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March 31

11 Day Tripper

Silly instrumental in 11/8.

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In 10/4 for the odd time challenge: an invitation to a mild-mannered New England Bluebeard’s castle, whose secret chamber of horrors is apparently nothing more than a collection of quaint decorative arts. [more inside]

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March 30

Back to You

Somewhat reminiscent of Sonic Youth's cover of the Carpenters' "Superstar", this song still seems to have a unique quality all of its own. When we recorded this Ummagma track, we didn't know about that cover but since then, this has been the feedback received and we also feel a similarity there too. What do you think? I'm also posting the lyrics here. [more inside]

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Piano Sonata #1

Another early (and small) piano piece of mine but this time more experimental having moved from just atonal in a Stravinsky/early Prokofiev style to a more Cage/Feldman-like aesthetic. [more inside]

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March 29


April's challenge is to play something backwards. It could be a backwards guitar solo, or a song based off the chords of another song played backwards, or a melody played backwards, or ANYTHING. YOU GET IT, RIGHT? Feel free to tease us by not revealing what the source material, if there is any, is. Tags 'backwards' and 'mefimusicchalenge' please. posted by unSane at 6:59 PM PST - 4 comments

Micro Macro

Indietronic ethno-ethereal fusion is how I would describe this Ummagma track, which is the first Ummagma song you've heard here with male vocals. I feel like this tune has a strong gypsy fusion lifeline running to it from some mysteriously brilliant source, call it what you will. :) Once again, any feedback is appreciated. We've also ventured into indietronic a little here.

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Grebos In Love

Nasty. Brutish. Shortish. In 5/4. [more inside]

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March 28


A love for the golden 4AD era, Pink Floyd and the likes of David Sylvian have all been woven into the thread of this music. "Lama" was both inspired by these bands and reflects their contribution to a new generation of musicmakers. Looking forward, but knowing where our roots lie… I sincerely hope you will all enjoy this Ummagma track. [more inside]

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March 27

White Geese

For another MFA class we were meant to come up with a creative response to Judy Grahn's poem A Woman Is Talking To Death. Also I'm trying to process changes in relationships. Two birds, one stone, and one very sore dry throat. [more inside]

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Calm Lil Tickle

Fiddling with some down tempo piano [more inside]

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March 26


It's funny how sometimes it takes all but a few minutes to write a song, while the development of another song can really stretch out. This was one of those stretches - "Risky" was a song that was written "in chunks" - the basic instrumental bit was written in Kyiv, Ukraine before a big move to western Ukraine and then to Canada, where the rest was written & recorded before finally being dragged back to Ukraine, where it was properly mixed and mastered. The time span from start to finish: 5 years. All that moving around was us, by the way, not just the tracks bouncing around in cyber space. Thus is the history of this track. I'm posting the lyrics too if anyone wants to have a go at them or "sing along" …. yeah, right… any feedback is welcome. Peace. [more inside]

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March 24

Through The Fire And Flames (acoustic cover)

You've probably heard DragonForce's highly entertaining power metal piece de resistance before (maybe in Guitar Hero III). This is like that, only not. [more inside]

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March 23

Relationship Material

A sub-2-minute garage-pop type of deal [more inside]

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March 22

251 Towns

I am making a little set of audio bits about Vermont's towns, this is the theme song. [more inside]

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March 21

Or So The Story Goes

In more ways than one, the flipside of "In A Heartbeat". and an example of Reggie - the pallid suburban knock-kneed whiteboy version of Reggae.... [more inside]

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March 20

In A Heartbeat (non-ectopic mix)

Revised kick under chorus. And now with 10% extra compression! Strictly limited (heh)!! HURRY!!! [more inside]

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March 19

stay on the fucking bus....

March 18

Fantasia (4th movement from my Suite #1 for Piano)

For solo piano. Maybe a kind of dissonant minimalism. Definitely atonal. [more inside]

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March 17

I Represent

Nicki Minaj from a acapella rapping in 5/4 over an obnoxious beat with excessive handclaps for the odd time music challenge

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It Gets Better

A long time and a bit ago, there was an It Gets Better challenge, and the late lamented Major Dundee posted this in response, along with instruction to ride it hard and put it away wet. So that's what I did. [more inside]

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In A Heartbeat

Song description: pop [more inside]

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March 15


Hey Mefi musicians, here's an interview with the guy who engineered the new David Bowie Record. Now all of you run out and buy a Neve board, OK? posted by flapjax at midnite at 4:36 PM PST - 3 comments

March 14


So I'm taking a Sound Arts class at school - and since I'm the only person who signed up for it, it's become just me and my instructor mucking about on Garageband. This is my third creation, and first song; I provide the words and vocals, and Apple provided the music. [more inside]

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I Had To Crawl To Arizona

Here's something brand new from a show I did last week. Dusted off the trusty old drum machine for this one, and brought in a couple of squeezy dolphins and an old friend from Kansai to help out a bit. Video (or is that a fax?) here.

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March 13

anxiety - vampire deer

8th and final song of after the opera war [more inside]

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March 12

step off - vampire deer

song 7 [more inside]

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March 11

gomen nasai

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March 10

exile - vampire deer

song 6 of after the opera war - here, i go after a fuller, looser, more trippy sound [more inside]

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March 9

TLATEOTTIRAT - vampire deer

song five, a drum machine, synth and guitar going wild over a rebirth loop (the light at the end of the tunnel is really a train) [more inside]

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March 8

Gotta Get A Message to You

I thought I had uploaded this 1998 live living room recording but I guess not. Yet another example of my old band's Bee Gees fixation. [more inside]

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March 7

dark dark rose - vampire deer

song 4 [more inside]

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March 6

100 bars for Jennifer Higdon

One of my favorite harmonies has long been two major chords separated by a major second, which I first remember hearing in Higdon's Concerto for Orchestra. This is a little meditation on that sound in largely 7/8.

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March 5


Acoustic tune for this month's challenge [more inside]

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night shift - vampire deer

song 3 of my rpm album - did anyone else do one this year? [more inside]

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Together and Apart

Here I attempted to make a piece that tells a kind of story. I'm pretty pleased with this one, though it definitely sounds at its best played through actual speakers. If you're listening to this on a laptop or through headphones it's a bit anodyne. [more inside]

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March 4

Keep Your Hands to Yourself (Sketch 1a) (Georgia Satellites cover)

This — and not my post from a year ago — was actually the first sketch of my cover of "Keep Your Hands To Yourself". Be warned, this is not pretty, more like a scribble on a wet napkin than a drawing. It's first-take everything, rushed, and I think it was my first stab at using GarageBand. (Everything before that had been made with Audacity or 4-track.) [more inside]

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Tail End of the Home Stretch

From a Third Person show from a couple nights ago in Nagaoya, Japan. Video here.

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before i go off to the war - vampire deer

song 2 of after the opera war [more inside]

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Space H

Went into a studio this last weekend without songs written and this is one that came out. It's kinda glossy post punk. [more inside]

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I Knew You Were Tribbles (When You Dropped In)

Taylor Swift needs to write more songs about classic Star Trek episodes, but until she gets around to it herself I'm doing what I can to rectify the situation. [more inside]

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March 3

Our Plans Are On Hold

Wait. [more inside]

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I Am Very Basic Obliterate Obliterate Obliterate Obliterate

Two riffs, 2.4 beats, entirety of verse and chorus in title.

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Hi Rami Hi

[SPOILER FOR SLEEPY PETE] Half of a blind collaboration with sleepy pete. [more inside]

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after the opera war - vampire deer

track 1 of this year's rpm album - after the opera war - this is based on a dream i had and i'm not sure what it means [more inside]

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March 2

March challenge - Odd Time

Thanks to Hoots Hoops McCann for this one. March challenge is to record something In a time that is odd to you. [more inside] posted by unSane at 6:03 PM PST - 13 comments

March 1

Future challenge ideas

Not sure whether this has been done before, but how about songs that aren't in 4/4? Or not in 4/4 from top to tail (this leaping immediately to mind). Additional kudos to whoever can handle the weirdest time signature. I was in a prog band millions of years ago that did a track - I kid you not - in 13/8. I still have nightmares. Another idea is to cover a track by a non-Western artist, maybe from a particular continent (Africa gets my vote). Something that might well have a rock and/or roll influence but which has a very distinctive non-Western flavour. posted by Hoops McCann at 12:31 PM PST - 13 comments


Another in a short series of defibrillated oldies. NSFW or minors. Or sensitive miners. Splendid for Mynahs though - if trained to sing the offending "fuck you, I'm all right Jack" verse when the snaggle-toothed vicar calls with his dog-eared leaflets.

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Shanghai Jim

Circa 06: sped up samples, off-kilter rhythms, synth bass, all washed in reverb

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