October 7

05 anyway - vampire deer

reluctance, i guess [more inside]

Dirty ol' TPP

Topical song. Wrote this today, and recorded it straightaway. Check the live video of this same recording here.

October 2

Tides of Sand

Alternative rock, 3 chapters, mix in progress, would appreciate any comments which I'd try to implement in the mix. [more inside]

September 29

4 sanity - vampire deer

sometimes it's very hard to find [more inside]

September 27

I was standing there saying...

Another waste of your time. Another thing made at the same time as my last one, invented (almost a year ago, and shelved) after learning of the loss of another self-disconnected friend only through a random email out of Facebook of their "while I was away" style (the worst sort of feeling), learning it months after the fact, with no chance to go back. Send your drafted messages. [more inside]

0PN 5 - 5 Zebra2 (icoson remix)

Chords by Oneohtrix Point Never / Daniel Lopatin, the rest by me. [more inside]

September 25

3 - george the animal - vampire deer

you remember george the animal, right? i really did see him in a bar ... [more inside]

September 22

salad daze

guitar duo

September 21

nice small plate

Percussive acoustic guitar through tape echo, with processed vocal. I don't know what you call this kind of music.

September 18

02 tiny town - vampire deer

oh, tiny town - a place so down that even their legislators get expelled from the house - (and yes, it's really about that part of the world) [more inside]

The Himalaya Sheri, Jalna & Brass Band

Or what happens when a Deccani wedding band loses the trumpet and discovers the blues. [more inside]

Le Bouquet Magique

This is another arrangement of a video game, but this time I wrote the original, as a Nintendo-compatible authentic chiptune, and then later turned it into this by improvising on piano, and sending it to my dear friend Jeff to play violin over it. My job BEST JOB OF WORLD.

September 16


The P is silent. Like the space between the notes. [more inside]

September 15

Nightmare Tunnel

Loops of slow disorienting guitar noises, and other sound wierdness. Sections fade in and out of one another, building and cresting. I picture it akin to an adult version of riding on Willy Wonka's fucked-up boat ride. [more inside]

Orion by @Ummagma

A love song transcending space and very much linked to a time, a feeling of weightlessness. I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves: Cosmic lover Made up my mind I’m not going home This is where I’ll stay With you Long as you’ll be here So will I In our space In our space Orion is closer Now than ever Get to know the universe Around us I can feel your movement When I see you Every morning Every moment Every motion Whenever we drift away

Guy Glitchie

Glitch, please. [more inside]

September 14

Beneath the Leaves

Should be evocative (of something) in and of itself. Don't know, really. One of those things... [more inside]

September 13


I don't like the look of those clouds. Better bring in the funk so it doesn't get rained on. But you can leave the noise outside. [more inside]

Who the Fuck You Think You Are, and Where Do You Get Off?

I always wanted to try writing a song that leaned towards Bhangra. This owes a lot to Surjit Bindrakhia's "Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da". However, instead of becoming a song about a beloved's beautiful scarf, this came out as an angry screed against politicians of all parties and nations, and maybe filtered through Butthole Surfers or PiL.

1 - sisterbell mall - vampire deer

but, but, but it's convenience!! - 1st song of sisterbell [more inside]

September 12

We choose to go to the moon

Sonic equivalent of a child smashing toy cars into each other for the anniversary of when a man did a speech and August/September Music challenge. [more inside]



September 8


Cover of the Beatles' 'Michelle' as recorded by The Lucky Sperms, a band I was in with Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair. From our Jagjaguwar Records release Somewhat Humorous. [more inside]

September 4

Be What You Want

Recent Song Fight! entry.

September 3

This is Wrong

Sample reduced synthetics, atonal feedback, and other fancy marginally (ir)relevant musical gibberish. It's loud, and isn't that really all you wanted? [more inside]

September 1

1+1=3 by @Ummagma

Space has long been a stimulator for creative outlet in nearly every sphere of human activity, music being no exception. In this track, it is clearly front and centre, whether it for you brings an association with the cosmos or you internal realm. Happy listening.

Proto Man: An Empty Home

It is tradition among my people to collect 8-bit chiptune soundtracks that contain brilliant music, and learn and arrange them so that others may find joy in their melodic beauty! [more inside]

Las Cuevas Hacen Eco En Sacromonte

Scratching an itch for flamenco. [more inside]

August 31

Old Memory

A little song [more inside]

Lama by @Ummagma

Two of my favourite bands in the world are Stereolab and Cocteau Twins and another band whose music I find greatly inspiring is Pink Floyd. This song is a pure project of this triangular love for these three bands. Enjoy!

August 30

Ephriam's Lament

An instrumental arrangement of a minstrel era standard, from Briggs' Banjo Instructor of 1855. Fretless banjo, tambourine, frame drum and bones. [more inside]

J.S.Bach by @Ummagma

Music seems to 'feel' so much better when you sit back and just listen to music, without thinking about the pigeon-holes that have been slapped on a song or even your own temptation to categorize it into this or that genre. This is something I've always believed but recently it occurred that the same goes for the song-writing process. Much better to feel free of genre-related limitations. This Ummagma track was one such track that was written free of the need to pigeon-hole. [more inside]

August 29

No language, just sound

Made of 100% post-consumer reverb.

August 28

Apache Plaza 2015

A rerecording of an ode to a dead shopping mall, in a Penny Lane or Kinks-like mode. My dad sat in on tuba. [more inside]

August 22

Was It Something I Said?

So I got the guitar to MIDI to work using my VG99. [more inside]

August 15

My friend goodnight

Why didn't we all get another thousand years with you? Well I guess I know. Goodnight my friend.


A campy, '60s-superhero-show theme for a video game I recently scored! [more inside]

August 13

Hi! Ho! The Charleston Gals

Usually heard as 'Charleston Gals' in old-time circles these days, this was originally a minstrel-era song. [more inside]

August 12


When it's time to move

August 10

Buckley's Jig

By G. Swain Buckley, 1860. Solo fretless banjo. [more inside]

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