June 22


Windows 2000 logoff sound and Phife Dawg

June 20

02 white crow - vampire deer

2nd song [more inside]

Appear Amid

Demo recorded with my iPhone's Garageband. Very rare recording of me playing enthusiastic but imperfect drums. Next recording will not feature me on drums. [more inside]

The Bitter Lake

We're cheating slightly, as I've already uploaded a version of this song. But hopefully everyone will agree that it sounds a whole lot better. Plus we've added some (discrete) synth parts and have even gone to the trouble of making a video. More tunes on our Soundcloud.

June 18

01 plywood - vampire deer

first song of my new album, plywood [more inside]

June 14

Keep On Stumpin'

Getting drunk in the woods with some MeFites led to jokes about songs on a fictional country/bluegrass album called Keep On Stumpin', which led this afternoon to writing and recording the title track. Find a stump to dump the junk in your trunk on! [more inside]

June 13

Sespe Love Song

Home demo for a future studio production. A recounting of the events of the Sespe Wilderness tragedy of January 1969. Lyrics below the fold. [more inside]

June 12

Doubting Thomas

Another improv piece from my sketch archives. [more inside]

lovely dark

Just some techno-sounding non-sense I was playing with...

June 11


Last episode (or is it? see below for details) of Creature Of Habit. [more inside]

June 10

cycle off

Just wrote this tonight...just your average guitar melodrama...

June 8

savory for me

Just an experiment of guitar electronic fusion I've been playing with. I'm planning on doing an album-full of these types of songs soon.


My entry for the final round of Nur Ein over on Song Fight. I was going for a Gram and Emmylou sort of thing. With perfect harmonies by greenish. [more inside]

June 4


Song #10 in Unu Kanto Po Semajno was an attempt to create some soothing ambient music, like blips and bleeps you'd hear on SomaFM's Space Station channel. However, It came out a twisted mutant, as you will discover. Wellpp, keep MeFi weird! Go ahead... press play, close your eyes and relaaaax.....

June 3

Don't Call It a Disease

As humans explore beyond the solar system and add themselves to the wider galactic population, they bring with them their cats. Likewise, the humans' cats bring with them their parasites. Over time, toxoplasma gondii alters its effects on humans and other sentient species, imparting a sense of spiritual enlightenment, thus leading to a new galactic religion. [more inside]

June 1

You Can't Keep A Good Girl Down

Pop protest song for the current Music Challenge. [more inside]

May 31

I Met John Fahey in a Safeway

#9 in my Unu Kanto Po Semajno series (42 to go!) was going to have lyrics about meeting John Fahey at an autograph signing meet & greet-type event at a Safeway supermarket, where he was signing copies of his new cereal called Homegas. A conversation ensues, and then the chorus was the advertising jingle for Homegas cereal. It never got that far though, 'cause I decided I liked the music better this way and in my mind's ear, rather than to try and jam that much story into such a short timeframe. Also, time to move on!

May 30

Far Behind

Just echo-y acoustic guitar and futzy vocal preamp in a short song about moving on. [more inside]

May 28

deeply listening

Spent the last year learning to program and had no time for music. Finally got a job and a new-ish life so I thought it's time to get back to some things I enjoy. This one is different from my normal thing though I suppose I'v'e always had an attraction to analog merging with electronic. Maybe thanks to new order/joy division??? Though this doesn't sound anything like those.

May 27

Whoa Nelly

Another older one... hoping to get some new stuff finished soon but here is a fun track in the meantime!

May 22

The Guardian of Phobos

Piano vs. Electronics. Kinda epic even though it's not all that long! [more inside]

May 21

Sapphic Melody

This is a poem fragment from Sappho set to music using Ancient Greek music theory as best as I understand it and generated by my Platonic Music Engine which generates music using every musical idea that has ever or will ever exist. [more inside]

May 20

vampire deer - jamtape 3

alesis sr16, bass, guitar and arturia microbrute through various combos of boss dd3, vox stompbox b1, ehx pitchfork and dod dimension 6

May 19

vampire deer - jamtape 2

korg er-1 through a behringer octave pedal, bass, casio sk-1 and guitar through a vox stompbox b1 and ehx memory man deluxe with hazari [more inside]

May 16

vampire deer - jamtape 1

4 track tape recording - new album, 3 jamtapes [more inside]

May 15

Day Trip To Ikea

Here's a highly textured synthpop song written in 1999 using Juno-60, OB-1, Arp Axxe and an Arp Omni II. All the synths are driving each other via CV.

May 14

En Garde!

Penultimate track from Creature Of Habit in which we find our protagonist brooding over the realization of the previous track, and facing down the Creature. [more inside]

May 13

Early Riser

my friend Kyle Butler and I, recording as Kiltertolks. Improvisation, guitar, piano, field recordings/samples, computer generated sounds. [more inside]

May 11

Hello My Future Girlfriend '99

My trance remix from way back in the day of the classic "Hello My Future Girlfriend" audio clip. [more inside]

May 9


It's a jam that has bleeps, pew pews, and a vaguely apocalyptic vocal sample! Perfect 4 ur summer jam needz [more inside]

May 5

China Doll

A collaborative cover of the Julian Cope original, by me and not_on_display [more inside]

May 1

Realization, Remembrance, Regret

Song four from Creature Of Habit. [more inside]

The Lost City of Flesh Eating Robots

A very silly track from my high school days. Circa 2004.

Move Right Now

Odd, never-quite-finished, repetitive something which I concocted years ago using PS1 MUSIC 2000's default instruments and some short vocal samples. [more inside]

April 29

They Though He Was Part of the Ship

This song highlights one of the possible dangers of crashing one's ship on a planet inhabited by a totally alien species. I recorded this a few years ago, deciding only recently to mix it down. It features a reklus-modified Korg DDD-1.

April 28

New Echoes

Draft of a song recorded on the somewhat miraculous/blasphemous iPhone app "Music Memos" (which automatically recorded the bass and drums). [more inside]

The Difference

I've been listening to a lot of riot grrl and wrote this for a friend

April 23

Shake It

A simple dance track [more inside]

Purple Majesty/After-Party

The night he died, Prince came to me in a dream. I played electric piano and he played acoustic piano. He had all the best licks, naturally. :-) So I had to do this, even though it's like the Tenacious D song, Tribute. This is not the song I heard in my head, which was a jam in Am. No, this is just a tribute to that song. And it comes with it's own after-party! [more inside]

April 21

ahh, yes

simple and fun

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