indie rock song. [more inside]

July 8


A song about the epidemic of police murders and violence against black people in America. Written July 8th and recorded July 9th, 2016, at Polarity Studio, Tokyo. Samm Bennett: vocal & diddley bow. Video of this live performance viewable HERE.

July 7

List Four

List Four of the Harvard Sentences (previously) [more inside]

July 6

Through the Ocean

John Cruz; ambient; experimental; techno

Angeline the Baker

Improvised acoustic guitar / singing. Recorded on phone. A bluegrass standard, but I'm playing it as a stream of consciousness improvisation. Usually these days my playing is pretty much by the book, but here I was thinking about ecstatic / outside players like John Fahey and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. No patching in. Only one take. No overdubbing. Get it right in the moment. Be real and accept flaws as long as they don't spoil anything important. [more inside]


A reading by me, story by Oxxidation, music by me on electric cello and casiospittake on ableton.

July 3

09 network - vampire deer

9th and last song of plywood [more inside]

July 2


Another song recorded with Music Memo providing the drums and bass (NSFW). [more inside]

July 1

08 shadow man - vampire deer

song 8 of plywood [more inside]

June 29

Melon Jig

A nice little duo for classic style five-string banjo, composed by Herbert J. Ellis. [more inside]

June 28

07 - mojo bone - vampire deer

song 7 - the blues can be so mean sometimes [more inside]

June 27

06 feel my skeleton - vampire deer

song 6 [more inside]


Verbatim cover of the Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson classic [more inside]

June 26

05 - the birds - vampire deer

song 5 of plywood [more inside]

June 25

04 the other shoe - vampire deer

song 4 - just how many shoes does god have anyway? [more inside]

June 24

Times Tomorrow

Not my usual Genre but this fit my mood tonight. Just heavy guitar rock instrumental at heart...

03 25k - vampire deer

3rd song of plywood - an almost true story, except that i left a rather pointed note for the manager instead of going off with the money - this was the early 80s and 25k was a LOT of money back then [more inside]

June 22


Windows 2000 logoff sound and Phife Dawg

June 20

02 white crow - vampire deer

2nd song [more inside]

Appear Amid

Demo recorded with my iPhone's Garageband. Very rare recording of me playing enthusiastic but imperfect drums. Next recording will not feature me on drums. [more inside]

The Bitter Lake

We're cheating slightly, as I've already uploaded a version of this song. But hopefully everyone will agree that it sounds a whole lot better. Plus we've added some (discrete) synth parts and have even gone to the trouble of making a video. More tunes on our Soundcloud.

June 18

01 plywood - vampire deer

first song of my new album, plywood [more inside]

June 14

Keep On Stumpin'

Getting drunk in the woods with some MeFites led to jokes about songs on a fictional country/bluegrass album called Keep On Stumpin', which led this afternoon to writing and recording the title track. Find a stump to dump the junk in your trunk on! [more inside]

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