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August 19

Funeral March of an Old Jaw Bone

For two banjos in the classic style, composed by Bolsover Gibbs. [more inside]

August 16

Faking It

Live tune from The Harvey Girls. [more inside]

August 15

Lama (Ian Baird Remix)

Words can only be twisted so many ways, but the same words can sound to a host of melodies. That's what happens when you dabble in the world of remixes too, such as this one by Ummagma. Really impressed with the transformation from the original track. [more inside]

Ferguson, Missouri

This song addresses the situation in Ferguson and the frightening militarization and violence of today's police forces across America. I made a video for it, which you can view here.

August 13


A prominent beat. The end credits roll.

Jazz Pants

Rhodes and beats. Putting them jazzpants on

August 11

The Loop

After spending a few years rehearsing and making rough and ready demos, Sredni Vashtar finally made it into a real studio last month. Here's one of them - the mix is still a bit rough so it works best on headphones. [more inside]

August 10


All guitar, quiet music. This one has a guitar solo. In this place the streets are empty at night, but you can never be sure that you're alone.

Rough Voyage

dissonance jam

August 5


Another arp-based minimalist bedroom-pop nostalgia caprice

Harp Song

Church music

August 3


when it rains, it pours [more inside]

August 2

Rid of You

I wrote and recorded this a couple of years ago. This is a remix using some new stuff in DP8. It's about a bad relationship.

July 31

Woman in Black

A song inspired by this story. Video here.

July 28

The Long Way

Part 1 was recorded in 1989 on a four-track, one take per track, the day I bought a Digitech DSP-128 Plus effects rack from Building #191/6. (Thanks, Hurricane Hugo!) Part 2 was recorded two days ago in one take using a Boss ME-70 effects pedal. I love delay.elay.lay.ay.y..

Menya Twayne

A psychedelic trance inspired by scrambled eggs and geometry. [more inside]

Falling (Theme from Twin Peaks)

In honor of tomorrow's blu-ray release, I recorded a new take on the classic Lynch/Badalamenti theme, "Falling," from Twin Peaks. [more inside]

July 27


Tastefully blending several genres together, including indie or alternative rock, dreampop, space rock, psychedelia, ambient and shoegaze. Sounds of Sputnik is a project producing a sound that immediately brings several associations to the surface - like dreaming, space, flight, exploration, reflection. Worth a listen whether or not you have or have not traditionally gone in the above-mentioned genres of music. [more inside]

July 26

Slow see

A song by Bummed, a shoegaze-influenced band my friends and I have been working on. I'm on vocals! [more inside]

Back To You

Sonic Youth has been a big influence on many modern-day bands and Ummagma is definitely one of them, as is evident from one listen to "Back to You". The hazy gazey sounds here build into a kind of intentional dreamscape. [more inside]

July 23

Momma's Boy

Nice little short story song. Ten points to whoever can guess the famous dysfunctional family first! I've been trying to write this song for a year, and then it poured out of me today all at once. Could definitely use a little feedback on how it came out. [more inside]

2 days left

I haven't written a song in a while (or it feels too long to me at least). This is just some more guitar rock with a hint of electronic programming. It fits the mood I'm in mostly. Two days lefts to go until I start my three week holiday. I've been working full-time without a vacation for about 2 1/2 years. I need a break...

Eric Garner Is Dead

On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner, accused of a minor infraction of the law, died at the hands of the New York Police Department on a Staten Island street. Tody, July 23, 2014, I wrote and recorded this song about the incident. Video here.

July 20

Lion King Hustle feat. Lil Wayne

Circle of Life sequenced with Hustler Muzik from Tha Carter II.


an old improv song I did... Well the base was formulated but the guitar was improv. and the programmed drums were an after thought. Luckily I have the foresight to record everything in time.

The Devil Walks the Earth

Here's a live recording of a song I premiered at a gig two nights ago (July 18, 2014). The bassist accompanying me is Keigo iwami, from the Swamp Root Jimmies. The song is anti-war, anti-greed, anti-death. Video here.

July 18

Dancing Alone

Late night drinking and making music. It's not so much dancing as it is thrashing around and breaking things, but to each his own. [more inside]

July 17

Kiev (mashup)

Dream pop meets hip hop full on, and the mesh essentially delivers what feels like a natural sound, as if that is how it was intended to be all along. This track is somewhat on the dark side, accentuated by both the underlying music and vocals, hear's an earbite for you, care of Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma & Canadian rapper Drake. [more inside]

July 16

Babies In A Blender

Posting something my late husband recorded when he was 17 in his memory. [more inside]

July 14

Always on my mind

You were.... [more inside]

July 13

Mystery Intergalactic Radio Burst Detected

A fun composite/mishmash of song ideas (and some narration) originally created in response to a sound track idea request for an eccentric little animation a friend of mine was trying to get going. Not sure if the animation will ever come about but here is what I put together for it.

almost time

This is a guitar-only outtake from another song I did. I was going to use it as a outro on that song but the original clocked in a 9 minute time already so it got discarded. But still, I like the feeling of it...especially as it's guitar with no other instruments ;)

July 12

Waiting on a Toadstool

A long-form minimalist sketch. Just some nice chords over a nice synth & lots of reverb, looped for a long time. A chance to enjoy the wonderful sparkly sound of the DX10 without other instruments getting in the way. Good for reading/studying.

July 10

Tree Climbin, Everybody Smilin

I'd like for this song to have lyrics some day. A group of people singing together. [more inside]

July 9

We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning

Who doesn't like a song about forbidden love? An acoustic cover for a Wednesday. [more inside]

Lonely Road

Superficially a lightweight pop record with a slight nod to blue-eyed soul, dig deeper and it's more about solipsism. Golly...

July 8


This is a hip-hop/rap song dedicated to Fomalhaut, a proto-planetary star of the constellation Pisces [more inside]

July 6

stupid sexy monsters

Punked up waltz about how to avoid bedbugs. Still a little iffy on how the vocals are mixed. Thoughts? [more inside]

Gone Getaway

Here's my band, the Swamp Root Jimmies, recorded live at a show in Tokyo on June 25, 2014. Video here.


I was really happy with this one when I first recorded it about 19 months ago. Listening to it now, I realise it was given way too much compression in the mastering phase. unfortunately I have lots the master project now with a faulty hard drive so it it what it is... [more inside]

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