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June 30


Should be better structured. This is just kind of sketch really. I like Rabbits, and I think this is the sort of music rabbits would dance to.

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Post War Glamour Girl

My version of the John Cooper Clarke poem. Swearword in the third line, so be warned parents, workers and those of a jumpy disposition. This is the first MeFiMu challenge I've ever completed. [more inside]

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June 29

Lilting Them

A one-off structured song that I recorded in 2010 unlike most things I make... -Yair O

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June 28

Win It and Go Home (by the Geese)

This is a song I wrote about Barry Sanders, the greatest running back of all time. [more inside]

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A tune about bad dreams and sleeplessness. Having that frustrating feeling when you can't get back to sleep but you know that time is running out before you just have to get up. And the more you need to sleep, the more aware you are that you are still wide awake.

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Another dumb singer

I’m a quietish singer, to play (in three days) a long, small room with an ungreat PA system, manipulated by an inexperienced engineer. What, in two sentences, could I tell him that might help me get my voice across? [more inside] posted by nelljie at 1:19 AM PST - 7 comments

June 27

He's the Wolfman

Halloween rock and roll. [more inside]

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Muse (sketch)

Just a lazy Sunday sketch of a track. Melodic techno. [more inside]

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June 26

A record label wants to sign you.

Is it a joke? Sure...except when it's not. [more inside] posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 6:09 PM PST - 5 comments

June 25

Going to heaven don't make sense

Chopped up Biggie Smalls and a drum sampler with a short attention span. nsfw [more inside]

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June 24

Band inversions

Has anyone got experience of different 'inversions' of a band, like different inversions of a chord? [more inside] posted by unSane at 9:33 AM PST - 18 comments

June 23

Iteration 4

A piano motif and followed by a remix of itself at 1:20.

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Sleepwalking (Awakening remix)

A remix of Alice Cooper's "Awakening" [more inside]

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June 22

Can I Register Online Please?

This started as a little tune I made up a couple years when I was trying to register for classes at my community college using their online system which wasn't working. All the parts on this track were recorded by me using my friend Ian's microKORG XL.

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Underground Children

My Remix of the Underground by Roland Clark

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Beautiful Bidet

A short song about the positive and then the negative male relationships in my life. Features classical guitar, reverbed out bowed banjo, auto-tuning, synth, french doors slamming. This is the latest in a string of versions of this song, having trouble finishing it. [more inside]

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June 21


Working on an album in which I play all the instruments and sing. [more inside]

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Red-headed stepchildren...

This is a phrase unSane used on a recent thread (my wife is a redhead, so shhhhhhh). Anyways, I was thinking about albums that have been overshadowed by more popular ones in a band's ouvre. What little wallflowers do you hold a torch for? [more inside] posted by MajorDundee at 9:59 AM PST - 8 comments

June 20

Hymn to the Preciousness of Human Frailty #3

A third time, recorded straight to SoundCloud on my iPhone. I keep playing this song over and over, but this is the best version yet anyway. My piano is very out of tune, though. Need to fix that.

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Fucking Hippies

i fell in love with a hippie girl wanna fuck her and save the world from oil barons and nuclear whales and spring mumia from county jail [more inside]

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June 19

Saint and Kings - Stop Time

Fake-jazz ballad, slightly prurient and hopefully neither too explicit nor plaintive: use only as directed [more inside]

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June 18

FX4 - Weapon

I haven't posted any chip music here in a while, and I've run my fool mouth in several recent chiptune-related posts. So I figured it was time to demonstrate that I still have NO clue what I'm talking about! Here, this is what I am doing with the Nintendo Entertainment System lately. It's a song from a concept album about a gay time-travelling vampire. [more inside]

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Does anyone here use a Roland SPD-SX? I have a bunch of questions about using one...

Does anyone here use a Roland SPD-SX? I have a bunch of questions about using one... [more inside] posted by Cantdosleepy at 3:01 PM PST - 3 comments

Runnin Out of Fools

Here's a version of the old standard I did with my friend Emily. I love this woman's voice and had a great time working on it.

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Maple Leaf Rag

This is my own rendition of Scott Joplin's famous Maple Leaf Rag, probably the most popular piano rag of all time. Please forgive the little mistakes; if you can ignore them, I think it's somewhat rousing. [more inside]

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June 17

Stories 'Bout You (pop tart remix)

Major Dundee kindly allowed me to remix his latest (rather wonderful) opus, so here it is. [more inside]

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June 15

Breaking The Ice

significant use of shouting

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A very short experiement using loops and drum tracks and stuff. Was in two minds whether to post this, the original, or the slowed down version. To be honest there was only 20 seconds in the difference. I think this version has a bit more energy.

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In which we jam out on our axxxes. I have temporarily given up even naming these... things. Another long spontaneous session by Carbon 7, my space-rock improvisational trio. [more inside]

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Do The Rumble

Tried my hand at pulpy instrumental rock. [more inside]

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O My Humble Soul

back-porch bluegrass folky tune [more inside]

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June 14

Keep Me Hot

A quick, funky Vocal House piece I made last year. Brass, bass, and beats, for your dance floor needs.

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stories 'bout you

Inspired (if that's the appropriate word) by ubiquitous news reports about internet trolls, cyber bullying and suchlike. Uploaded now primarily because in response to a talk post from me unSane has kindly offered to take a shot at improving the overall sound via mastering alchemy - so in due course you'll see just how shit this version really sounds.... [more inside]

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a song with wah ohs (because the lyrics don't mean anything)

Inspired by this comment on the blue. Thirty whole seconds of annoying C-G-F-Am ukulele and kazoo action.

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Sveta 1

Trumpet chorale based on "O Promenach Sveta," a Jiri Pavlica and Hradistan piece. [more inside]

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June 13


A counterpointy thing for three (fake) clarinets. [more inside]

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Resistor - Vincent van Gogh

A homemade synthpop tune about the myth of the meritocracy and the pain of being an artist without an audience, like something Stephin Merritt could've come up with on a dreary evening in an alternate universe where The Magnetic Fields never got popular. [more inside]

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Frequency/spectrum/dynamic range analysis?

I always have a bugger of a job to get my demos to sound "full" without being cluttered, stifled or over-compressed. A common experience is that I'll play a demo in the car and think "yeah!!", then play a commercial recording, and then think "oh fuck.....". Mine always seem to be kind of thin or hollow. So.....I need to be able to analyse my recordings to see where the gaps are in, say, mid-range so that I can try to get a fuller sound via EQ. Any ideas? posted by MajorDundee at 12:54 PM PST - 38 comments

Time After Time (Millimeters of Mercury club cover)

Doesn't everyone love to cover this song?

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June 12


Glitchy acoustic guitars and a piano.

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June 11

Sad Tomorrow

A while ago I did a sloppy cover of this great song by The Muffs.

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Drive She Said

Submission for the John Cooper Clarke June challenge. This was a lot of fun to do.

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Help me be a folk bassist.

Bass Guitar Filter: Traditional\Irish\Folk\Etc songs. How to play along with some fiddles, etc. [more inside] posted by zephyr_words at 1:16 PM PST - 8 comments

June 10

South Abyssinia

A surf-reggae snippet misremembering Augustus Pablo. [more inside]

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I don't think it meets the bar MajorDundee set, but I gave it a shot. Adapted the words from Belladonna. Learned a lot! [more inside]

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June 9

Hate That Train That Carried My Girl From Town

Here's the SMOKE BENDERS, live in Toyama, Japan, from March 2012. The sound is a little gymnasium-y, due to the fact that the gig was in a gymnasium. I'm on electric talking drum for this one. Video here.

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Make it Up

This isn't the best quality demo, but this is our dancy, live crowd-pleaser

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I Look On

Had a riff, needed to use it. [more inside]

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A Thumb Piano Song

Late night twiddling. [more inside]

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June 8

How not to be a douche?

Are headset mics inevitably douchetastic? [more inside] posted by unSane at 7:37 PM PST - 29 comments


Another track from my RPM Challenge album. Kind of a minor mode blues-rock thing. [more inside]

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June 7

Night People

...funky but neat. A thrown-together (2 hours from soup to nuts) attempt to reflect the wretched cheesiness of the world John Cooper Clarke depicts in this one. I guess I could have added a little more Gorgonzola, but, eeeeuuw, it's high enough....even for Mr Cavendish and the enigmatic Elizabeth...

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June 6


Homemade feminist-flavored rock. [more inside]

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The Ballad of Knocksink

Simple guitar and vocals track. The Ballad of Jackson and Bonnie.

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June 5

Happy Birthday, 1951

Instrumental tinkly cut and paste tune.

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June 3

Riker Was A Q

Inspired by Uncle Jimmy's provocative STTNG theory... [more inside]

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This is the first song I ever wrote. It's also perhaps the saddest?

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June 2

Only Shallow (only voices)

An a cappella rendition of My Bloody Valentine's "Only Shallow." Inspired by This post in the blue today. [more inside]

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A special project of mine to reproduce. No, not sex. Stopping my mental thoughts. Movin' To Nirvana Sooon. Re-wrote the lyrics of this cover after seeing my good friend from the great West recently.

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June 1

Loveless recreated

Third Time's The Charm

I wrote this song about our singer's latest attempt to make things work with her long time boyfriend. Ironically, by the time we got it recorded they had split up again. It is off our new album, which is available for name-your-price download at bandcamp.

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