Lama (Malcolm Holmes' OMD Remix) by @Ummagma

December 7, 2015 4:06 PM

Just as the seasons can see a categorical change in all the features embodied in this one unifying phenomenon we call 'the weather', so too can a song be totally turned on its head from the original version, doing a near about-face.... that is what happened to this track in this remix by Malcolm Holmes, famous for his participation in legendary synthpop group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD).

You can also check out the original version of Lama here.

posted by Brodyaga (2 comments total)

Awesome. Reminds me of the group Chicane (dating myself!).

Fantastic use of mixing automation. The vocal verb/delay is superb, as is the panning, really, really well mixed track. Compelling, fun arrangement to boot.

The vocal track is so wonderfully balanced, please share your mixing secrets!
posted by remlapm at 5:07 PM on December 7, 2015

Wow - Chicane.... I love Chicane... :)
Are you referring to the mixing for the remix or for the original version?
posted by Brodyaga at 5:28 AM on December 8, 2015

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