May 1

The Lost City of Flesh Eating Robots

A very silly track from my high school days. Circa 2004.

Move Right Now

Odd, never-quite-finished, repetitive something which I concocted years ago using PS1 MUSIC 2000's default instruments and some short vocal samples. [more inside]

April 29

They Though He Was Part of the Ship

This song highlights one of the possible dangers of crashing one's ship on a planet inhabited by a totally alien species. I recorded this a few years ago, deciding only recently to mix it down. It features a reklus-modified Korg DDD-1.

April 28

New Echoes

Draft of a song recorded on the somewhat miraculous/blasphemous iPhone app "Music Memos" (which automatically recorded the bass and drums). [more inside]

The Difference

I've been listening to a lot of riot grrl and wrote this for a friend

April 23

Shake It

A simple dance track [more inside]

Purple Majesty/After-Party

The night he died, Prince came to me in a dream. I played electric piano and he played acoustic piano. He had all the best licks, naturally. :-) So I had to do this, even though it's like the Tenacious D song, Tribute. This is not the song I heard in my head, which was a jam in Am. No, this is just a tribute to that song. And it comes with it's own after-party! [more inside]

April 21

ahh, yes

simple and fun

April 18


Part three of the serial instrumental, Creature Of Habit. [more inside]

April 15


A new take on a classic midi

April 11

Weekend of Arps

AppleSeed, CarrotAdventure, and I bring you the title track from our newly released Weekend of Arps EP! [more inside]

Take Me to Church - live performance

This is a recording of a performance I did last Friday of Hozier's "Take Me to Church" at my medical school's Evening of the Arts. I'm super proud of how it turned out. (Video here.) The first minute or so is the intro from the host of the show, then the song begins.

April 10


Second track from the album/playlist I am working on. [more inside]


There's a picture of two guys, one has a grey shirt and tan jacket, the other the reverse. [more inside]

April 8

I May Never

Rough draft, ambiguous Americana love song to the compromises of long term relationships. Electric piano and acoustic guitar in a Nick Drake tuning of some sort (gotta figure this out when I rerecord...). [more inside]


From the Prehistoric EP (2008)!

April 5


Guitar instrumental, sort of dirty and insistent. [more inside]

April 4

5 - another star - vampire deer

final song of drones, my rpm project this year [more inside]

April 3

God Does Not Play Dice

A follow up to my last song, The Eternally Incomprehensible Thing, in memoriam my cat Einstein ????—2015-11-02.

Cover: Hand of the Almighty (God Will Fuck You Up)

WARNING: Not Safe For... anyone, anywhere. Seriously. (For the MeFi Cover Challenge.) [more inside]

Round & Bouncy & Rough (Oh My!)

Short acoustic guitar instrumental I came up with last night. Recorded into my phone in two parts: main part & random notes added part (for spice).

Hot Collie Bounce

Check out the animation here.

April 2


Guitar instrumental. Some slide. GarageBand on the drums.

The Eternally Incomprehensible Thing

Instrumental + cat purrs and face skritchies. In memoriam Einstein ????—2015-11-02. [more inside]

4 - st germian retirement home - vampire deer

song 4 of drones [more inside]

March 31

Well Well

For song #8 of Unu Kanto Po Semajno, we answer the question, "What happens when not_on_display figures out he can just drag .mp3's into Garageband and manipulate them?" Some funky goddamn psychedelic shit, you'd better believe. [more inside]

3 - ozzy mandy - vampire deer

song 3 of the rpm project drones [more inside]

Kicking up the Dust (original)

Acoustic folk heartbreak. [more inside]

March 30


This track is part of a project that heavily features Swamp XT, a virtual synthesizer by one H. G. Fortune. Working playlist title is "Succubus/Incubus", but I'm looking for other ideas. [more inside]

March 29


Curves 'n stolen wurds


For Lahore, Brussels, and my friend Meghan

2 - eagle flailing - vampire deer

2nd song of rpm album drones [more inside]

March 28

You Can't See It

My son asked me to record his heartbeat for some school thing a few months ago. I had this heartbeat lying around so I added some Moog to it and Bob's your uncle it became a synthpop song.

Emerald City

Some Easter Monday techno [more inside]

Lesser Gods

Something like a pop song but not really.

March 27

1 - glaze - vampire deer

1st song of my 2016 rpm project, drones [more inside]

March 26


A fist-pumper for the Friday drive home!

March 24

Mississippi River (feat. greenish) [cover of orig. by Izintombi Zodumo]

For GregNog's Mefi Cover Challenge and Song #7 in the Unu Kanto Po Semajno collection, I roped greenish and her awesome set of pipes all the way in from across the ocean! [more inside]

March 23


Remixing a Peruvian chicha tune, discovered in this thread. [more inside]

A Legacy Denied

Finally finished my latest project, VOIDBREAKER. Ominous space synths, gritty breakbeats and a consciously gritty production. This is the fourth track from the EP just released on Spotify. [more inside]

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