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November 30

Whiter Shade of Pale (cover)

Lofi acoustic waltz version: piano, drums, harmonica, solo vox. The song adapts surprisingly to 3/4 time. [more inside]

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November 29


Atmospheric alt-country song about realizing the person you're with would be better off without you. [more inside]

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November 28

No Longer Lonely

So orville sash posted this beat on MeFi about a year ago but he is no longer on the site. So I decided to rap over the beat and this is the outcome. Off my latest mixtape, HeartBeatz II: Warm Embrace [more inside]

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Way Down in the Hole

After seeing the Muppet Movie this weekend, I was reminded of a project I led back in '08 called Doctor Teeth. This Tom Waits arrangement is one of a few recordings we made, despite having never played a show. [more inside]

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November 27

horrible mirror

upbeat indie pop song for when the days begin to blend together. Submitted for the MMM Challenge, as I've had a demo of this forever without ever really finishing the song. It needs a better title. [more inside]

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This is why

turbo-micro music

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Specks> Uniquify

So closes another chapter of the Gyrophonic discography. We end Step Outside with two tracks, which elide into each other. The second track begins around the 4'20" mark. [more inside]

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November 26


New trance track. Work in progress. Completely unmastered. I've got some ideas for after the breakdown still but haven't arranged it yet... Wouldn't mind some feedback..

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Pantsless On Nebular

Imagine how frightening it would be to awaken on a strange, distant planet. With no pants. [more inside]

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November 25

Crosstown Traffix

An < 1 minute track that went between songs on my 90s demo where Hendrix meets Mantronix

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Best Get With Me

A poppy song summing up a decent portion of my dating experiences. I get it, I'm an asshole. [more inside]

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Cheap Thrills

We're heading into gift-giving time so I thought maybe we could share some cheap thrills and stocking stuffers that could brighten up your holidays, musically speaking. I love cheap gear, but it's always a bit of a coin toss, so I'd love to know what works for other folk. [more inside] posted by unSane at 12:37 PM PST - 9 comments


Hooved animals and plants high in starch or methyl cellulose may want to avert their attention now. Kindergarteners, or any other fans of library paste, do we have a track for you! from Step Outside, released 20 November 2011 [more inside]

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November 24


Different patterns repeating in 5's.

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November 23

Prelude> Moissanite

Moissanite, or silicon carbide, is often used to make synthetic diamonds. Listening to this track, for me, conjures imagery of a manmade crystal cavern, with an ethereal glow, and the not-quite-drip of not-quite-water. The prelude ends and the track proper begins around 3:16. [more inside]

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November 22


The first of the album in a month efforts. [more inside]

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Millimeters of Mercury — Arabia/India

Heavily Arabic/Indian influenced hip-hop fusion instrumental. Yeah, that's right. More dominant phrygian.

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it's the trees b

A temporary mix of a weird minimalist robotic track I was working on in 2009. [more inside]

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November 21


Track #3 from last night's new, pleasantly topped release, Step Outside, we move from the realm of ambient synth and effects to acoustic improv with some warm, tasty sax in the foreground. [more inside]

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Protest Songs

OWS will peter out eventually, but I'm thinking and hoping that the Era of American Protest is just starting and will continue until we see solid results. [more inside] posted by snsranch at 7:22 PM PST - 17 comments

November 20


Track Nr. 1 from our new new new album, Step Outside, released tonight, 20 November 2011. We start with something a little familiar, and a little different. [more inside]

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Free Refills 2011

A slower reworking of a track I made in the late 90s when I was the beat maker for a hip hop group. The song never got made. [more inside]

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November 19

Lexington Avenue Line (spoken version)

Took part in a poetry event recently and read this song, one that I posted here at MeFiMu back in 2007. Video at YouTube or Vimeo.

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A song I wrote about something I'm sure most people can relate to....had myself crackin up durring mixdown!'s ALLme....yup... even the crowd...ha ha ha!

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November 18

Let My Cats Eat My Body

I wrote a weird song about dying alone and getting eaten by my cats.

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Which Way to the Apothecary?

Track 6 from our album Everything You See Here, released two weeks ago--the first of four, being released over the course of this month. Previously from this album... [more inside]

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November 17

Tubular Tubes_2

From the historic Grandma's House sessions, it's another tubular twosome! Video here.

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November 15

vampire deer - unwritten 3

thanks for all the positive comments - this time i used another method [more inside]

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November 12

We Were Talking (Within You, Without You)

Minutes 6 thru 15 of a 27-minute improv, in which Fred Surprises Dennis and I by singing the melody to Within You, Without You, by The Beatles, followed by a musical conversation. [more inside]

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The Jealous Kind

This is a rocked up cover of a Chris Knight song that we fell in love with a while back. [more inside]

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November 10

On Valentine's Day

On February 11th, 1963, the poet Sylvia Plath committed suicide. This is the song the elderly painter, Mr Thomas, who lived in the flat below hers, did not write about the event. An odd little ballad in 7/8. [more inside]

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vampire deer - unwritten 2

this time the bass and almost all the drums were generated - and i improvised e piano and guitar over it - guitar played through an electro harmonix ring thing, sometimes fairly straight, sometimes twirling knobs to see what happened

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November 9

Millimeters of Mercury — Disaster in 4 Hands

Two science majors taking a keyboard (piano) class. The two decide to create a piece that attempts to combine randomness and coherence. Rules: 1. There is a set motif for each segment. The motif is prewritten. It's decided who must play it at each time. The other may play it, but may also rest or make something up. Made up melodies must use whole tones, half tones, or tritones but not more than 1 of the 3 in one segment. The conclusion and intro are prewritten for both players. 2. You may play the assigned motif in any key you desire. The other player is not told which keys. 3. Tempo, time signature (usually 5/8 or 7/8), structure, and dynamics are pre-determined.

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No Last Request

Another world premiere, friends, from a tiny little joint in deepest Koenji. Once again I'm bangin' on the back of my diddley bow, with nothing else but a drone and a stombox to accompany my mournful cries. Lyrics and video here.

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November 8

vampire deer - unwritten

step 1 - go to wolfram tune generator and generate a tune [more inside]

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Ode to Cake

This song is about making a cake and how good cake is.

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November 7

99 Percent

A punk rock song by my new band Riot Dog, in support of the 99 Percent throughout the nation - the employed and the unemployed, those taking to the streets and those just struggling to get by day to day. Video here.

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Tubular Tubes

My daughter and I playing some plastic tubes. Video here.

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November 6

A Whole Pile of Difficult

An annoying little new wave ditty [more inside]

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Medford Grrls

A little tune about some teenage girls I know who could easily kick my ass. I've been working on a session of drum tracks I had my brother do before going into the peace corp for two years, and this is the first song nearing completion. Still getting used to working with real drum tracks. Any pointers and criticism would be great! [more inside]

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Skull On Fire

Give a six-year-old kid some drums, and sooner or later he's going to write a song. This is my son Sam's song, and the first one he asked me to "put...on the internet, so people can hear it!" [more inside]

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Santa Monica

The third song from my forthcoming solo album "This Is Hollywood," detailing a rather common theme in pop music: male prostitution along Santa Monica Blvd. in the early 90s.

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It Would Be Love

A brand new song I performed for the first time a coupla nights ago, at a little joint in Koenji, Tokyo. Video at YouTube or Vimeo. Lyrics here.

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November 5

This is Not the Real World

In the real world, nobody voluntarily plays contrabassoon. Those who are forced to do so only play one note, and it's in long tones. This, however, is abstract, effected, avant-garde contrabassoon. This track comes from our newly released album, Everything You See Here. Don't ask about the alpaca. [more inside]

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November 3


An ambient-ish track I made as an attempt to make a videogame-soundtrack kind of thing. Made with Ableton Live, Sylenth, Predator and Absynth.

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November 2

Millimeters of Mercury — Alpha Female

A theme for that girl who's hot and she knows it. [more inside]

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Would you like to play The Boo?

Have you ever wanted to play the Quadrangularus Reversum? Now you can. This site has Virtual Harry Partsch instruments you can play on your computer. [more inside] posted by umbú at 8:39 PM PST - 6 comments

fuq's theme

Everyone needs a theme song to play when they enter a thread. Here's mine. Super ADHD massive drums, cuts, and effects that explodes into hard house. [more inside]

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Occupy My Heart

Entry for this week's Songfight. Set the time signature to 15/8 and janglepop to maximum! [more inside]

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November 1


I'm underemployed and I wrote a "song" about this. I don't know what else to say. [more inside]

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