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April 30

Sheap Beet

Little bluesy tune I made back in 2009 with help from some friendly sheep. For all the flaws in the recording I'm still fond of it. [more inside]

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April 29

vampire deer - coffeehouse blues

song 1 of ghost river college pt 2 - which is not as depressing as pt 1 was - a series of snapshots of the mid 70s [more inside]

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Human Factor

Imagine a carefree diva singing in a non-chalent way as she looks out the window of the passenger side during a road trip. The soundtrack to her ride is based on an indie rock slide-guitar laced tune, which builds in intensity throughout the ride until bang - confusion and collision. That is this Ummagma song in a nutshell, message and all. [more inside]

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The Flank of Bridenstein

I had a bit of fun with this: it's about a relationship gone wrong. I believe that the dual bass part is rhythmically interesting. Double bass and synth bass rhythmically intertwine and are coupled with a synth trumpet. There may be some Brian Eno influences a la The Drop. My album is available for $5 download at CD Baby: The Dividing Range. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theseedsofautumn

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April 28


This instrumental explores not only ambiences and walls-of-sound seemingly inspired directly by cosmic travels, but also features electronics, samples, drones, and beautifully melodies peppered with a lot of dissonance, creating sonic tapestries perfectly suited for reflecting, reading an Arthur C. Clarke (or Isaac Asimov) book and taking a journey through the stars. This is Sounds of Sputnik.

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April 27

Dandelions and Bees

Psych rock is a genre that spans worldwide, ignoring such arbitrary delineations as man-drawn borders. This song is a case in point, with Nameless (UA, Ternopil) taking the lead in this song - the only hint of the Eastern bloc here is reflected in their language. Ummagma provides the icing on the cake.

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[unfinished and untitled]

This song has been sitting around for most of the past year or so, unfinished and untitled, waiting for possibly a little more instrumentation (it's definitely a missing electric uke solo), some lyrics, and a re-recording of the drums with a real kit. I'm not good at playing fake drums. [more inside]

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April 26

Honey Babe

On electro-acoustic drum kit, with pitch-a-ma-skronked vocal. Video here.

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Hex on Everlys

Pretending the Everly Brothers stole a song from my band and had an acetate demo of it recorded in the 1950s. [more inside]

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It's A Cryin' Shame (That I Appear To Be Drunk In Charge Of A Mix, Officer)

Laydeez an' genlemin if I may pray your indulgence one more time (with or without feeling). This track has proved a bugger to mix, the problem being trying to ensure that the bass is in the driving seat but in an unobtrusive, self-effacing way rather than sounding like a Fender Total Bastard. I think this one is mix #8. Whatever it is, it's the fucking last one...

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IRAS 16293-2422

A team of astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has spotted sugar molecules in the gas surrounding a young Sun-like star. [more inside]

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Oh My Warp

A song about Eve Online. Apologies to Nick Cave. Hurrah for PINTO!

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April 25


As the unimaginative title suggests, this is my entry for the April MeFi Music challenge. It's an ambient type of thing, largely made from reversed guitar recordings. [more inside]

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Dirty Deeds (Done at Market Rate)

I've always thought it'd be extra cool to make a collaborative album like the Postal Service- the band, not the government entity- except, instead of snail-mailing recordings back and forth, you could just trade mixdown mp3s via email. This is a track I can't seem to come up with a vocal melody for. Any takers?

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Smooth dreaming and a swirl of energy-filled ethereal waves take the listener on a flight or sailing trip of sorts. The lo-fi nearly Billy Bragg element of this lo-fi output gets a bit velvety with vocals from Alexx Kretov and blissed out with all this chorus and reverb and that is exactly what was intended with this track. Enjoy!

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The Artichoke King

I figured everyone could use some cheering up lately, and I happen to have a vast surplus of happiness and love to share, not least because of this handsome unit. Nugget has inspired countless other tracks of mine over the years, and now he's starring in his very own album, a free-if-you-want compilation on Bandcamp, with (optional) donations going directly to the Child's Play charity to help sick kids. Good boy, Nugget!!! Created with FamiTracker (this song will play exactly as you hear it on an unmodified Nintendo Entertainment System console, if you happen to have a homebrew flash cartridge) [more inside]

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April 24

Womankind (demo)

In June 2010, I posted a song called Womankind. I was just digging through some old demo recordings and found the demo for this song. [more inside]

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Beautiful Moment

Peter Gabriel meets Daniel Lanois and Chicane. Here in this song, I'd say that Ummagma comes closest to having a Peter Gabriel moment. Somewhere in between his Sledgehammer and Passion phase. Fortunately, the other elements making this track unique kick into play and it's hard to put your finger on anything else. So just listen instead...

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April 23


A rap/dance song loosely based on this Three Word Phrase comic.

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Prelude to No. 70

Who's obsessed with the Magnetic Fields? Not me; that's who. [more inside]

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April 22


The smooth fusion of dream pop and shoegaze is always something I welcome and a goal that is always in sight in the case of this song by Sounds of Sputnik - perhaps this is what is meant by the term nugaze - somewhat of a reshaping of the heavier dirtier shoegaze sounds dating back to the early 1990s a la My Bloody Valentine and Medicine. This reminds of of some of Kevin Shields' lighter work that he's done for various soundtracks. How do you see it?

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The Shape of the Sword

Title track for a work-in-progress album under my new ambient moniker Foreign Buildings. [more inside]

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April 21

Caffeine Fangs

A creeping tune the style of Melody Nelson era Serge Gainsbourg. Darcy Hancock from the Vancouver band Ladyhawk lends a squalling guitar solo.

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The Mission

Space rock is a term that is often over-used for various psychrock tunes, but it is dead on for this track from Sounds of Sputnik. Or space post-rock or even space post-rock shoegaze. Looking forward to your take on that.

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I'm pretty certain I stole the chorus melody from somewhere, but I can't quite place the source. If anyone figures it out, please send me a private message so I'll know what band to claim I'm paying homage to. Lyrics below. [more inside]

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April 20


By Robotic Storm Cloud. Composed in 2000 or so (!) using wave editors and Sonic Foundry Acid. Crazy samples, drum loops, the works. [more inside]

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Whispy male vocals and plenty of air for dream-weaving delicately frame this ethereal song. While "Photographer" is one of Ummagma's more melancholy songs, it's far from depressing. This one stands in the light. Features male vocals by Alexx Kretov (Ukraine).

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April 19

Song For Cyn

Sometimes you write something, and then forget you've written it, and then find it again while cleaning your computer. [more inside]

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Midnight Improv #3

The third installment. [more inside]

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Ambiguous Sense of the Future

Post-rock always seems embedded with the sense that something is dire; however, shake it up a bit to get a kind of post-rock indie shoegaze vinaigrette and Sounds of Sputnik is likely what you would come up with. This is Ambiguous Sense of the Future.

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April 18


While the term space rock is kicked around quite often these days, there is something else out there: space pop. This song epitomizes that term, as reflected in the title itself. Poppy, spacey and ethereal trip to the cosmos. [more inside]

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April 17


I'm gradually trying to wean myself off of a hardware DAW (Yamaha AW2400) and onto a software one (Reaper). With a lot of great help from the estimable unSane I'm now sort of halfway there but am still relying on the (increasingly unstable...gulp) Yam if I need to use microphones. So......what sort of interface should I be using to be able to record mics on Reaper via on my laptop? [more inside] posted by Hoops McCann at 1:13 PM PST - 15 comments

(it's a) cryin' remix

An attempt to take on board some of the comments made re mix of the original posted the other day.

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Everyone I Know

Resistor celebrates springtime with a lush new single, "Everyone I Know." This hook-laden dance-pop number is seasoned with Resistor's cynical charm, pondering whether originality can exist if a person is merely a product of his environment. Of course, the existentialism lurks beneath many layers of burbling synths, glitchy drum machines, and boy-girl harmonies. [more inside]

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April 16


"Titry" translates into English as "credits", as in for a film. It was inspired by the idea that this would make a great intro or outro song for the listing of film credits, whether or not we actually decided to pitch the song for that purpose. Maybe we will one day :)

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April 15


Soundscapes are part of the fabric for various genres of music and this song creates one merging several genres, yet is still hard to put your finger on.

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April 14

Have You Seen My Song, Hi Rami Hi?

A collaboration between myself and notondisplay using his tune Hi Rami Hi. [more inside]

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Builder: an interview series I've been doing over the last few months

Builder is a series with people who build pedals and synths and other musical appliances that I thought y'all might enjoy. [more inside] posted by sleepy pete at 11:48 AM PST - 3 comments

J.S. Bach

Inspired by the great man himself - J.S. Bach - this song presents a modern interpretation, stemming into interpretation, of this great piece. By Ummagma [more inside]

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(it's a) cryin' shame

Ahhh good old mefimu - the metaphorical equivalent of the desolate, graffiti'd backland one views from a train as it negotiates the arse-end of a town that resolutely faces the other way. Comments by any fellow-travellers on mix/arrangement etc would be really rather splendid. Tickets please...

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April 13

Astronomical Summer

If you can imagine smooth post-rock and psych-rock crossed and infused with a shoegaze element, this is likely what you would hear. Sounds of Sputnik

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April 12

Still Flying

With all the fuss going on about the Jayne Hats from Firefly, thought it might be fun to share the first song from our Firefly-inspired music project, Leaves on the Wind. [more inside]

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April 11

River Town

Sometimes various musical genres blend together to create something fresh and brilliant - the old with the new, analogue with digital, with styles and sounds intermeshing to create a new fabric. That is what we were after with this song, which has got to be the Ummagma song that leans most towards folk-rock. A little hiatus from dreampop. [more inside]

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April 10


A little Mezzanine-era Massive Attack and Stereo MCs blend with something more ethereal - throw in both male and female vocals… and then some more depth that is indescribable in words. So says me. :) Titled "Upsurd" because a little absurdity can also have an upwards drive to it. Right?

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April 9

Prelude and 3 Variations for Piano

A very short prelude with three variations built from that and each other. Experimental work for piano. [more inside]

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The ethereal with the ethical and ironic - that sums this sum up at the superficial plane, but there is so much more depth to this Ummagma track. Definitely one of the more Cocteau Twins inspired deliveries, this song is laced with a pulsation more rooted in Pink Floyd. Another track in the style of early 4AD. Whirrrrrllll.. [more inside]

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April 8


For some of the best things in life, intensity builds as anticipation kicks in. That is what this Ummagma track is for me - with layer on layer, building a sort of icicle/sand castle that never melts or washes away. It just builds and then takes flight. I hope you will feel the same. Of course, there is that The Smiths thing happening - happy music, depressing lyrics. Rightly so. Spot on - have a read. [more inside]

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The Gospel of Beasts

A track for my newly-formed ambient pseudonym Foreign Buildings. Title based on a misheard quote. [more inside]

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April 7


Kate Bush, Glen Miller Orchestra. Precious. The Devil gives me everything, except for what I need.

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The Road to Lees

The rustling of leaves, the sweetness of birdsong and the movement of blood within your body… all of these have conspired to influence the creation of this song. Hope you gather something natural from this.

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April 5


The shoegaze scene is really abuzz this year with so much good music out there, the new MBV album and Medicine's reunion. This song vibes in this same department - it's an instrumental with lots of reverb. What do you think of this track?

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April 4

Not Holding Up

From the same old cassette, but this one done in a studio. This one's original, finally. [more inside]

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Reminiscent of the Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest contribution to the film "Strange Days", this Ummagma track offers an eclectic earful of modernity meets tradition, complete with Carpathian whistle and balanced out with successive male and female vocals. [more inside]

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April 3

Whispery vocals? Brushes on snares?

Another future challenge idea: ASMR trigger song [more inside] posted by umbú at 7:29 PM PST - 12 comments

Walking Blues

Another from the session that I posted about several days ago. [more inside]

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Lama (Dunaewsky69 Remix)

Kiev-based electronic instrumentalist Dunaewsky69 (a.k.a. Oleksandr Gladun) is one of Eastern Europe's most productive DJs. Otherwise dubbed as the "electronic pilot", his most recent EP "Termination Voice" was nominated for the Qwartz Electronic Music Award. This is his latest remix for Ummagma "Lama". This remix is a departure from the original Ummagma version of "Lama", but hopefully you can also appreciate this remix. [more inside]

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The Black Lincoln

A short rock tribute to Cop and a 1/2. [more inside]

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April 2

Frank Mills

This song has been stuck in my head since we walked by the (former) Waverly Theater in Greenwich Village last week.
I had to exorcise it today with some sloppy, mistake-filled guitar-playing.

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Lama (Ian Baird Remix)

A while back, Ian Baird (A*Star, Spring Clock Wonder) did an awesome remix of Telling You (T.Y. Ian Baird Remix) by SPC ECO, Dean Garcia's main musical project since leaving Curve. Fortunately, he would eventually remix our song "Lama" by our duo Ummagma. Hope you enjoy this upbeat track.

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April 1

Face of Appalachia

Discovered that my new Focusrite will covert old cassettes to digital. This is from around 1978, my friend Karen and I covering a Lowell George and John Sebastian song that I learned off a Valerie Carter album. [more inside]

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Storm Team - Storm Team Theme

My new band. Our new song. Video link inside. Just watch the video. Hip-hop influence pop-dance weirdatude. [more inside]

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Lama (Jane Woodman Remix)

This remix of the track "Lama" does not outright flip the original version on its head, though it does dress it in a murkier shade of darkgaze (darkwave). The bright dreamy element from the original version spills over into this version too, so as to not detract from the original point of this song in the first place. I hope you enjoy it. Your feedback is most welcome.

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