December 7

Oh For Certainty

I really love JJ Cale - I'd like to think he would have enjoyed this quick song I wrote about our home in southern California, fate and love. [more inside]

December 4

Rock of Ages

Def Leppard's deathless anthem, reimagined as a power chord étude for the accordion. [more inside]

December 2

March from "The Nutcracker Suite"

If synthesizers were around, would Peter Illich Tchaikowsky have used one? [more inside]

December 1

04 doc quixote - vampire deer

another new instrumental - rather longish - thus concludes ep1 - bullray

November 29

03 john c - vampire deer

another instrumental

November 27

02 lukewarm duck - vampire deer

first of 3 instrumentals i came up with in the last few weeks

Sleep Test

A pop song about a POW being subjected to sleep experiments in a subterranean Arctic research cell. Solo home demo for an album coming in 2016. [more inside]

November 26

The War On

Satire. [more inside]

01 bullray - vampire deer

decided to take a little different approach and do EPs for awhile - instrumental stuff - this is a tracker tune i did in 2002 with some extra processing

Thanksgiving Snow

Short piano solo: Snow falls on the prairie.

November 22

Like the 90's

A song about the winter weather or lack thereof, the defining El Niño of my childhood, family troubles, a metaphor about my lack of perspective, and an impression of a musical sheep. [more inside]

November 19

Bitter Lake

Inspired by the Adam Curtis documentary, recorded with a variety of gear and 'mastered' using LANDR.

November 18


An elegiac and somewhat wistful acoustic guitar instrumental [more inside]


soundtrack for muted hippo vids on youtube

Choc Cream-O-Land Jingle

Sometimes you just get the urge to create a fake jingle for the chocolate milk you and your friends were weirdly devoted to in high school. [more inside]

November 17

Blackberry Blossom

A traditional fiddle tune, recorded live at the Rainspout festival in Yachats, OR, November 2015. [more inside]

Pick An Animal

My entry for this week's Song Fight! [more inside]

Winter Tale by @Ummagma

Chanting has long been a tradition within world cultures - nearly everywhere you go in one form or another. When chanting takes the form of vocals with lilts, overlaps, intersections and emotion, it can be particularly powerful. That is what 'Winter Tale' seeks to embody. Enjoy.

November 13


Just a snippet - haven't posted in a while so I thought I would throw something on to help me get the ball rolling again. Also my 100th MeMu post! Thanks to everyone on here for what continues to be a richly rewarding community to be part of. Here's to another hundred wacky tracks! #LetsGetSilly

November 7

Dirtbag (over-rated)

Super-straightforward take on Brad Sucks's classic song Dirtbag. [more inside]

November 5

And Laugh

Taken from 'Reasons To - SMLE'

November 4

MetaFilter Podcast Theme - Original

It came up in MetaTalk that I never actually posted to Music the theme we used for years and years for the monthly Best of the Web podcast, so, here it is! All 0.2 minutes of it. [more inside]

November 3

Shot Of You

My new Abba meets Ace Of Base (?) sad-in-a-nightclub song.

You Only Care...

Just finished writing a new song :) I was trying an experiment using to convey a good part of the emotion in it. Oh also, playing with a new tuning I found while trying to learn a Nick Drake song. CGCGCG I like it but I'll have to play with it more.

November 1

Under Maple Tree

Manouche acoustic guitar, 4/4 club backbeat and quick story of opposites attracting. [more inside]

October 31

76t Doomsday

Zombie Hymn. Tune arranged from Abraham Wood, 1789; words by Joseph Hart, 1762. [more inside]

Imperial Triangle

For Halloween, here's me dressing up at Elvis Costello cosplaying as Weezer doing a few bars of "Pink Triangle." Trick or Treat!

October 30

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Happy Halloween! [more inside]

October 29

Body Break

Kᕮᕮᑭ ᖴIT & ᕼᗩᐯᕮ ᖴᑌᑎ

Waves of Fear/Beginning To See The Light

A cover of Lou Reed's Waves Of Fear, with a coda of Beginning To See The Light by the Velvet Underground.

October 27


Hector Barbarossa joins your local metal detectorist club. It's not going to end well, is it....

Turquoise Migration

Piano, strings, and electronics on a journey across a strange, wide landscape. [more inside]

October 26


I am aiming for "grand, yet subdued". I see all sorts of magnificent people and dignified creatures parading slowly by. [more inside]

Just Won't Do

A quick little pop song about the early days of falling in love. [more inside]

October 25


billiebee and I made another song together. [more inside]

October 24

Breathe-Pigs-Cigar-Breathe (Reprise)-Great Gig in the Sky

A re-do of a Pink Floyd medley thing I posted a few months ago -- we got better at playing it and added a bit at the end. [more inside]

October 22

White Lies

I hope remixes are ok here...I purposely used a minimal amount of the original song. It's an experimental remix of White Lies by ODESZA.

October 21

8 - picasso jones - vampire deer

daydream believer no longer - the 8th and last song of sisterbell [more inside]

October 19

7 - hotel detective - vampire deer

i don't know what this is about [more inside]


One of the first compositions I wrote when I bought a guitar looper, recorded in my friend's apartment last June. Anxiety, illness, helplessness.

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