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April 1

Kentucky Juba

A short but stately exercise from Frank Converse's 1872 The Banjo and How to Play It.

World Trade Centre

A punky little indie number about opting out of consumer culture and the acceptance / celebration of violence and warfare. Also, Wargames (the film). Hope you like it! [more inside]

crashing is not safe

I got in a car crash about a month back. No one got hurt but it was still kind of scary (I had my 13 month old in the car and she was screaming and crying) and afterwards, it was really depressing/distressing. It was really hard to get to work and I couldn't go anywhere and then there's the money I had to borrow to fix the car. [more inside]

March 31

River Town (Mind Movies Remix)

Synthpop, Electronica, Indietronica, Electro bliss by the earful and here for the taking. Although it will be a while until this track will be published on any official release, you might enjoy this sneak preview.

March 30

Lama (Mind Movies Remix)

Sometimes the original version of a song can be so cool that you think that any remix might just destroy it… and then someone thrills your tits by creating something new from it that sucks you write in a smooches you from the first note. This is one such rework.

March 29

ode to an imaginary bicycle on a grassy hill

I wrote this song night before last because I haven't written much lately. No vocals because, my vocals would only make it worse. Really. But feel free to sing your own! [more inside]

Liza Jane

My version of the traditional tune Liza Jane, played clawhammer style on guitar. [more inside]

March 28

Carry Me Back To Old Virginny

Solo stroke style arrangement on a fretless minstrel banjo. Another quickie from Briggs Banjo Instructor, 1855.

vampire deer - 07 pack of cigarettes for the road

last song of my rpm album lightman [more inside]

Arp Acquired

Much synth

Talk To Her

Sometimes a song's strength lies in its lyrics or in the nuances of the vocalist's delivery and tembre… Sometimes the instrumentation speaks volumes all on its own. This is one of those times… This is Ummagma. [more inside]

March 26


This is one of the better (at least one of the favourite) Ummagma tracks out there to date and currently the subject of a whack of forthcoming remixes. Stay tuned! [more inside]

March 25

Would You Like To Play A Game?

As my offering to the winner in the "best post about something you stumbled on while surfing" category of the 2013 MeFitesChoice Awards, I present gilrain with this song about the FPP, "Sans Protovision". [more inside]

Whoop Jamboree

Instrumental on fretless minstrel style banjo, played more or less as arranged by Phil Rice in his 1858 banjo instructor. [more inside]

Memories Of Emerald City

An attempt to get my synth-plugin to sing. The tune I wrote sounds kinda like MPS from Kid A, but it wasn't intentional ;-)

Heat Death of the Universe

This morning's pumped-up-for-the-day electronic dance music session, now with more pump organ! [more inside]

March 22

Short Ride in a Fast Chihuahua

A collage for Disklavier and Toy Chihuahua. My toy dog always barks 26 times in a row. I asked composers to send microscores for piano, each 26 beats long, to be synchronized to the chihuahua's voice. Fifteen composers contributed about sixty scores. [more inside]

vampire deer - 06 trup to jipiter


March 20

Beautiful Moment

Love generates love generates love. Beautiful Moment seems to capture an element worthy of such progeneration. Harmony, peace, smooth dreaming and a swirl of energy-filled ethereal waves. [more inside]

March 19

Tiger Jig

From Buckley's Banjo Guide, 1868. Played on a new minstrel style banjo made by Jeff Menzies and an old tambourine of indeterminate age.

March 17

vampire deer - 05 lightman

or the transient beauty of the dairy freeze king [more inside]

March 15

vampire deer - 04 super bowl monday

it's time to get to work [more inside]

(Another) Sunny Day

This has been the worst winter in 20 years where I am. It's still snowing horizontally as I speak. So I wrote a summer song as a big middle finger to the damn cold. [more inside]

MY 50th Mefimusic POST!

Thank y'all for 7 fun years. Here's a new tune I wrote for my band Big Ghost called Great Spirit (get it? get it?) Enjoy! [more inside]

Cold Cold Highway

From the recent, second gig of my new band the Swamp Root Jimmies. God I love these guys. Video here.

March 14

vampire deer - 03 chore boy

mama, whacha gonna do when the chore boy's gone? [more inside]

March 13


A rock song that bounces. Come for the guitar, stay for the sing-along ending. [more inside]

March 12


It's just a live acoustic recording I made on my iPad but I enjoy listening back to it. Hopefully you will too. (my own song)

March 11

vamipre deer - 02 scarlet rain

song 2 of lightman - don't ask me what this is about, i don't know [more inside]

March 11 2011

Written and recorded on the third anniversary of the Great Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011. Video here.

March 10


auto rhodes; auto keys; auto kit

March 7

vampire deer - 01 once upon a hero

my new RPM album, lightman [more inside]

March 6

rise up

based on a field recording made by me


A song from my album that I've just released through Tunecore. If you like it there's more listen links at my site Let me know what you think!

March 5

Tooth Reef Wharf Hive

A mellow electronic instrumental from the vaults.

March 3


Instrumental demo from a little while ago.

Spider on a dream

my friend's daughter had a pretty brilliant mishearing of a classic nursery rhyme, and I remembered that Kurt Cobain once said that he wanted Nirvana songs to be simple and pure like kid's songs. One thing lead to another... [more inside]

February 28

The Raven

The entirety of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." It seemed like a good idea at the time... [more inside]

Until I Find You

Book Challenge Thinger. Based on John Irving's "Until I Find You". [more inside]

February 26


Today I learned that the Bushman from San Francisco is gone forever. I wrote him a rock song about all the times he scared me while I was growing up. RIP Bushman.

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