December 23


A thanksgiving experiment, which turned out quite nicely, I think. [more inside]

Baystar over Betlehem

And as the three wise men approached Betlehem, [more inside]

December 21

Nightmare On Elmstreet Theme (NES)

Q: What scares you? A: Freddy Kruger [more inside]

December 20

11 bitter little asshole - vampire deer

it's like mr the toad - or mr the trump - or a mini me version of the child they would have [more inside]

Little Saint Nick

Cover of the Beach Boys song. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody. [more inside]

December 19

Flight (December 19)

I recorded this song on an airplane in flight by typing in 2016. [more inside]

10 heaven - vampire deer

no, it's not fair, is it? [more inside]

December 18

09 clipboard people - vampire deer

i hang up on survey takers [more inside]

December 16

08 crow on a lamppost - vampire deer

del shannon went to my high school 12 years before i did - also hundreds of crows were run over by a train last year in my old hometown and no one understands why the crows let that happen - this is not homer simpson's springfield, it's stranger than that ... [more inside]

December 14

Mr. HONK Miser

It turns out that once you start making honkcore tracks, it's hard to stop. [more inside]

07 assassinate the people - vampire deer

history 101 [more inside]

December 11

"Little Shit"

It's about the prez-elect, had to make a quick mumble-rap-hop / norah-jones-ish / slow jam thing about it to keep my head up

06 ghost on a stick - vampire deer

song 6 of birdie - whatever this is about, it's not good [more inside]

Under the Christmas Tree

those boxes they lead lives you don't know about. [more inside]

December 10

05 blue jay blues - vampire deer

it's about a bird [more inside]

December 9

Teenage Love 2000

A song about love

Hey Moon

Based on the John Maus version of Molly Nilsson's original.

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding

[Cover] Sentimental and simple, but a good reminder of what matters. [more inside]

December 8

04 take me to the big chief

cause i'm in trouble here ... [more inside]

December 7

Cold Home

My home is cold right now

December 6

03 working in the jungle - vampire deer

song 3 of birdie [more inside]

December 5

Lilly Polka

A lovely little early fingerstyle composition for the banjo by Frank B. Converse, from his 1865 New and Complete Method for the Banjo With or Without a Master.

Pig Ankle Rag (Practice)

Work in progress, a classic fiddle rag with some new old time fun. Words and arrangement by Mr. Corwin Bolt, played by the Wingnuts. [more inside]

December 3

Needles and Fire

A song about alternative histories and intangible futures.

02 pushing a dead man too far - vampire deer

a lament about work [more inside]

December 1

Red Rider themes

For a storytelling project, I made six variations of a three note motif, to represent the personalities of six different characters. Each little theme is less than ten seconds long, so even when I put all six of them together it adds up to less than 60 seconds. I hope to post the whole project someday, but at least this version counts for the November Music Challenge!

November 30

01 birdie - vampire deer

first song of new album birdie [more inside]

November 29

The Middle Of The Night

For this month's 60-second-or-under challenge. [more inside]

Hot Mess

A jazzy/funky/noisy/weird tune written for the 60 second challenge. Just sort of stops instead of ending. [more inside]

November 26

mellow sats

chord sesh II


Fun with drones and LFOs. Could probably pass as an Enigma tribute, thus the name.

November 24

Anything Is True


November 23

Thoughts in B-flat

In the past couple of weeks, I found myself going back to a piece that I'd started working on a few years ago -- probably because it's in a slower triple meter that's somewhat calming for me. This is a condensed one-minute version, featuring piano and guitar, for the 60 Seconds and Under #2 MeFi Music Challenge. [more inside]

November 22

Jar Full Of People

My entry for the November Challenge. It is not new, but it has been waiting for this challenge to finally have an appropriate home. [more inside]


Who is more foolish, the fool who requests a honkcore version of "Sir Duke," or the fool who fills the request? [more inside]

November 20

Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going)

A wrote a little pep talk, for myself and for anyone else who needs one, as we wade through the fuckedness of all this. Catchy and short and angry and upbeat and exactly a minute long. [more inside]

November 19


Short acoustic number. Background light rail. [more inside]


Be careful what you wish for. [more inside]

November 17

Chimes & Oatmeal

Here's my submission (finally) for the assignment I got for the Great Raffle Request Challenge a few years back. The request: "Record a song (cover or original) on an instrument you don't really know how to play." This one's for Secretariat! [more inside]

November 15

Please Don't Be Happy

Please, shake your booty for 60 seconds

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