Don't Fool Me (Fixed Mix)

November 3, 2010 12:03 PM

Final mix of the song I posted a couple of days ago incorporating a couple of changes suggested by uncleozzy.

The only changes are that I brought up the cymbals/hihats and notched back the organ. I think it really helps. Posted for completeness!

Re my guitar sounds which a couple of people asked about they are generally either a Jazzmaster, Telecaster or Burns 12-string straight into Guitar Rig, using the Twang Reverb (Fender Twin) sim, sometimes with the Cat (ProCo Rat) pedal in front, and sometimes the tube compressor too.

The 12-string sometimes goes through the Vox sim, can't remember if it did on this one.

I then totally cheat by putting this through the Waves CLA Guitar plugin which is like some kind of magic fairy dust. All of the CLA (Chris Lord Alge) stuff is genuinely amazing... I can get close to it using my own settings but never all the way. So there, my secret's out.

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Heck yea, man. Must listen with headphones for full effect. I can definitely hear what you're saying about your "fairy dust"...the guitars are super punchy and yet crystal clear. That's a great effing sound! The bass kicks ass too. It has just the perfect level of rumble and growl to accent the different parts. (This sounds like it was a blast to play!)
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Heh, bass is DI'd and put through a CLA plug-in as well!

I'm glad it sounds like a blast to play because it really isn't -- it's really difficult! It's fun live (not that I've played it live for years) because you can just thrash away but the cross-picked parts are really, really fiddly. One is a 12-string and the other is a Jazzmaster capoed at the fifth and they have to be exactly in time. I can't tell you how many takes it took to get them tight. My fingers were practically bleeding afterwards. But the effect is that they chime together and all all sounds groovy.

The CLA guitar plugin is not really rocket science. It has high and low EQ, compression, reverb, delay and chorus, each with three 'voices' and a slider. But it's SO easy to get a good sound. There's another for vocals, another for bass, another for acoustic instruments, and so on. They're stupidly expensive like all the waves stuff but once you find the settings that work for you there's really not much to change, so mixing becomes a much faster process.

I demoed some of the other 'signatures' series and couldn't get anything good out of them at all.
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Wow. The guitars are really mixed well on this.
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