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September 30

The Unholy Moon Battle of Parnassus


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47 percent - vampire deer

the bass, the lead synth and the odd chant of 47 percent all have tritones

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September 29


A short rap song about the devil for the music challenge. [more inside]

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Harpies at the Bar

This is a song about what a serial murderer might feel like after he's been at it for so long he can hardly stand it anymore. [more inside]

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between the stars

This is a "finished" version of a track I posted earlier. [more inside]

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September 28

Distant Transmissions

Another Carbon 7 song from our recent show at the Carousel Lounge. [more inside]

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throw me a rope (cover)

Recorded this today with my group for a class project. Made with actual good quality microphones! [more inside]

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September 27

ndYouandMeandYouandMeandYo (In A Heartbeat)

I think I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm a bit tired of working on my own.'s an idea I'm offering up for collab. This demo sounds very '80's to me - like something a big-hair ponce-rock outfit like Cutting Crew would have knocked out. "I Just Died On My Arse Tonight" was I think one of their biggies. Uugghh. We need to kill that off pretty sharpish... [more inside]

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September 26

Looking for some tips on achieving a certain vocal production sound

I'd like to expand my understanding of some vocal production tricks. Specifically, I'm very interested in the sound of the vocals in this song: On and On, by Justice. I hear slap back reverb, there's a bit of distortion, and that it is quite compressed at early levels of the effects chain, but what else is there? posted by dobie at 9:42 AM PST - 13 comments

September 25

Bring Your Money Down To Honduras

Upon reading some articles that were brought to my attention via this Metafilter thread, I was inspired to write this little song.

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September 24

Mix Comments

I had a pretty tough time with the mix of my most recent post here, and I'm considering it a first draft. I'd like to come back to it with fresh ears in a while and have another go, and I'd really appreciate any comments on the current version. [more inside] posted by Wolfdog at 5:52 AM PST - 5 comments

Heroes Run

A story of an unexpected journey, and a choice to make; part rock opera, part... wolfdog, I guess. Lyrics inside! [more inside]

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September 23

The Song That No-One Hears

Inspired by this MeFi post, this is a song about the world's loneliest whale. [more inside]

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September 22

A Dance With Creation And Destruction

A spontaneous 20-minute creation by Carbon 7. The first song from our first live show a couple weeks ago. We tripped a breaker at 20:44 or it would have gone longer. [more inside]

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September 21

Unsung heroes...?

This is a lovely interview with the disarmingly gentle, self-effacing Bill Nelson - erstwhile helmsman of Be Bob Deluxe, Red Noise et al. A terrific guitarist and gifted songwriter, I feel that Bill has been a bit underappreciated and is perhaps now almost forgotten. But he was a key inspiration for me as a budding guitarist (the tattooed imprint is still clearly there along with Ronno's) and this quiet Yorkshireman is one of my unsung heroes. Who is/are yours....? posted by MajorDundee at 4:27 PM PST - 23 comments

One Afternoon

Short, sweet, and chock full of tritones.

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September 20

Critters Are Food

Einstein is reported to have said, "Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." This song presents a counterargument. Warning: may be offensive to critters. [more inside]

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September 19

Ching Dong Boss

This is the Smoke Benders, coming at ya live from beautiful downtown Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Featuring the amazing Numa Naoya on his amazing little drum kit and yours truly on original WaveDrum. And random hollerin'. Lyrics and embedded video here.

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Cabbage Patch Kill Dolls - Monster

This is a experimental punk rock song. If you like late Black Flag and early Public Image Ltd stuff you would like this song.

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Pirate Love

A little music for the holiday. Recorded last New Year's Eve.

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Romney's An Asshole

New York punk rockers KiLiFAX play their popular anthem in font of a live adience at Desmond's Tavern, July 27 2012.

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Escape from San Clemente

Upbeat dancey-trancey music for driving fast and far away (from wherever you want to be far away from). Never mind the meter, you can dance to it!

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Only Dessert.

Alternative nutritional advice. Ask your doctor if Only Dessert is right for you. [more inside]

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September 18

Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot - Smash That Drums

It is a experimental electronic rock song. Check it out.

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Evolutionary Love Song

This a love song about the first two creatures to evolve from out of the sea to live on land. Quickie recording - link to (possibly better) video inside. [more inside]

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September 16

Trouble setting up Ableton/Lexicon home studio

I'm trying to set up my new Lexicon Lambda interface with my laptop and my Ableton 8.1 software, and I'm not doing so well. Is anyone familiar with any of this and could help me? [more inside] posted by DMelanogaster at 12:56 PM PST - 12 comments

September 13

DIY piano tuning/restoration?

I just came into possession of an old piano. It's quite a nice one -- a 1920s Heintzmann 'grand in upright form'. It hasn't been tuned for, I'm guessing a decade. When I opened it up it was quite clear that it had never been cleaned -- there was a good 90 years worth of dust and other detritus. So naturally I took it to pieces. [more inside] posted by unSane at 11:52 AM PST - 14 comments

September 11

Auld Archie

From my new band, Flutes - a strange, psychedelic and folky Scottish tale that builds into an enormous freak-out! [more inside]

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September 8

Where You Put the Money

From a solo gig, August 2012. Uses a little 4-note bass line (loop) and a snare drum. And vocal, including muted trumpet imitation. Pretty minimal stuff. Video here.

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Little Richard

Punk rock party jam about a little wiener dog who hangs out a lot at a hair salon in Seattle. [more inside]

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OK, this is a shitty mix, I freely admit, but I need to draw a line under it for the moment. Features an underwhelming banjo solo -- in fact the only thing I can play on the banjo as yet -- and a bunch of notes I really can't hit, but I still like it for the way it kicks off at about 1'45, and in particular the lift at 2'20. It's a hell of a lot of fun to play live too. [more inside]

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like Whoa hey demons stop fighting mmkay

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Is there a secret handshake?

You'd think as a professional musician, I'd know how to get booked... [more inside] posted by Gygesringtone at 7:08 AM PST - 7 comments

September 7

Future challenge idea

I've been listening on and off in the car to the best of The Faces - disgracefully scruffy records but with a certain Jack-the-lad charm. I've ended up subconsciously synthesising a mash-up of Ooh La La and You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything with an admixture of Cindy Incidentally. Works suprisingly well musically. Anyway, I about a challenge where you have to do a mash-up of songs by the same band (I don't mean The Faces)? Obviously not an earth-shatteringly original idea, but perhaps a useful backstop challenge if nothing better is in the offing? posted by MajorDundee at 12:38 PM PST - 7 comments

September 6

Spectral Waltz

For solo piano, played by a nonpianist.

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City of Silk

This song I recorded in 2007, and is about my birthplace of Paterson, New Jersey, the "City of Silk". I used to go to the famous Passaic River Great Falls (made famous in the Sopranos, when the thugs threw the guy off the bridge)... anyway it doesn't have anything to do with the Sopranos, but just my thoughts when I returned to the bridge after 35 years. [more inside]

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September 5

Goin' Crazy

Something for your hump day. This is a song I finally finished yesterday. It's a collaboration with singer/songwriter Jocelyn Ellis. Check it out, it's got juice! [more inside]

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September 4

Nail-Eyed Totems

I've always liked how for a time, rather than having something play over the PA, Sepultura had their own intro that they stood in the dark playing as the lights came up. I think of this as my own intro and have been using it to pump myself up for various onerous tasks today.

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September 3

I'll Refuse

"I'll Refuse" is a synthpop doowop revenge song. There's a video here. [more inside]

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the devil! - he's in our music!!

unsane's proposal for the sept music challenge [more inside] posted by pyramid termite at 6:18 PM PST - 24 comments

The Ten Rules of Rock and Roll

Erstwhile Go-Betweens guitarist/singer and hair product expert Robert Forster has written a book titled The 10 Rules of Rock and Roll. Here they are:
  1. Never follow an artist who describes his or her work as ‘dark’.
  2. The second-last song on every album is the weakest.
  3. Great bands tend to look alike.
  4. Being a rock star is a 24-hour-a-day job.
  5. The band with the most tattoos has the worst songs.
  6. No band does anything new on stage after the first 20 minutes.
  7. The guitarist who changes guitars on stage after every third number is showing you his guitar collection.
  8. Every great artist hides behind their manager.
  9. Great bands don’t have members making solo albums.
  10. The three-piece band is the purest form of rock and roll expression

  11. I think (10) is pretty arguable but I'm on board with the rest. Care to add some?
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September 1

Widow's Weeds

If this was part of a 20th Anniversary Re-Re-Re-Mastered Box Set + T-Shirt & Bottle-Opener kinda thang, it would be labelled "previously unrealised". That would, of course, be a deliberate typo in an irritatingly abstruse, smartass sort of way. [more inside]

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i suppose there were things i said

2:15, warped sample, guitar and synth, non-vocals.

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