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August 30

Balanced Inhibition and Excitation Drive Spike Activity in Spinal Half-Centers

I like turtles! [more inside]

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Sometimes With You

Sometimes with you, I forget myself and laugh! (headphones recommended) [more inside]

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August 29

September Challenge - Uncool

Your challenge for September will be UNCOOL. [more inside] posted by unSane at 4:18 PM PST - 63 comments

August 28

Musicians Have Enhanced Subcortical Auditory and Audiovisual Processing of Speech and Music

The goal of this track is twofold: to serve as a field test of my "new" Korg MS-10, and to honour the impending departure of our esteemed string player and friend, Tommy Scheurich. [more inside]

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Exit Interview (live)

My band, Mice in Cars, recorded live at 529 in East Atlanta during Nophest. This was the song's debut. Sloppy, but man! Dig those drums!

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Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

A ragtime arrangement of one of the most ear-wormy, riffiest songs I know. [more inside]

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August 27

Anxiety Pills

Here is a song I recorded on a BOSS 16 track. Acoustic Guitar, Fender MusicMaster Bass and Farfisa Console organ. Recorded using a Rode NK2 Large Diaphragm Condenser mic. [more inside]

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August 25


I'm—helloo, umm, hello. I'm hello to you, uhh, bonnie. And, uhh. . . Rosie. I'm—I'm happy to you. [more inside]

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The Acme "Titan" Utility Northern Soul Riffette and nasal hair curler - only $1.99!!

George Clinton gave us P-Funk. I'm giving you an R-Soul lick. As it were. Two licks for the price of one actually. Aren't you the lucky ones.... [more inside]

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August 24

Circle Me

I am wrong, I am not correct. [more inside]

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August 22

Entrance Exam

More MeFi hip-hop! "Entrance Exam" is a rap song I wrote about growing up in the Philippines and eventually ending up in Seattle. I'd decided on a more aggressive/defiant tone from my usual stuff and I'm pretty happy with the result. [more inside]

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August 20

Meditation on a riff

Piano improvisation for the "riffology" challenge. [more inside]

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Decided I'd finally get serious about learning how to make dance music for real. This is kind of a half-finished song that I'm kind of stuck on, but figured I'd throw it up here just as it is... it ends kind of abruptly because I don't know where to go next with it.. [more inside]

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Get Up and Go

A simple, rough song I wrote in about 1986 and recorded a couple of years later. This was intended to be a bit of a Buddy Holly sort of thing. I wrote it, sang it, and played crappy guitar. [more inside]

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August 19

The Silence Could Be Heard

How I spent 4 minutes and 52 seconds of my summer vacation. Recorded yesterday, in the woods. Video YouTube or Vimeo.

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August 18

A Slight Groove

Just a little organ-bass groove with a garageband drum loop. [more inside]

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August 17


A 59 second original jazz tune. [more inside]

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Alligator Moment

Here's a bouncy, upstroke-based song by my rock band, multitracked to include as many instruments as we could get our hands on. [more inside]

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August 16

Fringe Theme Remixed

Im a really big Fringe Fan and love the intro theme music...Thought id give a crack at a remix of it...

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Precious Moments

Fun with uncleared samples. Stairway to Stardom, Nina, Boots Randolph. Looking for feedback.

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August 15


A riff song about using a kid's room to hide contraband. Two tube amps, a 1970's generic-brand Japanese drum kit and some other stuff.

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August 14

Nazgul's Lullaby

This is from a completely clean signal. No effects. Bask in the horror, and take off that bloody ring! [more inside]

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Cake Mix.

Cake. Delicious cake. [more inside]

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August 13

Looking for comments on new album

I'm finishing up an album, and looking for volunteers to listen and critique... [more inside] posted by chimaera at 10:20 PM PST - 3 comments

August 12

If I Had One

Sort of a sappy one. [more inside]

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Kate Bush - A Coral Room (DangerLegs Remix)

Kate Bush Remix #3. This one by request. [more inside]

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Performing solo -- tips?

I've recently been working on a solo set -- a mix of covers and originals. But I've never played solo before -- looking for any tips/observations. [more inside] posted by unSane at 7:59 PM PST - 21 comments

August 11

Don't cry 4 me

I went in a pro studio to record a song. Was so nervous yet excited. Had some great players and a great back vocalist. I re-recorded my "Marra wanna be like me" song. Yet to be released. [more inside]

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August 10

a strange and mysterious adventure

This instrumental track was originally named "Em wrong" because it came out of absentmindedly playing my guitar while watching tv and accidentally strumming an E minor chord incorrectly on the 3rd fret. The resulting song has an uneasy, mysterious vibe. [more inside]

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Out Up and Thru

Snazzy tune by my buddy Pat with a baddass, rocket-ship-style ending. Looking for feedback on the mix, as I'm using a new DAW. Thanks. [more inside]

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Objective Look At a Family Album

This is a song I wrote about some photos I found of people in my family. This isn't some kind of metaphor. Dammit, this is real. [more inside]

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August 9

Sandy River Belle

Another quick rendition of a traditional tune on the banjo.

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August 8

Get Away

Today marks the release of a long anticipated hip hop collaboration. I refer, of course, to Watch the Throne. Undaunted, dapperkoala and I decided to release our collaboration today too. (A little NSFW) [more inside]

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Man Was Created (And Quite Frankly, Some of Us Are a Little Embarrassed by the Concept)

Recorded live in 2004 by my high school garage band (though we were in my living room [better acoustics] for this take). I'm on the drums. Sound quality is courtesy of my drum teacher and his equipment. Instrumental. (Hear that pause during the chorus? Yeah, MY IDEA). (Download for best quality) [more inside]

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August 7

Old Joe Clark

A quick rendition of the traditional tune on an Enoch banjo with a touch of guitar.

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August 6

Police Action!

A riffy instrumental I recorded a long time ago on a cassette 4-track.

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August 5

Old Rockin' Chair

Here's a gentle tune for a lazy weekend – my own rendition of the great Hoagy Carmichael's classic tune. It's my first actual recording since I've moved to my new place - this features me on guitar, accordion, vocals, and trumpet. I've actually gotten a little better at the trumpet part, I think. [more inside]

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How to find a music collaborator/bandmate these days?

How to find a music collaborator/bandmate these days? [more inside] posted by drezdn at 5:33 AM PST - 8 comments

August 4

Is It True?

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love the Eurovision Song Contest. So here's a cover of Iceland's entry from the 2009 Contest, originally sung by the very lovely Yohanna. Video version (of my cover, not the original) is here. [more inside]

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August 3

Two Eyes Seen

Return of the Smoke Benders. Video here.

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Radiohead (is too smart for me)

I had a band that was a shameless Tenacious D rip-off back in college, and we spent most of our time writing songs that made fun of artists we thought were lame. Recently, I discovered a cassette tape with an original demo that put the song back into my ear. Out of all the songs, I decided it would be fun to try to make more than just an acoustic song. It might be overkill, but sometimes, so is Radiohead.

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Blue Eyes, Black Heart

A little riff-based instrumental rock track that I've had kicking around. [more inside]

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August 2

Song #2

The words were taken from Nathaniel Tarn's translation of Pablo Neruda's "Canto II" from The Heights of Macchu Picchu. The music is original. This was recorded a few years ago...

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Charlie Citrine, Superhero

guitar-free instrumental rifferama from the early noughties.

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August 1

Voytek the Soldier Bear

An incomplete mix of a song I'm working on about a bear who joined the Polish Army (the subject should sound familiar). [more inside]

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