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May 29

Down On My Knees

Catchy little punk rock number from my band Spent, straight from the garage. [more inside]

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May 28

So Much for the Tolerant Left (Demo)

This song is dedicated to Richard Spencer's unknown assailant. [more inside]

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May 27

The Buccaneer Rap

Pirates for Sail brings you the most barnacle-bedecked hip-hop track of the summer, produced by Brad "Seadawg" Podray of the Scurvy Crew! [more inside]

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May 25

07 pop pop - vampire deer

it's like one of those things you can't stop thinking of - but i have a car wash heart [more inside]

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May 24

True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston Cover)

If you know of him, you may have an opinion that Daniel Johnston is a outsider genius, a troubled victim of hipster exploitation, or simply a not-so-typical independent musician who found his audience. If nothing else, his work is irrefutably full of sincerity and emotion. This little piece of his is one of the great American songs. [more inside]

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May 22

Ozark Rag (Practice)

Another old fiddle rag interpolated with a new song by Mr. Corwin Bolt. We were all surprised by the ending. I love fiddle rags, and nobody can convince me that they haven't already come back in style. [more inside]

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May 21

06 comstock bar - vampire deer

the funny place is i never did find this place again and drive by it over 10 times a year and still can't figure out where it was [more inside]

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May 20

05 - the valley - vampire deer

not the official soundtrack [more inside]

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May 19

Like Math

The finished version of a song I posted back in February. Way louder this time around. Just thought y'all might be interested in hearing how this progressed once I got real drums, bass and guitar on it. It feels like I recorded that original demo at once yesterday and a million years ago. More of this kind of thing here.

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04 - ninja star by vampire deer

war cry [more inside]

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May 18

First Guess

This is an organically assembled doodle recorded to test a Ubuntu Studio laptop conversion. [more inside]

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May 16

03 11.58 - vampire deer

does anybody really know what time it is? [more inside]

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May 15

Mouth of the Coldest Seas

A tribute to the ancient hidden source of all cold seas and those that watch over it. With vocals by my friend who sings in an actual early music choir! It's also got square waves, organs, and sometimes ambiguous chords.

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May 13

The Elevator Clown

From the 12-21-14 Carbon 7 session Inter-Sol-Stice. We went from meeting every couple of months down to 1 or 2 a year, & I fell behind in mixing, so this was somewhat of a forgotten session. A minor epic at 18 minutes, but it holds together. [more inside]

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May 11

02 my buddy cain - vampire deer

he's everybody's buddy, just ask him [more inside]

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May 9


Long time no tunes! A simple tune on the classical guitar, sketched out after my daily struggle to learn Chopin & Satie songs. Birds, for interest.

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My high school days, come back to haunt me. I was such a metalhead back then, and not a very good producer so don't bank too much on sound quality. [more inside]

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May 8

01 vermont sunrise - vampire deer

another album, vermont sunrise, starts with a song about escapism, which never really works, does it? at least that's what all the old hippies say [more inside]

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May 5

May-June Music Challenge: I Saw This Thing On The Blue And...

As suggested by comealongpole and rangefinder 1.4, the next challenge is to post music inspired by something you saw on the MF frontpage. [more inside] posted by greenish at 6:59 AM PST - 6 comments

May 4

Siciliano (BACH)

Change of pace. Flute & piano. This was recorded while rehearsing before playing it as the prelude to a church service. [more inside]

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First Respronger

Short bouncy instrumental [more inside]

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May 3

I'd love to see this song come to life

Never made a serious effort to find collaborators, is anyone interested? [more inside] posted by Meatbomb at 10:02 AM PST - 8 comments

May 1

After You

Kind of a Bossa nova joint for last week's SongFight deal. [more inside]

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1381 GSS (Demo)

Home demo for a forthcoming studio production. A love song from a photo resolution target in the Mojave desert to the aerial reconnaissance pilot flying overhead. [more inside]

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