March 7

07 - on the dark side of gandymede - vampire deer

don't ask me where gandymede is - it was a dream - not a nice one either it's not that other place you're thinking of [more inside]

March 6

06 - little orion - vampire deer

nothing like elvis, i guess [more inside]

March 2

05 - bitter ann - vampire deer

it's like raggedy ann only gother [more inside]

March 1

04 - stone the moon - vampire deer

just an expression of a certain side of me ... [more inside]

February 28

Our Gold Machine

This is a sad, grim, angry dirge that I wrote out of frustration at my complicity in systemic injustice. 100% Ableton Live software instruments, aside from the percussion in the final chorus, which is a Nord Drum 3P, which is AMAZING btw. [more inside]

February 27

The Eggplant that Ate Chicago (Tim Long)

Based on a true story. Written and performed by Tim Long. [more inside]

03 - house by the river - vampire deer

not my autobiography, but it's still symbolic [more inside]

February 25

02 - convenient - vampire deer

blame doesn't work that often [more inside]

February 24

01 - robbie the light bulb changer - vampire deer

new rpm album - stone the moon [more inside]

February 9

To the Night

Imagine an anthemic indie punk song written by Ric Ocasic

February 5

Disco Band

A simple pop song for synth, drum machine and vocoder. Featuring another cheeky sequence from the Prophet-6! [more inside]

February 4

Level 3

Loud, obnoxious, a bit chiptune-y. A fun palate cleanser in preparation for the upcoming challenge.


A bit of a departure. This is a bit of living noodling with a drum machine and a couple of tracks laid down with an OP-1. There's no real tune here, just an atmosphere. Something that's probably impossible to recreate, so enjoy.

January 24

Soothin' Synths, Part 2: a Synthy Lullaby

We have a Prophet-6 at work right now and I just found out that the sequencer is polyphonic. Programmed a chordy little loop and messed around with it a bit while grabbing it on my H2. Hope you enjoy the pure, unaccompanied sound of this gorgeous synthesizer!

January 23


Song about the creeping realization of depression while in a beautiful place. Features guitar, horns, electric guitar, percussion. [more inside]

January 19


Slowly mutating melody with some clicks, bass, and wobbly lead.

January 18

Big Indie - Project Stem

A more completed version of the song I posted a couple of weeks ago

January 12


A noisy version of the piece where every instrument is played through at least two overdrive pedals. [more inside]

January 8

if you want me

vocodin' [more inside]

January 7

These Few Hours (Original Soundtrack)

Instrumental piece I recorded for the Short, "These Few Hours".

January 5

Big Indie

A work in progress, think drop nineteens mixed with modern indie pop

January 4

Moab Meteor Discovery

Utah 1988

January 3

warm for december (christmas cheese mix)

Song written with my old band, Big Ghost, about unseasonable New England weather. Bit of an oldy but goody, I threw together this recording to send to my old bandmates on the east coast as I live in sin in California. Hope you enjoy. If you can, please help me with toning down the harshness while keeping the excited sound. [more inside]

January 1

Keener Sounds

Ramon Fernandez, tell me, if you know, Why, when the singing ended and we turned Toward the town, tell why the glassy lights, The lights in the fishing boats at anchor there, As night descended, tilting in the air, Mastered the night and portioned out the sea, Fixing emblazoned zones and fiery poles, Arranging, deepening, enchanting night. Oh! Blessed rage for order, pale Ramon, The maker’s rage to order words of the sea, Words of the fragrant portals, dimly-starred, And of ourselves and of our origins, In ghostlier demarcations, keener sounds. - Wallace Stevens


It's here

December 31

Another Year And Most Of Us Have Made It

A song for the new year, about making it through another year, and doing it together, and finding the ways to do it without the folks who didn't. [more inside]


I did a cover of my favorite song by Pinback. It's as close as they get to church, I think.

December 30

When Green Leaves Spring (It's Good To See You)

This short (1:16) instrumental ditty is what happened when I started learning a new recording platform that came with loops of instruments I'd always wanted to play or include on my recordings: pedal steel guitar (I was super excited about this especially -- I've wanted to work with pedal steel for a really long time), baritone guitar, and mandolin. And did I mention the bossa drums? Not sure if I went overboard but I had fun and liked the result. [more inside]

December 25


"I can't do anything without thinking about you next"

December 22

Fucking the Snowman

This is a song that I deeply regret, but it's been going around in my head for weeks now so I have to get it out. I originally thought that it would sound good as a thrash version, but this seems quite nice. Please feel free to add an instrumental and send me a copy :)

December 21

The Barefoot Polka

"Gymnopedie" is just a pretentious word for "Barefoot". I made this for DJ Stashu's Homemade Polka Contest on WFMU. [more inside]

December 18

Three Way Mirror

Track one off our most recent release, a dual album set called Infrared & Ultraviolet. This is the first song on Ultraviolet. For once we get right to the point, & make a short & sweet 8 1/2 minutes. Made up on the spot - totally improvisational. Titled such because there's three of us & we mirror one another as we play. Plus, it breaks space. [more inside]

December 16

Superior Hiking Trail

bluebar wrote a sweet little ditty on guitar, and I doubled him on the wurlitzer

December 8


Another weird, haunting indie folk song from yours truly! There is also a weird, haunting music video located here. This is all part of my first official release, which I am super excited about, under my stage name MK Ellison.

December 7

Prelude & Groove

A groovy bit sandwiched in between two playful piano improvisations a la Kate Bush sort of 3 movements, if you will 1. Prelude 2. Groove 3. Postlude or 'Outtro"

December 4


Just having a play on my day off

December 1


Just some four-on-the-floor.

November 27

Sunroof glass

Trying out a new thing with an honest song about actual life. [more inside]

November 21


Walking with pushchairs to make the little one sleep forces you outside. [more inside]

November 20


'Scheme' is a new song by Sredni Vashtar. [more inside]

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