May 24

Till The Bells Bring Us Home

High-energy synths and percussion with intertwining, anthemic melodies. (My love of Rush probably shows but it's a pretty straightforward tune.)

May 20


This was a fun one to make. Basically one improvised take on a MIDI keyboard which is hooked up to 3 synths and drum machine, with a pad from a 4rd synth going on in the background. Piano and noise-wave crashes were added afterwards. Using the JX-8P as a bass synth for the first time and gotta say....not too shabby!!!!!! [more inside]

May 19


Electronics with some guitars that really need to be re-recorded but this had already taken too much time. [more inside]

May 16


Just mucking about with Audacity, playing with sliders and buttons and numbers. This is a 3-minute slow-motion loop of the Gap Band, Dif Juz, and PJ Harvey, all noodled up and sludged out and ready for your next terrifying bout of sleep paralysis.

May 13


Some chiptune dnb* played on an sms** and an snes***, both midi controlled. [more inside]

May 7


Analog synth rap beat!!


Slowly mutating chords and voice [more inside]

May 5


All-analog synthpop song with live bass/drums/vox [more inside]

08 - crickets tell the temperature - vampire deer

"but they didn't do their repetoire for long" - that's the last song for now - thanks for listening

May 4

If I Can (You Can Too)

A pretty simple dance tune. I borrowed (well, adapted) a melody, I admit - but it was a 4/4 melody crying out to be in 3/4, and I wanted to set it right. This is track 2/5 on the Hellish EP.


Got an Arturia Keystep which means I can now program sequences on the JX-8P and baby it is a game changer!!!!!! Marimba sounds are from the Roland SC-88 which is MIDI'd up to the JX-8P as well.

May 3


2 analogs synth looping together. Experimenting with CV connectivity to create syncopation.

07 - sunflower year - vampire deer

last year was strange and disturbing and this year's no better

April 28

06 happy ever after - vampire deer

stuck ranting in a post-modern fairy tale

April 25

05 through my window - vampire deer

a hymn of burned out apathy

April 24

Middlesex Fells

A granular synth piece fed by a crunchy field recording. [more inside]

April 23

04 golden hole - vampire deer

the golden hole is in the median of hall rd, between utica and sterling heights, which is a horrendously busy section of northern detroit suburbia - locals are more specific about what kind of hole it is but i will refrain from crudeness - i would really hate to deliver stuff around there, which i think this song is about

April 22

03 everything's under control - vampire deer

either than or we're totally incompetent and nobody wants to believe that

April 21


Spanish guitar plus electronics

April 17

02 lost and dazed - vampire deer

history is so interesting unless you're living it

April 16

Another Daughter

Found sound from Weegee with gentle synth accompaniment [more inside]

April 15

01 can't get away from the smog - vampire deer

i wrote this when i was 16 or 17 - funny how things haven't changed - it's the 1st of 8 songs - the album's name is crickets tell the temperature

Entrance Music for the Billionaire Techbro's Throneroom

(for an Imaginary, Low-Budget Cyberpunk Movie)

April 13


Upbeat melodic Euro-trance style tune with big hooks - should get you to put your hands up and/or your foot down. Check out the video here. [more inside]

April 10

Jharkhand Assembly - The Descent Part II

Excerpt from the extended Drone Poem, Heavy Storyteller Suite. [more inside]

April 9

In a Bomb

A noisy piece derived from a vibraphone sample. [more inside]

April 5

Refuge in the boughs of the ancient oaks

way more fantasy/forest synth than dungeon synth this time for sure, but the story continues. might have hit the idea of a lullaby too hard on the nose. [more inside]

April 4

A Broken Clock on a Starlit Beach

Mostly electronic. An increasingly oppressive cloud of ambience over a basic beat.

April 3

The Sound of Carrying On No Matter How Terrible It Gets

The latest Junto prompt asks you to do something out of tune, so I put my phone next to my amp and started recording myself playing these two riffs and detuning the A string every so often.

March 30


Solo Spanish guitar

March 28

Pressures Accumulating

This is a piece for (synth) strings, trumpet, and drums. [more inside]

March 25


Kind of an LCD Soundsystem vibe

March 16


Trying out a new piece of gear, the Roland AD-10 which I used on the acoustic guitar and double bass [more inside]

March 15

Python's Peak

Arps: Roland SC-88 Chords: Roland JX-8P Drums: Korg S3 Bass: Korg Monologue

March 8

pro deuce.mp3

been listening to lots of Sun-El Musician and wanted to do some marimba loops

March 5

The Spine

Downtempo electronic patterns [more inside]

March 2

130 stories high (remix)

another from the breakbeat archives [more inside]

February 27

On a Night Like This

Got inspired by hearing the Los Lobos cover of the song on KUVO and liked it so much I cut a demo. [more inside]

February 26

What is the Precise Nature of the Catastrophe?

No guitars. Clumsy and doomy EDM. [more inside]

Oscilliations in the hour of chaos

A melancholy electronic song made under the name "Alone on the Ice"

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