Tough Love Black Eye

September 5, 2017 3:50 PM

Punk, metal, jazz, slack, folk and noise. This pretty much typifies the grab bag that was my band, Big Ghost. Like trying to get Pavement and RHCP to agree on California rock. It's a mess, but it was our kinda mess.

So I stuck you with a cold, shitty script that tastes good on your lips. It won't stick to your ribs.

I keep asking, "baby, what did you do and what in the hell did you do it for?"

You're talking so fast (soft) when you're talking to me. Packing the lines too tight to read between.

But no explanation was gonna undo. "What in the hell did you do and what in the hell did you it for?"

Play it cool. Wait to see if it cracks like an egg or a smile. Keep your fingers crossed. Tough love black eye: keep it hid for a while.

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