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April 30

Sailor Martin's Shipwrecked Song

Sailor Martin, a tattooed and pierced ventriloquist dummy, produces what sounds like his version of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy meets the Munchkins, except, in this instance, he has been shipwrecked, eaten some potentially poisonous bark, and may be hallucinating. [more inside]

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Afternoon Date

A four-piece: guitar, drums, piano, bass. [more inside]

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While the City Sleeps

cranked this one out today...going to be part of my first demo ep under the name "neon zoo", later I plan on adding vocals.

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A new song idea, hatched out of procrastination for finals. It kind of grows. I write songs backwards, I realized today. [more inside]

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April 29

You and Me

Slice of acoustic girl singer pop. [more inside]

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Don't Rely on the Radio

Here's a garagy tune i've been producing for my cousin, Vonesvonic. [more inside]

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April 28

Memory Hole

A sad/angry song about the place where all the things we'd rather forget end up. Inspired by MeFi politics filter, where I was first introduced to the concept of "the memory hole," which in turn gave rise to this song. (This is a redux post after I accidentally posted an old mix before.) [more inside]

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April 26

One For The Road

A upbeat, country-ish number about a guy who'd like his girl to finish up that last drink so we can hit the road already...

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A song from a promising project called Lek that ended up short-lived as we found ourselves living far away from each other. Lyrics and melody by the same friend K who sang the Bjork cover that I posted a while ago. The music is by the rest of us.

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April 25

Loves Deep Mineshaft

Loves Deep Mineshaft is an odd little song recorded in a couple of hours on Thursday afternoon. I make the music and Ron makes the words. I've been playing music for a long time in bands and solo and Ron has been getting his writing published and doing spoken word spots at clubs in New York for years. This is the result of glueing his words and his harmonica to my playing everything else. It comes out a little bit like the last song of the night at David Lynch's favourite bar and I'd really like to know whether other people think it's any good. I tend to like stuff that sounds screwed up like this but I'm not sure anyone else does.

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In Piles/On File

Were my rock band to have a "hit single," it would be this. It filts squarely into the description of "thrilling guitar driven indie-rock music" if that's your thing. [more inside]

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April 24

Incident After

From the same EP of 2007 as My Fire (O Captain! My Captain!). This one is a little too laid back for how I play it now, it's meant to be a bit more punchy and at a faster clip. [more inside]

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Spider Song

A demo recorded in a hurry. [more inside]

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When We Were Small

Moody ruminations with autoharp and marimba accompaniment. I just finished it, so it's still pretty hot -- watch your fingers. [more inside]

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April 22

Blackbox Blues

Piano! Mellotron! Squealing guitars! Stewardesses! I've been working on this for a few weeks now. It's one of the more complex arrangements I've attempted in a while. I think I'm getting close to done, but I could really use some feed back. Thanks, folks! [more inside]

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April 20

My Fire

This is a little old, from a low-budget EP I did in the summer of 2007, but I wanted to share. After all, it's been too long. [more inside]

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April 19

Fever Dream

A song written and recorded today in one go. Can you guess what it's about? [more inside]

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April 17

Passionate Surrender

More three part solo. This time even the melody is improvised. The lyrics are a poem that caught my eye online. (link inside) [more inside]

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Left Hand Tied

This bouncy little number is from my band's new, self-released record. It opens with bassoon, bass clarinet and contra alto. There are more like it here and there.

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April 16

Cyanotic - Deface (Ad·ver·sary + Dirtybunny = Industrial Strength Mix)

Aggro-industrial stomping, with just a hint of WaxTrax! [more inside]

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Some Time To Myself

A laid back, semi-ambient number. Been told it's great for rainy days. I'd love to know what you think.

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Calmer Days

things used to be less complicated

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April 15

everything is byte size

jez, of the sunray estate applies his mando/mixage skills to our bouncy, and now even happier track, everything is byte size. [more inside]

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Lazerhawk Rising: Scourge Of The Moonless Depths

This is an instrumental metal recording dating back to 1999, made on a four track with an Alesis SR-16 drum machine. From an aborted/abandoned concept album previously mentioned. [more inside]

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Arms of a Woman

Cover of the Amos Lee song by the same name.... Or at least the first verse of it. Again, in three part harmony complete with background noise. [more inside]

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This Town

Not so different from anything else I've done, but I'm proud of the production of this one. [more inside]

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April 13

Radiohead - "Nude (Strings Remix)"

The result here is spending a few free days on my couch with my violin and computer. I would love all comments/criticism from anybody, as this is something I'd like to continue experimenting with. (I guess if you like it, you can vote by clicking on the plus sign and pass the link onto anybody else). http://www.radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=1196 Thanks! [more inside]

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Best Laid Plans

Samples come from an interviewee recalling experiences from the great depression.

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April 12

Iowa City

A simple song about disagreement, frustration, and the prairie. Just doubled guitar and vocals. Recorded by The Grandma Sylvias, March 2008.

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Long Time Coming

I came up with a weird little guitar line with a droning D string and put it over a steady tom beat punctuated with the occasional triangle. Figured it would be one of my RPM songs that didn't get used by my band, but the singer and bass player both love it. Anybody got and ideas on how to do this one with a group? [more inside]

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A Sailor Martin Song for Children

Sailor Martin, my pierced and tattooed ventriloquist dummy, attempts, and fails at, recording a song for children about pretty birds and fuzzy rabbits. [more inside]

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A community recording project

I'll try to have the final version up tomorrow. Details inside. [more inside]

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Solace for King Benny?

I was so upset by King Benny's loss of pets/friends as described in 'All my hearts are belong to you' that I fell into a fit of sentimental indulgence and thus penned a hurried tribute. Apologies for taking anyone's name in vain...

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April 11

If Ya Can't Make It, Fake It

While trying to channel Bob Dylan, I just pooped this out. It's fun. Fun and Inspiring... if you can make out the words.

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I wrote this one at the last minute because I needed one more song for my RPM 2008 entry, but it has turned out to be one of my favorites.

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aged to perfection

NSFW, for the love of god, NSFW. Hyper offensive porno rap about Gerontophilia. [more inside]

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April 10

Green River

An atmospheric experiment with loop based music creation on a laptop. [more inside]

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Bury Your Tracks

A more ambitious song I've been working on for a while. Would really, really love any feedback. [more inside]

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She Woke Up Fine

A very short song with guitar and harmonica from late last year. Sorry you'd have to turn the volume up quite a bit - I tried turning it up in Garageband, and it didn't seem to sound quite the same. Also, don't know what I'm doing! [more inside]

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April 9

All My Hearts (Are Belong To You)

A tribute to classic country music. [more inside]

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Bow Before the Dancing Pineapple


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Counting Song

A crackly, sketchy demo recording that never found a band.

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Pretty and Disheveled

We totally spelled this wrong on our EP. Hope y'all like it.

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April 8

My little place

A repetitive, driving song featuring my first foray into recording piano-ery. It also has a jammy rockout outro (rockoutro?). [more inside]

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April 7


Patterns playing across each other. Introspection sliding into dreamy psychosis, never quite waking.

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When I Fall In Love

I started singing back when I was darn near tone deaf and had the breath control of someone recovering from a pool accident. I think I've gotten better, so I'd like people who don't know me to have a listen. [more inside]

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A laptop-demo of a song that I'm doing currently live solo + live with a band. This version if solo + looped, so it's one take, but I'm looking to record it for real pretty soon - so please, I beseech you for constructive criticism! Gracias!

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Love More

Title song from my self-produced record last year. [more inside]

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April 6

Music To Accompany A Rush To The Liquor Store Before Closing

This is a solo banjo tune I've been working on recently, in the Old Time Clawhammer style. It always brings thoughts of waking up at 6:45pm, hung over, and realizing you only have 15 minutes to get ready and walk a mile to the liquor store. [more inside]

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April 5

angelika v3.0

3.0, 'cause mixing and such is still in progress. Angelika is the name of the spam bot who sent me the email the song is about.....sort of a Cars meets Massive Attack meets Howard Jones meets Chicago kinda thing. [more inside]

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A piece about trying to find solitude in a busy world. No lyrics, but I like the juxtaposition of the acoustic (piano, strings) and the electric (drums, pads). [more inside]

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April 4


By my band, The Mulligrubs--I am on bass and keys, but the cool part of the song is the guitarist's Ebow. [wikipedia page about that] [more inside]

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What Happens in Vegas (Ends-up on the Internet)

Pretty much self-explanatory, I think.

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When My Baby Was Mine

My one-person band, drowsy, delivers this delicious 1950s-inspired retro-pop (with crunchy autoharp topping!) directly to your doorstep. Quick, answer the door! [more inside]

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Buried Bride

It's a love song. About zombies [more inside]

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April 3


A dialogue between an unhinged robot and a dismissive human. [more inside]

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Blankets and Pillows

Recorded last summer sometime, was on a solo album I produced. [more inside]

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You Bastard You

A fast paced countryfried cover/interpretation of the Louis Armstrong song from an infamously racist Betty Boop cartoon.

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Big Red Noses - A Clown Song

Read all the wordsSee the whole story [more inside]

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SuperStar Kz - Freestylo

SuperStar Kz - Freestylo (Niklas J Remix) [more inside]

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April 2

Debby Downer

Sometimes it just hard not to be depressing [more inside]

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Goldfish Jingle

Rockin version. [more inside]

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Goldfish Jingle

Electronica version. [more inside]

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April 1


Punk "Edelweiss" with the original Nazi lyrics. Someone else posted their version of this recently... [more inside]

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No Going Back

This is not the happiest song I've ever written. [more inside]

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A a bit of weird hardcore and breaks.

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