November 14

Reconsidering Your Destiny

For heroes pondering during their downtime. [more inside]

November 12


A little gtr, a little marimba, a little synth.

November 8

Coordinated Weather Waves

I love listening to shortwave radio on the web. I love mixing sounds together and processing them until they ooze. For whatever reason, this track relaxes me, like the Shipping News. Your mileage may vary.

November 7

Searching the Bogs

Literally, a seven-minute transition between two chords. [more inside]


Orca jam with an OP-Z. [more inside]

November 2

Ambient Office - Feedback Edition

After reading way too much about cybernetic theory I put together a feedback patch to provide some period-appropriate music to my Serge system. [more inside]

October 31

Centipedes of Many Sizes

[more inside]

I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me

Happy Halloween! Here's me doing that song from the film "Carrie" where she gets to dance at the Prom. Maybe it's not a trick and Tommy really likes her? It seems as though things are finally looking up for Carrie. Oops, nope. CARRIE WHITE BURNS IN HELL! [more inside]

October 28

A Heavy Lift

A song against the powerful. Or the all-powerful. Or about screaming into the void. Hey, piano! [more inside]

October 25

All I Have To Do Is Dream

A quick finger style arrangement of the Everly Brothers' classic for baritone guitar. [more inside]

October 24

Walk Around the Pond Three Times

Something may happen if you do. [more inside]

October 23

under an asynchronous sky

Instrumental: bass, guitars, drum machine, arpeggiator. Sort of industrial at times.

October 18

Midnight Feast

Festive dungeon synth! [more inside]

October 16

you recall/yes

vocoder demo

October 14


Cover of "Anabelle" by Gillian Welch. Bass, guitar, accordion, lots of reverb. [more inside]

October 12

Vocal guide for Passion Fall

been trying to record some vocals lately which of course meant trying to figure out what the melody and lyrics would even be so I did an improv vocal session and then repeated the best of it 3 or 4 times and did a rough mix. [more inside]

October 11

Illuminated Corridor

A bit of dungeon synth.

October 9

The Foreman

Another ambient office jam - some granular textures and filter pinging over a slow chord progression. Needed something relaxing, then got too relaxed and needed a bassline. [more inside]

October 8

needs a name?

First song I've completed after falling out of making electronic music over 10 years ago. Going for spooky chillout vibes. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

October 3

The Game, a Sapphic Darkwave Love Song for Hard Femmes

If you're a nonmogamous sapphic lover this song is for you to bump to. Think Dancefloor love and pheromones that have bodies and hot and moving [more inside]

September 27

Sinking In

I was really very tired when I wrote and sang this. This is one of my more danceable numbers, although the subject matter is rather dour. I was trying not to wallow. [more inside]

September 26

The C.T.O.A.: Chill talkers of America

I'd found out about lofi and chillhop music through some youtube streams during the lockdown, and that it was excellent "wallpaper music" for working-at-home doing drab admin. After a few months, I decided I understood some of the tropes, and tried my hand at making some. I had no idea this had been a mainstream genre for a decade already. As usual, a kinda half-baked golem emerges. [more inside]

September 24

Monsoonn mourning

I got a new microphone to replace my old defunct one. It's nothing special but I had to test it out right away. What I learned is I'm going to want a pop-filter probably. [more inside]

Blackbird (cover) - Voice Memo Recording 24 SEP 2021

Well it's been a minute since I've posted anything here. This is a "one take" cover of the Beatles song "Blackbird". Sung while playing on my old upright church piano in my living during a lunch break. [more inside]

Leave Her, Johnny

Another old sea song, harmonising with myself. [more inside]

September 22


I wrote and recorded this one today. It's not what I expected it to be but it's track number 12 and so I'll stop here and try to write some lyrics and record some vocals next week and hopefully make an album.

September 21

Spring and Sobriety

This is probably the third iteration of this song. No vocals yet. I'm not sure I like it, but I'm trying to hone it nonetheless.

September 20

Nova Sunshine

I'm working on this album concept where the earth's orbit has changed bringing cataclysmic changes to the the environment and season, ultimately bring about the extinction of mankind. This is sort of a nod to climate change but with a more dramatic, science-fiction narrative to emphasize and accelerate the outcome... [more inside]

September 16

satellite debris

I'm not sure what kind of album I'm trying to make. My emotions seem to be at conflict. [more inside]

September 8

Get Up Eat Breakfast Get Dressed Go to School

In honor of the upcoming first day of school, here is a song about the pressures of the morning. [more inside]

September 7

Our Final Season

Another song I recorded lately. Instrumental for now but I think I can add some gothic vibe vocals to this one.

September 4

Autumn Endings

It's been a couple of years since I tried writing music but I recently got a setup I could produce music on again. Here is one my first attempts on that. I threw some vocaloid vocals on it way far in the back to give it a vibe and to express a melody going on in my head.

August 27

Accept Advice

Playing with feedback loops with a slowly shifting pattern. [more inside]

August 24

when i grow up i'm gonna marry me a wilkesboro boy

been lucky enough to discover one of the purest aural pleasures in the world: middle-aged men from the middle of north carolina gossiping in that cornbread and turnip green twang. wish i could hear it forever but alas: i live in the desert now. [more inside]

August 22

In the Castle

My kids complained they couldn't dance to any of my music so I threw and impromptu office dance party with them. [more inside]

August 12

Adrenaline Hangover

In the grand tradition of posting the same song multiple times, here's the final version of Adrenaline Hangover (previously, previouslier)

August 8


I did this as a response to a composition prompt to imagine and alien landscape and then imagine it fading from reality.

August 2

enjoying my life dot mp3

just kind of feeling good about stuff!!


An all-analog Ambient Office jam [more inside]

You Must Explain the Delta Variant to Your Parents and Reschedule…

…Your Flights. I wrote this as part of this weekly Junto challenge, which, BTW, is a really fun thing to do when you have the time. [more inside]

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