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December 31

St Paul's

A folk-song mainly about St Paul's Cathedral and its history, with themes of love, hope and continuity. [more inside]

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December 30


This song is that annoying shithead at a party I was looking forward to who seemed to be so fucking intent on starting a fight for no fucking reason. [more inside]

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Proper humidity for my cello

Humidifier for my cello? [more inside] posted by DMelanogaster at 11:03 AM PST - 1 comments

December 29

Velvet Queen (feat. Tiger La)

This is a brand new track I just finished with Tiger La, an awesome singer from London. Dig it!

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Girls, Girls, Girls (Jay-Z Remix)

Remix of Jay-Z's 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. Full album here: Reach The Throne

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December 28


Gentlemen, start your engines. [more inside]

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December 24

Jingle Bells and two other Holiday Classics

Gather your loved-ones around the fire, snuggle up with a blanket and a cup of cider, and listen to your favorite holiday melodies. [more inside]

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Xmas loot thread / What makes a good challenge? [more inside] posted by unSane at 4:35 PM PST - 31 comments

December 23

Brand New Ukelelelele [sic.]: A song for Bondcliff

A thank you song for an epic quonsar.

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In dulci jubilo

The 2-part version of the Praetorius classic, in a slightly almost painfully slow tempo. Still getting used to this self-overdubbing thing. [more inside]

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Rest Ye Merry

Vaguely medieval and dirge-like. [more inside]

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Would people be interested in organising meetup/gigs with line-ups of musicians who are MeFites? (I'm in London, but it's also a general question, isn't it?) [more inside] posted by Grangousier at 3:17 PM PST - 7 comments

December 21

O Holy Night

Despite my lack of religion and the fact that this song has been done to death, I thought I'd give it a shot.

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December 20

Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen

German, anonymous, probably 1500s. Still learning to harmonise using GarageBand. [more inside]

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December 19

Asteroid Hidden in the Shadow of the Earth

Sure, the world could end Friday. Or Saturday. Or some other Friday 100,000 years from now. 7 minutes of instrumental contemplation, as it flowed in from the sky, last May. [more inside]

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December 18

unSane's Whistling Shoes

I stole the words from unSane and turned it into a song with off key whistling.

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Why Don't We Jingle In The Road?

A holiday smash 'em up 4 u. [more inside]

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December 16

The Waiting Game

I've always wanted to write a blue-eyed Northern Soul stomper. And it appears now I have, kinda. Grab some Lucozade and a towel and we'll have a MeFi meetup down at the Wigan Casino. [more inside]

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Good King Wenceslas

Good king Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen Turned his knickers inside out, 'cause his bum was freezin'

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Plan B

I have no idea how to describe this track but someone on the internet said it was a "nice intergalactic battle shifting to a chase". [more inside]

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December 15

Call Me Luna!

This has techno stuff arguing back and forth with pianos, a theme that's conflicted about what meter it's in, a cadence that keeps trying to change the key down a whole step, and ponies. Plenty of ponies. But I think this is my last Luna project for a while now!

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Tubular Carol of the Jingle Bells

Does just what it says on the box, and then some.

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December 14

A dark room covered in foam, a microphone, and a couple hours

In search of a Seattle MeFite to help me record a secret quonsar thank you song. [more inside] posted by rouftop at 9:32 AM PST - 3 comments

Good Times

Just playing my new banjo in the dark at 2:30am.

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December 13

One Past Midnight

Past Lives: I. Where's Judi? II. Bitch Vicki III. Getting Past Nobody

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Dorkton Arby's

So I was reviewing my song posting history and realized most of my stuff is kind grim. Thought it would be fun to try something a little happier. [more inside]

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December 12


A semi-instrumental song given a second life after a decade in the demo wilderness. [more inside]

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December 10

What do you think?

Seeking constructive criticism of my current work in progress, "One Past Midinight". I can supply stems if anyone wants to take over mixing it or mastering it. posted by Ardiril at 6:16 PM PST - 0 comments

Wonderful Christmastime

My take on the McCartney Christmas tune. [more inside]

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Fix my mandolin?

How do you get a mandolin's lower strings to sound less buzzy? [more inside] posted by topoisomerase at 5:00 PM PST - 9 comments

Optimizing Performance (Antag Bounce)

A bit of synthy iPhone silliness [more inside]

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December 9

Seeking Upbeat Mefite Music

Looking for a Mefite Music track to put under a metafilter-related, not-for-profit montage of people talking, ideally upbeat/funny and instrumental. To keep it simple, only suggest your own tracks (or tracks of people you know who can get back to me quickly to ask permission). posted by The Whelk at 9:24 PM PST - 9 comments

Crimbotone #1

A festive ringtone for your good cheer this yuletide, and gawd bless us ev'ry one.... [more inside]

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December 8

14 Baktun

14 minutes of improvisation from Carbon 7, heralding the end of the Mayan Long Count. [more inside]

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December 5

iPretended to understand iMS-20

Korg iMS-20/MS-20 help for the (almost) utter newbie? [more inside] posted by griphus at 8:52 AM PST - 5 comments

December 4

Musicians that can make J-Pop style music?

Am looking for musicians that can make J-Pop (Japanese pop) style music [more inside] posted by aielen at 8:00 PM PST - 0 comments

December 3

What Makes You Beautiful

1D 4 lyf

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4AM Cover

Need a little help. Here's a nice little cover I did with a good old friend I've been playing with since highschool. Need some help. Using a logitech usb mic which I generally like the sound/versatillity/ portability of. Trying to figure out how to cut out the high-pitched noise it comes with. [more inside]

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December 2

Any rhythmic activity produces a sound.

How come no one takes randomly detuned extemporaneous banjo music seriously anymore? [more inside]

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Say cheese.

What's in the box? [more inside] posted by sweet mister at 6:02 PM PST - 6 comments

Jingle Smells

December's challenge is, OF COURSE, holiday music! Have at it. [more inside] posted by unSane at 4:26 PM PST - 1 comments

Where Everybody Knows Your Name (cover)

The 1980s friendliest theme song (with some odd verses that don't get played during the show's intro). Played with my firefly banjolele.

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