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August 31

Night Train to Memphis

Night Train to Memphis by Roy Acuff Jr, recorded live by Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts in Eugene, OR, 8/29/2016. Old time fiddle music with a washboard groove. [more inside]

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August 28

God Only Knows [Beach Boys cover]

A song that was sung at a wedding yesterday [MeTa thread]. Since I couldn't be there myself, I recorded this version for you using your officiant's restrung banjolin, a classical guitar, electric bass, my voice, and a tin slide whistle.

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August 27

I wanted to

Another acoustic song! I'm really digging this thing where I limit myself to two strings, probably because I'm lazy.

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Now Look What You've Made Me Do

Guitars, some slide. [more inside]

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August 24

Witch of the Waves

Original tune - not related to any others of the same name - for piano and electronics. Around 124 bpm, 4/4, lots of melody, lots of drama. The last track completed for my Migration album.

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August 22


I song I wrote in up-state new-york. Instrumental guitar as is often the case...

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August 21

Distant Past

Jessamyn bought me a really nice sounding small guitar, twenny bux with all the trimmings! I'd also just bought a really sweet Yeti Blue mic off Craigslist for $25. What a bargain! So this is how I tested the two out. [more inside]

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August 16

Million Watts

Written for a recent SongFight, the challenge being: Song must feature an obvious flaw. Flaw cannot be lyrical. [more inside]

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August 15

Just a Stranger

Short song about a night out at a bar. [more inside]

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August 12

The third MeFiMusic Podcast is up!

Here it is on MetaTalk [more inside] posted by greenish at 2:48 AM PST - 2 comments

August 11

solo correctly

Some synth experiment from the vault...2nd half goes more analog...

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Goblin Rip-off please help

At 0:32 I start ripping off a Goblin riff and I can't find the song that I am ripping off. It's not off of Roller or Profondo Rosso... Any insight would be appreciated.

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August 9

New York, New York

Spun off an old Brian Eno song, "Zawinul/Lava". [more inside]

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The First Kiss

Pretty guitars and synths and lots of delay and a deep and lovely bass line to boot.

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August 8

Funeral March

With all due respect to Steve Martin, you can play a sad song on the banjo. [more inside]

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August 7


I've tried a couple different things with this progression, finally found something I can live with. Rock guitar, drum machine, and all that jazz. [more inside]

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3 kids on the square

the big synth at the beginning is live-performed on a Roland JX-8P on the patch called "Van Halen"!!!

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August 6

Brighton Jig

Another Frank Converse tune on fretless banjo - this one from 1865. [more inside]

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August 5

The Bone Church

I'm working on a set of songs/sounscapes for a friend's online comic project. This is a spooky ambient piece using some recordings I made of a guy moving chairs around in a cathedral in Vienna, some sleep breathing, some musical saw, and a weird broken African instrument a friend gave me.

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August 3

Instance - go with it

Here's the B side "go with it" from my latest project, Instance. [more inside]

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Computer World [Kraftwerk cover]

Featuring the voice of greenish as the Computer. I thought it would be fun to do it slower, using mostly analog instruments and a computer to record it, in juxtaposition to how Kraftwerk originally recorded it in 1981 (using computer instruments and I'm guessing analog tape). Also I was feverish with Lyme Disease while I recorded it. Song #11 in Unu Kanto Po Semajno.

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