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August 31

The Andromeda Stain

A short exercise in "Hey! Do something for a mid-70's movie/TV sci-fi soundtrack!" [more inside]

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Man, of all the versions of this song I attempted for the Bowie cover challenge, this one is the most nearly acceptable. Picture a seventeen-year-old with a bad haircut, all alone on the night of the big dance with a guitar, a cheap microphone and a 4-track.

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A Waltz for David Pauley

Inspired by this post, I wrote a song about getting murdered in the woods. [more inside]

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August 30

Moonage Daydream

An, uh, addendum to my official Bowie Summer Challenge entry.

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Soul Love

I really won't be able to come up with another / better / thing based on the Bowie song. Too busy fixing the meals, painting the walls, going to the bank... I consider this my back porch approximate version of Soul Love. Some chords (most chords I guess) are only in the vicinity of the original ones. Be kind. It's been recorded while my daughter was taking a nap, I tried not to be too noisy.

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The Great Request Raffle

The Great Request Raffle: take up the challenge! [more inside] posted by greenish at 5:28 AM PST - 109 comments

August 29


My cover of Starman for the Summer Bowie Challenge. [more inside]

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August 28


My entry for the Bowie Summer Challenge

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Moonshaking Masher

A dizzy concoction, born out of doing something else. I saw this and thought that's pretty cool. So I made this. Made in Adobe Premiere. [more inside]

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August 27

Soul Love

My cover of Soul Love for the Bowie Summer Challenge.

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August 26

Ladies and gentlemen, UnSane has left the building.

Yes, friends, sorry to have to report that, due to his exasperation with certain perceived trends at Metafilter, one of Metafilter Music's most dedicated contributors and a former Supreme Overlord of the MeFiMu Challenge has disabled his account. I just found out about it via his Facebook page. Those interested in following his musical activities are directed to his Soundcloud. posted by flapjax at midnite at 9:14 PM PST - 59 comments

Moonage Daydream

Better late than never is "Moonage Daydream", my entry for the Bowie Summer Challenge. [more inside]

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August 25

What can I do to shake up my editing?

I've recently rekindled a creative relationship with a good friend, and for the first time in ten years we're going to try and make some experimental music together. Problem is, a lot of the end result will depend on creative editing, and in the run-up to our collaboration I've discovered that I'm pretty rusty. Any tips, tricks, techniques or tools I should know about? [more inside] posted by Chichibio at 11:06 AM PST - 3 comments

Jittery Anne

A Sunday morning rock-esque tune. [more inside]

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August 24

Believe Again

The second edit of my first techno song i made in 2009

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Blue Chalk

Cover of an old John Gorka tune. This is a quick demo version. I might record a more polished version later, so suggestions for improvement are welcome. [more inside]

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August 22


Quick pretty ditty [more inside]

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St James Infirmary

I dug the old portastudio out of storage and threw together a quick demo of an old classic. I may be redoing a more polished version later, so constructive critiques are welcome. [more inside]

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August 21


Quiet guitar for a quiet afternoon. [more inside]

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August 18

Spanish Moss (again)

A new version of an old song, formerly heard here. [more inside]

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August 17

Intervals, Arpeggios And Chords

Two massive weaknesses in my playing are as follows - I don't know my guitar chords or arpeggios properly and, generally, I don't know my intervals well enough. I just discovered two outstanding videos that I think will help me immensely with fixing this, and thought I'd share them: 12 Essential Chords For Jazz (Jeffrey Matz) - NB - Not just for jazz. Contains *really* useful note on arpeggios at the end. Interval Song (Django Bates)- I strongly suspect that if you can sing this you can sing anything. [more inside] posted by motty at 7:04 AM PST - 10 comments

August 15

Been There (working title)

One of my first attempts at making music on a tablet (well, except for the guitars)... This is still very much a work in progress, but I kind of like how this mix is shaping up. This will eventually have vocals. Part of a bigger new project I'm working on under the tentative working title "The Big Dismal."

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August 14

Old Man's Eye

My first Logic Project [more inside]

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Since everybody's in the midst of posting their completed tracks for this year's album challenge, I thought what better time than to post another track just finished for last years? This track and its accompanying video features the public debut of our newest homebrewed weapon of sonic destruction: The Macroharp. [more inside]

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August 13

I've Never Seen the End of This Film

Sort of a weird little sketch about part of a movie.

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Miss America (Q Hut mix)

The same song I posted a couple of weeks ago, but this time with live everything, including Hammond, drums, and Rhodes. No sims or samples involved... all recorded in the (very reverberant) Quonset hut. Mostly done as an exercise, turned out to be interesting I think. [more inside]

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August 12

Hang Onto Yourself (Arnold Corns version)

My entry into the Summer 2013 Metafilter Music Challenge. [more inside]

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Horse Tears (remix)

A remix of Goldfrapp's Horse Tears. [more inside]

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August 10


I decided to see what was around for tracking/chip-tuning these days. This is the result of a few hours of messing around with SunVox. [more inside]

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August 8

It Ain't Easy (in the Country) - Bowie Cover

My entry for the mass remake of Ziggy Stardust. [more inside]

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August 7

Ziggy Stardust

My entry for the Bowie MeFi Music Challenge [more inside]

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August 6

Star - (David Bowie)

My entry for this summer's Bowie Challenge [more inside]

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Community Forklift

Community Forklift is a local non-profit salvage place. They had a jingle contest. My entry came in "a very close second", as voted by their staff. So I guess that means they don't really care about that unlimited license. Vocals by the velvety-voiced Ms. Sharon Raquel. We wanted to try this in a lower key, but ran into the deadline. [more inside]

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Don't Call Me Baby

Cover of a 1980s song by Voice of the Beehive. This is for a project on Facebook where we do songs based on a theme each week. This theme was "songs with the word 'me' in the title." [more inside]

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August 4


Made in the Multitrack app by harmonicdog. I'm sorry about the wonky levels and general noisiness; I'm still learning how it works.

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August 3

Oh Death (by S&H, live, April 2013)

Well it isn't the first time I've posted this song to Metafilter Music. Nor is it the second, third or fourth. But, in my defense, I'd say that all of these versions are, well, rather different from each other, in their various ways. This fifth one is from my duo band S&H, and was recorded live at a little African restaurant in Shinjuku. Video here.

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August 2

Puttin' on the Ritz

The Irving Berlin classic. Me fiddling around in a jazzy cover. Multiple vocals, a little guitar, and one persistent shaker. An amalgam of all the ssets of lyrics used since it was originally written. [more inside]

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Black Raspberries

Inspired by a zero-calorie soda

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August 1

Working title: Mutual mix down

It was a choice between uploading nothing and this half finished song... [more inside]

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