January 5


Rhythms and samples

Shame the Devil (Turn it Up)

Quick if somewhat epic demo knocked together over the weekend... featuring glockenspiel, mellotron, piano, and baritone twang. Video shenanigans featuring multiple clones over here.

Beautiful Micro Disco

Well, what you've really got here is 'Beautiful Moment' by Ummagma, which is a lofi acoustic/electronic blend with passionate and melodic male vocals and also 'Micro Macro', which begins in neo-ethno-folk territory but ends up with a burst of indietronica. To boot, here is Ummagma 'Lama (Irregular Disco Workers Remix)' to really throw a wrench in this acoustic lofi approach to making music :)

January 2

It won't be the same

Old slow acoustic thing. Live the snare. [more inside]

Kiev (original version)

A song, or really any artform, can be born from one's happy place, just as it may be born of frustration. It seems these days, that a lot stem from the latter, but this song is notable in that it seeks the former by the end of the song. Doesn't everyone want a light at the end of the tunnel? This is Ummagma 'Kiev' . [more inside]

December 30

I Also Do Weddings


December 29


DTMFA ballad. [more inside]

River Town

Where does one genre begin and another one stop? I'm asking myself the very same question every time I hear that this song is indie or pop rock or folk rock or dream pop. Well, whatever one calls it, I hope you enjoy this. [more inside]

LDR in Space, or Interstellar Song

A brief, ridiculous tune about space travel.

December 28

We Want A Rock

Hereby submitted for the MetaFilter Music Flood 25th anniversary tribute album. [more inside]


distant sounds: slow, forward-moving, reminiscent; warm ambient winds + tumbling bass

06 hexas - vampire deer

last song - the road goes on forever [more inside]


When synth and guitar blend with electronica and vocals that are not too up-front in the mix, but not totally phased out to be lost in the mix, often some really nice sound is what can happen. At least that is what we think happened here with this track. [more inside]

December 27

Make You Feel That Way

Blackalicious remix. Video.

05 tom camaro - vampire deer

song 5 of hexas - ft custer was like the roman ruins to me [more inside]

December 26

Thumbing for a Ride

A short little trip

04 wrong turn - vampire deer

4 of hexas - well, how did i get here? [more inside]


vinyl and vespas. If Unrest and Superchunk made a song together.

December 24

03 road dog - vampire deer

song 3 of hexas - wandering with someone [more inside]

A Christmas Wish

My Christmas card to you all.


Analog synth psych rock. This is kinda blowing me away at how decent a sound I was able to get from garagband. [more inside]

December 23

Almost Over

Another track off the new album, with bonus video and links to the evolution of the song from a first sketch as posted here on MeFiMu. [more inside]

02 chevy - vampire deer

2nd track of hexas - perhaps an explanation of why i drive fords [more inside]

ShH 5t: Angel's Hymn

Arrangement of Angel's Hymn, No. 5t in the Shenandoah Harmony. First verse by Isaac Watts 1706, Second verse by Thomas Kelly, 1802. Original composition by Orlando Gibbons, 1623. [more inside]

December 22

01 fuzzy dice - vampire deer

first song of hexas - gas is cheap, better go down the road while you can [more inside]


A cover of the TMBG song for the upcoming Flood 25-year anniversary tribute.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

A traditional bluegrass arrangement of the classic spiritual by my band, Green Mountain Bluegrass Band. From our new (and first studio) album, City Limits. [more inside]

December 20

Road Movie to Berlin

cover for the Flood tribute album [more inside]

December 19

Liza Jane 2

A second version of the traditional tune Liza Jane, on clawhammer guitar . . . [more inside]

Candy Wine

A cover of a sad-ish, holiday-ish song I've always loved. [more inside]

December 18

Man in the Moon

A quick and simple acoustic recording of a simple song about love.

Collard Greens

Most songs I write are about relationships and life and whatever, but this is a funk song, and it's about nothing. It has some pseudo-metaphorical lyrics that gained meaning after being put down, a direct quote from an old tennis coach I had in college, some electric piano I wish was a real and not just in my computer, some funky backing guitar by a friend of mine, a piano solo out of a wild west saloon, and then various layers of looped acoustic drums and electronic beats.

A MeFiMusic Kinda Xmas

An utterly splendid Christmas and prosperous New Year to R Sleeker - MeFiMu's listener, who I believe lives just outside Stockport. [more inside]

December 17

Lucky Ball & Chain (feat. Margalo Epps)

A cover of the song by They Might Be Giants, for the Flood tribute album. [more inside]

December 16

We Three Kings

One of my favorite Christmas carols. It starts out with some weird singing, but the guitar solo comes in around 0:50, and the whole thing opens up around 1:20. Worth the wait... [more inside]

December 14

Canned Beans

I needed to pare down so that my stuff didn't sound like a melange of instruments crowded into a closet. I thought, "CAN." This song happened. Then I thought, "Beans." Hence the name of this song. Minimalist happy grüverock. [more inside]

Rock Transition

A rock transition for a project I'm working on.

December 10


not finished but it sounds pretty dope. Boomshakalakalakalaka. Takes a good minute to warm up and get the gears moving.

Rhapsody in January

Some Garageband piano. Apparently I'm ready for January already.

A Darker Shade of Blue

The lead track off the album we just released. Like a lot of tracks on the album, I posted early versions of it here on MeFiMu so it might be fun to track the 19-year evolution from acoustic ballad to powerpop anthem.

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