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February 27

Walk Into De Funeral Parlor Jig

Minor variation on an old minstrel tune. Fretless tackhead banjo, marginally played tambourine and bones. [more inside]

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astronomy domine - vampire deer

earthlings, prepare for eviction - the classic pink floyd song, slowed down, with major chords changed to minor chords

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Julie July

A song by my band IKE. [more inside]

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February 26

Pulse 27

It's been a while, and I figured I should come back with something wholly new (albeit about 4 months old). I've been holding out on posting this because, frankly, it's the most personal thing I've ever produced. [more inside]

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One fish was the first fish to walk on land, one fish was the first fish to breathe the air. [more inside]

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Drug Testing

Here's a new one I just cooked up. It'll get in your bones! Hope you guys like it.

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February 25

If You Don't Cry

"If You Don't Cry" by Resistor (originally performed by The Magnetic Fields).

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February 24

St Patrick's Day 2013

I do a short song every year for St Pat's, but this time I got exasperated and went meta. Contains authentic swears. [more inside]

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There Goes The Sun

Here Comes the Suck--The sun is gone and nothing good will ever happen again. Everything has diminished, but DMelanogaster and I are up for the challenge.

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February 23

Baby We're Really in Love

Hank Williams and tons o' tape delay! [more inside]

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High and Dry

A cover of Radiohead's H&D on resonator guitar in open G, for the minor/major challenge. I originally intended this to be a shitkicking country stomper but it turned into something quite different. [more inside]

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February 22

The Lonely Karmic Cop

Cover of Radiohead's "Karma Police" for the major/minor challenge. [more inside]

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February 21


Just a pop song.

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How can we make it easier to make sure everyone gets some feedback?

With this call to arms in mind regarding commenting on music posts, I wonder if we can make it harder for posts to slip through the net? [more inside] posted by greenish at 7:45 AM PST - 15 comments

February 20

String Quintet No. 2 in A major - "aflutter"

Featuring friends the Kovich String Quartet. I'm on double bass (video here)

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Another Brick in the Major

Take Another Brick in the Wall parts 1, 2, and 3, jam 'em all into one quick bluegrass shitkicker, throw it into a major key, and you get this. [more inside]

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February 19

Big Market

Pasar Gede (Pasar Klewer) [more inside]

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Jack the Ripper

A quickie. Took an ominous Nick Cave/Bad Seeds dirge, applied a little jolt of electrical shockers.

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Cloudbusting (Kate Bush Cover)

A male-vox take on an old classic. "Safety and danger are threaded through the song, via both a thoughtful lyric and a compulsive cello-driven melody. Even more startling, but hardly surprising, is the ease with which Bush was able to capture the moment when a child first realizes that adults are fallible." - Amy Hanson [more inside]

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February 18


Cover of the old Rear Entry blues-rock classic.... [more inside]

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February 17

My first rig

Now that I've had a taste of what can be done in a home studio, I'm ready to dive in and get my own setup. Help me build My First Studio. [more inside] posted by rouftop at 9:26 PM PST - 4 comments

The Ballad of Aaron and Julie

This started out as a quirky little Spoon riff ripoff, then it turned into a moody acoustic number, but when I tried to record it, it took a left turn into mutant son muntano. It ended up somewhere between Squeeze and Gloria Estefan, I think.

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Millimeters of Mercury — The Little Old Lady from Pasadena (Cover)

Surf-electro? Cover of the Jan and Dean song.

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February 16


As made famous by gloomy pirate Jimmy Bummer. E minor with ukulele and guitar. [more inside]

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Worry About the World

Fresh off Logic Pro, at my friend's house in Kona. [more inside]

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ドキュメンテーション (DOCUMENTATION)

The goal for this song was to pay homage to Japanese alt-band SUPERCAR.

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February 15


You may need a drink after listening to this song. I apologize. [more inside]

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February 14


A short little dumb thing with a jug. [more inside]

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February 11

red plastic chairs

recorded live on kboo 12/12/12. [more inside]

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February 9

Not Perfect (This Is My World)

Cover of a song by Tim Minchin. [more inside]

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February 8

Any Minor Fool Could Tell You

A minor-key cover of Any Major Dude Will Tell You, with lyrics altered to replace any trace of softheartedness with utter cynicism and despair. [more inside]

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Instrumental Podcast Music

Looking for upbeat Instrumental music for podcasts. [more inside] posted by leahpeah at 9:49 AM PST - 3 comments

Silly Sats

Have a silly Saturday! [more inside]

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February 6

Down the Road

Yours truly on stick dulcimer and vocal, Habu Hiroshi on percussion. Our band is called S&H. Lyrics and other versions of the song here.

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Walking on Sunshine

In which I attempt to take the insufferable happiness of this song down a peg. [more inside]

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February 5

Dream Kitchen

Fifty Shades of Gravy [more inside]

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February 3

Colonel Gumps

Nobody be messin with Colonel Gumps [more inside]

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February 2

Midnight Harbour Dance

Victoria, BC's inner harbour is the perfect place to go after-hours on a clear night, put on headphones, and dance your face off by the water. Here's a song in honor of silly summer times. [more inside]

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February 1

Let The Fire Burn Low

Often happens when I'm recording something else - an idea emerges and rudely elbows its way to the front demanding immediate attention. I might develop this StratOtastic sketch (I've already got a vocal hook - hence the title) as part of a 4- or 5-track EP I'm preparing with the working title "Silverfish", but I thought I'd offer it up for anyone that might want to use it. [more inside]

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This was a fast and dirty demo I made up to teach my band the song. Kinda like how it came out, so I figured I'd throw it up here. Nice little garage rock tune. Nifty synths. [more inside]

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Resistor - Keep it to Yourself

Another bit of synthpop metacommentary in the form of the funny-cause-it's-sad-cause-it's-true inner monologue of a cynical artist. [more inside]

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