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October 31

Evie the Baby

The Song Request Raffle Challenge: "I have a very small friend named Evie. She is eight months old and would greatly appreciate a children's song with her name in it." YOUR REQUEST HAS BEEN GRANTED! [more inside]

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biscuits my biscuits

Ludacris cover song done as a jingle. hope you like it.

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Paint it Black

For the request raffle, a cover of The Rolling Stones' Paint it Black in the surf rock guitar style of Dick Dale. [more inside]

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lime cut

Thanks to Burial,Rihanna,Aaron Swartz,Hilary Clinton,Edward Snowden,JVC Force,Ice T,Nick Cave, Richard Stallman,Bruce Schneier,Jamelia,Spoek Mathambo,Punkture Sluts, Sheriff Fred Abdalla (Jefferson County) ,Anonymous and the ghost of Augustus Pablo for implicitly agreeing to appear in this :)

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Chapter 9 Blues

My Raffle Request submission. "An over-dramatic, serious blues song about the trials and travails of local politics (like Parks and Rec), featuring lots of crazy citizen requests at public meetings". I wasn't sure about the Parls and Rec. element. I don't watch the show but did take a peek at a vid of an episode which featured a demented public forum. I´ve included the lyrics [more inside]

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October 30

Se Rapprocher

For the Great Request Raffle, I was assigned Move Closer, by Phyllis Nelson.
I'd actually never heard the song before but on repeated listenings it really grew on me. Great slow groove.
Some of the lyrics were super-cheesy so I thought a solution would be to sing it in a different language. Maybe French?
Then it occurred to me to go FULL ON SERGE GAINSBOURG and here we are. [more inside]

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October 29

The Engulfed Worlds (Les Mondes Engloutis)

An epic doom metal version of my favorite cartoon theme song of all time. This was a distance collaboration done some time ago with a Polish gentleman. [more inside]

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A song about underpants. That's about it.

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October 27

Almost Over

Pretty much finished version of this sketch I posted previously. Our drummer is going to put live drums in but we're still trying to figure it out... other than that it's mostly done. Sort of sits in a strange space between studio one, funky soul and white boy reggae circa 1977.

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October 25


A wheel out of balance is a dangerous thing. [more inside]

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Welcome to Mario's church

The 8-bit hymnal posted by Blasdelb at 4:33 AM PST - 5 comments

October 23

Piano - 2 (progress)

Classical piano style experimentation. [more inside]

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October 22

(I did) stupid things

Detuned, broken, serialist hip-hop. (4:05)

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The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

I love covers that genre shift. I'm also listening to the Postal Service's album 'Give Up' a lot recently. So, a genre shifted cover - the more unlikely the better - of 'The District Sleep Alone Tonight' would be pretty awesome. I am not sure what genre this was or now is, but something has shifted. Lyrics.

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Pixelated Lines

Removing the human facade of a Thicke Droid 2013 for the MeFi Request Raffle. [more inside]

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October 19

Trumpet For Fakers

I have a free week. I want to learn how to play the trumpet. [more inside] posted by chococat at 10:53 AM PST - 6 comments

October 18

Toad's Song

By request, from The Wind in the Willows.

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The Request Raffle: updates, remaining challenges, help needed?

Two weeks to go: what we've got so far, help people might need, and challenges still to come :) [more inside] posted by greenish at 2:52 AM PST - 10 comments

Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell On You)

My second Request Raffle challenge submission: a soulful song played on an out-of-tune piano! [more inside]

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October 15

So Much More

Just got a new zoom h6 to record with. Guitar, vocals, whistling, and a 1930's Dogherty pump organ. [more inside]

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Are You Being Served?

My raffled request came, I am told, from ODiV, who wanted to hear the "Are You Being Served?" theme song. I hope this is the version he heard in his dreams (because it is, roughly, the one I heard in mine). [more inside]

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October 14


Recorded at rehearsal by Radiateur [more inside]

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October 13

My PT Cruiser is DOPE

Yes! New music! What's up guys, this is a brand new track that I've been working on for a few weeks. I was inspired by Autoerotique and their use of triplets, and Tujamo's use of horns, so I corralled my own virtual brass section and threw this little nugget together. An artist I've worked with in the past, Tiger La, is on the hook. Hope you enjoy!

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Escritiore Conundrum

An old thing that's been sitting too long, I envision this as the music playing in your head when you've gone to bed, can't sleep, and have gotten back up and gone back to your workspace to crunch on that ONE odd thing that's been bugging you about your latest project. [more inside]

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October 12


Here’s my entry for the Great Request Raffle. The request I got was: “I have a number of songs about Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Even one song about Tuesday. I'm wondering if anyone has something to say about Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday.” [more inside]

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I've not posted for a while because I have a lot of things on the go I can't finish. I'm out of ideas on this one, so fuck it, here goes. [more inside]

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Anthem of the Mind

More massive amounts of Massive. I think it builds up nicely. Let me know what you think.

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October 10


Polly wants a cracker. [more inside]

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js theme

Another quick 'jazz' tune recorded during the week.

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October 8

On The Day

A short little love song for the woman i married this weekend. [more inside]

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October 7

Kiss (Prince cover)

For my woefully behind schedule song-a-week project, I recorded a slow, introspective version of the seminal Prince favorite. Leave your dancing shoes at the door. [more inside]

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October 5

Almost Over (sore throat mix)

Holy crap, this is rough. On the knife edge between soul and reggae, neither of which I'm qualified to sing, but part of my ongoing project to write songs people actually want to listen to. [more inside]

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October 1


A short weekday jazz.

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