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April 28


So I play in this cover band back home that is a bit heavier in terms of sound and we have a keyboard player so I keep saying we should do a metal version of Sandstorm. No one believes me that it will work so I decided to make a quick demo to show them what is possible. A super metal lead guitar takes the place of the lead synth, the chords are from my dad's old Roland JX-8P, bass is my Stingray 5, and the drums are factory keyboard drums performed live on the Roland DP-90. sandstorm Great song!!!!

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Live. Laugh. Leach.

Blaseball is on siesta, so I took the opportunity to write this tribute to the Kansas City Breath Mints' favorite pitcher: a dirtbag lich who loves to vape, drink Four Loko and throw walks. [more inside]

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April 25

Rumor of Robot in Town

I was going for a YMO or SNES JRPG feel. (It's good to see people still making song in earnest here, BTW.) [more inside]

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April 21

Music video and vinyl release!

Hey folks, I posted this over in the Projects section: an incredible music video for my song Again, featuring hand made puppets and miniatures! I wanted to share here because I have been posting songs here (89 of them!) since I was 17, and the support from this community made a world of difference in my songwriting. For a long time, the ONLY people I shared my music with were you all. Probably all the songs on the album have been posted (probably in 2 or 3 forms) on this website. BUT if you'd like to order a vinyl or special edition vinyl to support a local charity in Seattle, visit seththomas.bandcamp.com. Thank you all for your support over the years (er, decade plus). posted by Corduroy at 1:23 PM PST - 6 comments

April 17

Subbing - Ambient Office v4

This week's ambient office featured polyrhythmic drums-bass-slewed marimba-and-sonar pings jam, songified here with some knob twiddling. [more inside]

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April 16

Walrus Entourage 2

The second half of an instrumental based on a watercolor by my partner. [more inside]

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He's on the brink of a major ch-ch-change.......should he stay or should he go? He just has "to find the balls somewhere"....

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April 15

It Gets Me Out Of My Head

Short, generative downtempo instrumental piece. [more inside]

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April 12

The last of us

The last of us

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April 11


Torn [more inside]

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April 10

Jazz Trio Improv #1

I recently did a fairly significant overhaul to my recording setup - trying out the new rig with a jazz trio type format with an improvised double bass part which I mic'd and DI'd the pickup & blended the two together. Stereo piano is from the Roland DP-90 and the drums are the factory brushes kit from the DP-90 also.

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That's All It Took

With five of us living in a small downtown Toronto house, I don't get a whole heck of a lot of music recording time. I recently had a few days all alone for the first time in over a year (ch-ch-changes!) so me and the dog lit a fire and recorded a cover of a Gram & Emmylou song by way of the George Jones & Gene Pitney original, featuring some guitars and the old family Heintzman piano. [more inside]

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April 9

Cuban Heels

Posting this as a companion piece to Uncleozzy's used car salesman track. It's a demo that I never really finished because it sounds like an outtake from Pretzel Logic. One of those unpleasant realisations that dawns on you when you've nearly finished something and you go "Ohhhh fuuuuck....". But it did amuse me to include a sly nod to Rikki Don't Lose That Number in the chorus (the bass line), which of course itself is a nod to Horace Silver's Song For My Father. A lot of nodding going on there...... [more inside]

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April 7

Let's Go To War

Generative piece made in Sonic Pi. Was aiming for a jazzy feel, ended up sounding more modernistic. [more inside]

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April 6

Dishonest Used Car Salesman

Another dumb song from the dumb-songs album demos. This one's ... let's call it early-2000s emo?

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CH ch ch ch CHANGES

The First Music Challenge of 2021 [more inside] posted by greenish at 7:49 AM PST - 4 comments

April 4

Walrus Entourage 1

A while back, my partner started doing (visual) art again after a long hiatus and I did a few instrumental songs based on some of her pieces. This is the first of three so far. [more inside]

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Tip Of My Tongue

The ravages of age...... (NSFW - a couple of very mild swearwords that might distress the sensitive and result in aghast pearl-clutching)

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April 3

Ambient Office v3: Pam Tam

Got so excited about playing with Euclidean rhythms after getting a new clock utility that I did a Friday/weekend AO edition. [more inside]

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You Just Have To Pay Attention

Generative ambient piano + synths made in Sonic Pi. [more inside]

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April 1

If I Should Fall In Love Again

Once bitten.... [more inside]

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