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October 31


bob yer head to the sounds of voodoo economics

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a_hallo wee n_ +tre at

last minute submission for the music challenge, 'spooky' retro-electro goodness with christopher walken.

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2 Shots of Whiskey

An old school rockin country song for the serious drinker. I'm goin' down.

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October 29


Basically a piece placed together to make use of certain new VST plugins I got. A sketch if you will. [more inside]

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failure (the chillmost mix)

apparently, you get my bloody valentine meets devo when you filter the hba through the city of luneburg, germany. here's a SCARY halloween de-mix of 'failure', our ode to dubya, courtesy of chillmost.

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October 27

Faith Walks

A deeply religious mashup... [more inside]

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Chains and Leather

loud, thick and fuzzy

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October 26

Cough It Up

A song about dying [more inside]

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Night Terrors

Written to satisfy both a Songfight challenge and the mefi music challenge. Who says you can't spook two horses with one chestnut? Featuring three buttons on my accordion.

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October 25

onn aaa nnnneck

remixing some acoustic guitar with a breakbeat

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Herbert Wiltshire

The wind in Belize keeps rattling palm trees. [more inside]

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Paternity Test

This is a country song about that painful waiting game. Does it belong to me?

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the Scarring Party- "Follow It Down"

The Scarring Party just finished recording their new album this past weekend. We're hoping this meets the requirements of the ongoing challenge. If not, we'll consider ourselves failures as people. [more inside]

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October 24

Say Deny

In the mid-to-late '90's I was in a band called Gleaner. Kind of a "Power Pop" thing, which I always hated calling us as it was such a buzz-term of the time. [more inside]

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What's Wrong With Amerika

On of my band KiLiFAX's mainstay 'anthems', the song title pretty much says it all. [more inside]

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October 23

Living A Lie

An indusrial/metal dittie about staying true to oneself. [more inside]

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October 22

it can happen to you

cutting up and mixing mozart's 25th to produce an emotive beat. see if you can spot a few of the phrases that were left in tact. [more inside]

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The Mefite Has Been Drinking

Some of you might remember my interpretation of mr. marx's interpretation of "The Piano Has Been Drinking" on MeTa a few years ago. A little-known fact however is that early in Waits's career, when he was still a struggling artist, he would opt to perform this version as a so-called "crowd pleaser". This is a rare bootleg recording of one of those occasions. [more inside]

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Something Else

This is what happens when I try and make happy music. Too many notes!

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October 21

Sally's Songs (Tom Waits Style)

So I went for the triumvirate: it's a spooky song with overwrought instrumentation and Tom Waits style vocals. Hope you enjoy. [more inside]

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October 20


Kate Nash cover, for all of them fine, fine ladies out there. [more inside]

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Multiple Lives

A capella rehash of a song from my first EP. Lyrics from a sonnet by Natalie James. [more inside]

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Plays round-the-clock in Satan's dance club. [more inside]

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October 19


Instrumental guitar overdubbing experiment. Unfortunately, not spooky.

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Crepuscule (Two)

Ambient, experimental electronica designed to evoke a dawn over a toxic waste dump, or something. [more inside]

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October 18

Pelican Head

Another Folktronic jam. This one's a love song about a girl with a head of a pelican. [more inside]

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October 17

Fear of Falling

By chance I just came across this recording I made over a year ago. The song is by the chronically underrated I Am Kloot.

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October 16

The Bothered Son and the Phony Ghost

An epic exploration into the applications of group vocals, plinky synthesizers, and personal religious doubt.

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Bass Overdriven to Scary

Figured a bass overdriven would be spooky enough. [more inside]

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My Granny's House Was Scary

3/4 of the way through my Tom Waits impression, I realized I could play the riff from Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" over the top.

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October 15


ambient alien drone music [more inside]

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October 14

Even Then

What if Wolverine decided to become a carpenter? [more inside]

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Don't Play Cards With Satan (D.Johnston)

Took a look at this month's challenge themes and thought: Tom Waits does a much better Tom Waits impersonation than I could ever muster, and I'm just not a 'lots of notes' kinda guy. But, "spooky"... there you go! Submitted for your listening pleasure, my version of this Daniel Johnston song. With lines like "I saw my own heart laying, black with blood", I guess you could say it's pretty damn spooky. Here's a very powerful clip of Johnston performing the song on organ. [more inside]

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Prowling Creature

I hate describing my own songs, so have at, everybody! Female vocals, guitar, bass, and drum machine. Please enjoy! [more inside]

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wheels come off (lucid mix)

spooky? - check! waitsian? - check! (yeah, we gots the megaphone) lotsofnotes? - check! [more inside]

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October 13

Woo Woo

The whistles go woo. [more inside]

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I have the whole ranch crew doing the vocs on this. My kids don't think it's scary enough.

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October 12


My take on mid 70s Michael Stearns from Planetary Unfolding, with a dash of Kubrick ala 2001. It's dark, brooding space music. [more inside]

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October 11

surely, something is meant by this (goddamn)

written and recorded very quickly: a couple of childhood experiences made into a little parable set. hope you enjoy. it's fun as hell to sing. [more inside]

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Little Egypt

Once again, a song by my pierced and tattooed puppet Sailor Martin , detailing a burlesque dancer in Cairo. [more inside]

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Black Rock Lizard

Step 2) lay down basic tracks, remove the scratch tracks. Black Rock Lizard is from the musical "Larry", a parody of Pinball Wizard from The Who's "Tommy". [more inside]

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Winter's Over

If only it were true.

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How is babby formed? Apparently like this... [more inside]

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Variations on science fiction themes

Watching too many movies lately. More here.

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October 10

I'll Never Forget You

two friends on different sides of a coin.

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You Are My Sunshine in E Minor

The song people always play to their darlin'. Those verses though, so heartbreaking. [more inside]

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crisp crimes

Folktronic tune... The Lyrics have always reminded me of a text-based rpg. [more inside]

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October 9

Rivers That Run Within (Rough mix)

A mellow song by my band, Low-Tech Riff Raff. The lead singer had a cold, but I kind of like the mood anyway.

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October 8


A little ditty from back in the day that's become popular on last.fm.

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My Soul Awoke

A rough demo, a single take. My attempt at an acoustic, romantic kind of thing. Inspired by life! Damn those high notes. [more inside]

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October 7

i am a part of the economy

robonoisetech, happy canadian thanksgiving!

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The Next Voice You Hear

Crazy drunken hootenanny, with myself on the saxophone. My friends' band, A Million Kittens Inc.

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The No. 26 Mine Disaster

Written by the incomparable Alistair MacGillivray (who rocks my socks), this song was written after an accident at the No. 26 Colliery in Glace Bay, NS in 1979. [more inside]

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October 6

Too Many Notes in Your Sad Song

Somehow I got it in my head that the challenge theme was "too many notes" instead of "lots of notes". So I wrote and recorded this song and felt like an idiot when I came here to upload it. Enjoy. [more inside]

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Skin and Bones

Cover of a kid's song. [more inside]

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Take this Hammer

Cover of a Leadbelly tune. [more inside]

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October 5


is turning 8 today and I can't believe it. [more inside]

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Freezeframe Shutters

I am not sure how this happened. [more inside]

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October 3

Happy As Fuck

This is an old song and a personal song. Its basic premise fits quite nicely with my life, thus making it relatively personal. Marginally complex vocals around an easy-to-follow framework, written while afraid of the leaving of an ex of four years past. [more inside]

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I wonder if you would enjoy a post-rave speaker-thrashing jazzy progressive grime cover of Wanna Be Starting Something, by M. Jackson. [more inside]

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October 2

Hopeful Hopeful

A big ol' composition kind of song. Just a little bit like "post-rock" I guess. As before but this time with multiple takes, stereo, and fun little stuff scattered all around. It's also my first project using Logic Pro, which seems to rock

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the mission has failed

sassy little song featuring my new glockenspiel. [more inside]

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A short song about falling over. [more inside]

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Smack Nine

Another experiment in using FLStudio to create music live. Weird time signatures abound! [more inside]

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