Resistor -- Ingenue

February 27, 2012 7:06 PM

A minor-key waltzing synthpop lament of being unemployed and underappreciated.

make your list
mail it out
chew your lips
filled with doubt
and you wait and you wait and pretend not to care
until you break down cause it's just not fair

pick your pose
dim the lights
mend your clothes
late at night
and you run and you run but you get nowhere
until you cry out cause it's just not fair

who filled your head with this garbage?
the world doesn't owe you a thing
there's a thousand girls younger and thinner
ones who can actually sing

you can pray but no one will hear your prayer
and so you go on but it's just not fair

who told you this would be easy?
maybe you just lack the will
there's a thousand new ingenues daily
no lack of grist for the mill

make your bed
bide your time
keep your head
learn your lines
and you try to conceal all the wear and tear
until it breaks out cause it's just not fair
and it will break out cause it's just not fair

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