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September 30

Just A Veneer

Snarky Americana. Mostly about a girl I dated once who just lovvvveed reaching into my wallet.

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September 29

Memory in New York

This is a soundtrack that I originally created and produced. It is about the vibes of New York City as a melting pot which is urban, lively and unique. It is in jazz style and I used Logic Pro X.

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Theme Song Theme

Not a complete theme song, more like the theme of a theme song. It makes mundane tasks like checking the mailbox seem urgent and full of import.

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September 27


another old-time tune, clawhammer guitared up. [more inside]

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September 25

The Red Sea

My best Sea Change-era Beck impression.

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September 24

Safe and Sound [Capital Cities cover]

Jessamyn asked me to cover this song a long time ago, and I set about it at a snails pace. It's finally done! (Sorry it took so long, darlin.) It started out in my mind as, "What if New Order or the Cure covered it?", and it turned out sounding like me covering it. I worked more over the past month to make sure it sounded the way I wanted it to, and I learned a lot about Garageband along the way. I'm kinda proud of it. And I'm glad it's over. [more inside]

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September 23

Resistor - Can't Believe

I can't believe you've done this. Electro-dance-pop. [more inside]

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September 22

So-so Sonata

Instrumental piano piece. [more inside]

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September 21

Happy New Year

I was going through some old stuff and liked this one more than I remembered. Once I saw the September Challenge, I had to post. Acoustic guitar with countless f-bombs. [more inside]

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White Light Music Night

We finally got around to re-recording White Light Music Night. The original version is here. [more inside]

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September 16

The Mission

Whenever someone writes cross-genre, it always leaves you wondering what flavor their potpourri will take. When you see post-rock and shoegaze together, you might also have an idea of what you'll be hearing, but throw a piano in there, and you've caught everybody off kilter. That's what this song does, but nicely so. [more inside]

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September 15

The Phone Calls - Phantom Status

A song about being a cool spooky ghost. [more inside]

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September 14

B Reel

I thought it fitting that my first Mefi Music post should be something I've never done before and is pretty well outside my usual realm of experience, so tada! This is a beat I made for a friend, but things fell through and now it's a lost soul. [more inside]

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September 12


If psychedelic space rock can be sparkly, this song would be the epitome of that dynamic.. Or shimmery or glistening or whatever. Glitter is in the eye of the beholder.

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September 10


an experiment using a few cool audio tools i learned about recently . . . [more inside]

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Salt Water ~circa 2004

It was 2004 and I was staying with some new found friend in California, sleeping on his couch while I filled a Production Asst. for a straight-dvd-movie filming in Hollywood, Ca. He had this Digital multi-track recorder handed down to him by a friend, which he told me didn't work. It worked off a Zip drive disk, where it stored what you recorded. I believe the drive was probably failing frequently (wasn't that the case with all of those zip drives?)... [more inside]

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September 9


working title, not sure about that just yet, I've been playing a lot in this modal C tuning (CGCGCD) and this tune came out over the past few days. [more inside]

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September 8

vampire deer - 9 - rest of my life

song 9 of ants and penguins, and the last one [more inside]

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Sandy Boys

Old-time traditional tune, done clawhammer style on guitar. [more inside]

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September 7

vampire deer - 8 - just have a look

well - here we are [more inside]

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September 6

Jimmy's Tune

My friend Jimmy wrote the lyrics and chord changes, we had a drummer friend come in and lay down a groove and I did the rest of the instrumentation, recording and mix down. Enjoy

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September 5

LRAD Part1 Feat Kate Tempest

Inspired by the flames in her brain. Sculpted on an ipad , on the bus , over a few days.. Feedback always welcome

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September 4

vampire deer - 7 - penguins

song 7 - penguins - jason can't find the golden fleece, goes to antarctica, and starts fleecing everyone of their gold [more inside]

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don't dis me, yo

not really a fleshed out idea...

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September 3

piano bootleg

I am improvising some chords at the piano and then my friends Paul and Boma show up

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September 1


Folk rock ode to Nature. [more inside]

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