Out Up and Thru

August 10, 2011 7:59 PM

Snazzy tune by my buddy Pat with a baddass, rocket-ship-style ending. Looking for feedback on the mix, as I'm using a new DAW. Thanks.

First time posting a Big Ghost tune by Pat, as well. Been playing around with Mixcraft. This is using my usual mixture of programs with Mixcraft to optimize.

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Ha, yea, very snazzy and I dig it. It reminds me a bit of my favorite fIREHOSE song, Witness. I'm not really one who should say anything about the mix, but If I had to, I'd say that the only thing that isn't ringing really true to me is the vocal. It might be a little over processed or something.
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sounds like a pixies track at 39 secs :) and at the very end, love that haunting sound
Nice mix I think, the guitar may or may not need a few effects on it, or a different amp or something? When it's doing the melody solo, sounds a little hollow at times, lovely little riff, maybe some reverb would flesh it out a bit?
The change at 1:47 is lovely as well, lovely bunch of chords and the electric does a great job following it but in its own version, and the crazy 60's jimi hendrix mega-fucked-up wah wah I think is really nice and gives it a real clenching and pulling vibe where you want it to hit back into it so much, drums do a good job about pulling it all together as well.

Keep going man, great job to you and your buddy :)
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