I'll Refuse

September 3, 2012 8:45 PM

"I'll Refuse" is a synthpop doowop revenge song. There's a video here.

In my dreams I write the song
that makes you realize you were wrong
you'll understand as soon as you’ve heard
my catchy tune and clever words

you’ll tell me you’re so sorry
you’ll say “you win, I lose”
you’ll ask me to take you back
and I’ll refuse

Every place that you go, you’ll hear my voice
my song will be such a hit, you won’t have a choice
at the market or the laundromat
taking out the garbage, feeding your cat

you’ll claim you never meant it
you’ll say it was just a ruse
you’ll ask me for forgiveness
and I’ll refuse

I know you’ll never hear my tune
I may as well sing to the moon
no one wants my doom and gloom
them’s the breaks

you’re probably some rich guy’s wife
and you don’t care if I’m alive
you’ll never have to recognize
your mistakes

you’ll confess that since you left me
you’ve been sick with the blues
you’ll beg me to reconsider
and I’ll refuse

you’ll say you changed your decision
like you’re the one who gets to choose
you’ll beg me for one more chance
and I’ll refuse

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