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April 29

Untitled Salt Lake Song (04.28.2015)

A catchy tune about two guys who take a twin engine plane out for a joyride and crash into the Great Salt Lake. Proper title TBD. [more inside]

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Piano Sketch #2 (meditation)

The only song I have ever written & recorded start-to-finish while living on a boat. Thanks to the Carnival Imagination for having slack enough security that I was able to sneak onto the showband keyboard after-hours to record this (2006)

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April 25

Evening Prayer Blues

My quick little take on Evening Prayer Blues by Deford Bailey. I originally came to this by way of Bill Monroe, Mike Compton and Alan Bibey mandolin arrangements of it. [more inside]

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April 23

Ganymede Suite

A structured improvisation for double bass, piano & tabla. Feat Kimberley Shepherd - piano, Kazuko Sato - tabla. Co-written with Kimberley Shepherd. [more inside]

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April 21

For David

A song for a departed friend. [more inside]

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April 17


A short piano solo! Minor key, triplet feel, maybe a little jazzy, better suited to Halloween than early spring, but what can I do? It's a free download at BandCamp complete with suitably batty artwork. [more inside]

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April 14

Where No One Has Gone Before

A little tune about toxic masculinity with a splash of Star Trek. [more inside]

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April 7

Antisocial Dance Party

Dancing is for squares. [more inside]

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Ghost Streets

your ghost is very beautiful, but visits far too often [more inside]

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Weapons Up (Double Dragon Mixtape: The Mixtape)

A full-length extended version of the 10 second snippet that I had previously made for the game, Double Dragon Neon. I wrote the full version recently after my car was broken into, and I was visited by a very friendly and helpful LA County policewoman. [more inside]

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April 5

Cruise Blanche

#newwave is the only #truwave [more inside]

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April 4

Root Down (Fantastic Planet Remix)

Another Beastie Boys Remix [more inside]

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April 3

the circulation of stars

This started out as a Beepbox loop. (The mp3 arbitrarily fades out after 2 times around. The original will loop in-browser for as long as you let it.) I think it sounds pretty okay.

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April 1

Dizzy Gillespie Quintet f/ Skrillex - One Note Samba (1968, RARE!!)

Long considered a forgotten masterpiece, this meeting of master jazz artists took place almost 50 years ago in Munich, leaving the audience speechless. Features Skrillex on the Wobble Bass, James Moody on flute, and Lalo Schifrin on piano [more inside]

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