April 16

Starving (Cover)

"Something inside me's changed—I was so much younger yesterday." I learned and recorded this cover of Hailee Steinfeld's "Starving" in a half hour one afternoon last month. [more inside]


Another night and I can pick up where I left off today Another drink and I will sleep right, and the dreams will stay away I thought about what I should do now but I'd rather stay in and keep out from the cold ...you know I'd rather be alone murmurs...

Man Of Fantasy

My high school band, Avatar. We wrote this in 1979 when we were 17, recorded at a one-off reunion in 1986. [more inside]

April 9

1994, 4 Track, Crappy Sound, Surah Song

Old recording on a four track with shitty mics. Attempt at being experimental many years ago. Surah was from a very old recording. Created after many early mornings in Ahmedabad.

8 - vampire deer - ring blues

last song in my rpm album, 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag [more inside]

April 8

puzzle box

Games with arpeggiators. Would probably make a good background bit for a podcast about mysterious goings on in an abandoned synthesizer factory.

7 - vampire deer - firefly blues

this is no 7 of my rpm album - what happened to no 6? - i don't know how to count beyond 4 [more inside]

April 7


written in january while staring at the banks of the mighty lake ontario

April 6

summer follows

instrumental guitar rock. A bit of messy improv guitar on the quiet parts...

April 5

Your Radiance

An old recording from the cassette 4 track days, newly rediscovered. Pretty poor recording which I have tried to clean up as much as possible here. [more inside]

5 - vampire deer - grand haven blues

6th song of my rpm album - kind of creepy ... [more inside]


This is meant to evoke being chased at night in a 1970s city. [more inside]

April 3

distinct queries

All rock instrumental...no vocals... [more inside]

April 2

fields of athenry

another SSTO bus shelter cover. [more inside]

March 31

5 - vampire deer - golden ball

5th song - this is a strange ancestor of the well known gallows pole or gallus pole song that has lots of variants - i ran across this one in various versions and this is how it turned out [more inside]

the Monster-Song

'schlaflied' cover, not entirely displeased. [more inside]

The Killing Floor

This is a really rough early home studio demo of a song in development for my new recording project, The Wishing Well Divers' "Tragicomic Americana." Ironically, just as I've been working on this song, which thematically concerns stigmitization and marginalization, and well, being face down on the floor, I had a health scare last night that left me literally face down on the bathroom floor for a half hour. I've got no job, health insurance, family support, or cash cushion right now, so this song has taken on new personal meanings for me just since I started recording it a couple of days ago, with new worries about health problems and their potential to make it harder to find work and insurance. [more inside]

March 30

4 - vampire deer - screwed up planet blues

another song in my rpm album [more inside]

Baritone Bounce

This was running through my head in the shower this morning. Instead of forgetting it like I usually do, I actually sat down and wrote it.

Big Jimmy's Box

circa 2010, original writing. [more inside]

March 27

You're So Dangerous!

An upbeat ditty about falling in love, blah blah blah. Cobbled together during my currently-on-hiatus 52 weeks project. Inspired by Holiday-era Magnetic Fields. [more inside]

March 26

3 - not coming home - vampire deer

song 3 of my rpm album, 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag [more inside]

March 25


Brief, brief cargo-cult '90s jungle piece without the Amen break. [more inside]

March 24

Fuck The Sad

Failed attempt to write a song about depression from a few years ago. [more inside]

March 23

Death Would Be Unkind

Instrumental country death song

March 21


Sad slow self-pitying muted acoustic thing! [more inside]

March 19

Beneath Broken Earth

Cover of a massive doom death beast by Paradise Lost with a Boss HM-2 clone that I built. [more inside]

Humbler than Thou (studio version rough)

This song originally came together accidentally while I was setting up my VR drum kit for my son for Christmas, as I posted about here at the time. Yesterday I decided to try to do a studio version and this is how it's coming out so far. It's pretty far along but I expect to add some horns before it's all said and done. [more inside]

March 18

Early Warning System

I can't really sing but every once in a while I forget that and try anyways... [more inside]

Harvest Home

A day late for St. Patrick's Day, but here's an Irish tune. Not quite as triplet-y as you'd hear it from a bona fide Celtic player.

vampire deer - 2 - circus blues

song 2 [more inside]

Spotted Pony

The old-time tune "Spotted Pony", played at a jam session at the 2016 Portland Old-Time Music Gathering. [more inside]

March 16

Sunrise A

Carbon 7, recorded 12-21-14, winter solstice. As close as we've gotten to ambient. [more inside]

vampire deer - 1 - ten pounds

i did another album for rpm this year - 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag - in this song, i go to work, leave work, meet the president and go back to work and yes, it's all blues this time [more inside]

March 15

Christmas party for one

Recorded December 24th, 2016 [more inside]

You and I Alone

Been awhile MeFi Music - first new song to upload in awhile! Trying to be as concise musically and arrangement wise as possible. [more inside]

March 13

Doc McStuffins Theme

I have a cheap, cruddy second-hand drum kit and a two-year-old. [more inside]

March 5

dreams over drones

A very brief (50s) sketch I worked up on the train the other day. Crunchy synth bass drone in conversation with a ringing guitar (also synthesized).

March 4

King of the World (Cover)

Super 8's "King of the World" is one of my favorite long-lost '90s songs. [more inside]

A Simple Song (in Troubled Times)

An original song, just written and performed on the ukulele, recorded on my cell phone.

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