Lama (Dunaewsky69 Remix)

April 3, 2013 8:09 AM

Kiev-based electronic instrumentalist Dunaewsky69 (a.k.a. Oleksandr Gladun) is one of Eastern Europe's most productive DJs. Otherwise dubbed as the "electronic pilot", his most recent EP "Termination Voice" was nominated for the Qwartz Electronic Music Award. This is his latest remix for Ummagma "Lama". This remix is a departure from the original Ummagma version of "Lama", but hopefully you can also appreciate this remix.

Dunaewsky69, who has completed over 2,000 works since launching the Dunaewsky69 project 5 years ago, has won acclaim in the electronic music niche at home, in France, Poland, Germany, and further abroad.

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