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November 30

Let Me Know

A short, sweet synthpop/r&b jam. I've been listening to Confessions alot lately, and this is sort of my take on the modern r&b genre.

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Native Instruments Sale

"Synthsgiving" looks like a pretty sweet deal on Reaktor ($/€99), among the other Native Instruments stuff... expires today. [more inside] posted by weston at 2:51 PM PST - 0 comments

November 29

Unwed Fathers

This is a cover of John Prine's sad little song about a girl, a bus, and a man who done her wrong. Also babies. [more inside]

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That's where I'm At

This is a song I did last nite with my cousin on drums. I'm tracking music on my home studio. [more inside]

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November 28

Cats Takin' a Bath

A quick and stupid song (which is also a quick and stupid video) about cats taking a bath. [more inside]

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November 26


arabic dubsteppy tune at hip hop tempo with sounds of a tokyo airport [more inside]

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November 25

Alice's Restaurant

Alice's Restaurant. I was just fooling around tonight and thought I would try and do Alice's Restaurant. [more inside]

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Non traditional acoustic covers

I am starting a 2 man acoustic band. What fun, non traditional songs should we include in our set? [more inside] posted by jpdoane at 10:49 AM PST - 8 comments

A Million Dimensions

I got infected by the spirit of National Motivation via Trend Month, and started writing and recording music for the first time in a long while. This is the first song that popped out. [more inside]

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November 24

Lover you can save me

This is a better mix of yesterdays post. I backed off allot of vocals. [more inside]

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Cold Water (Tom Waits cover)

Recorded live from a gig I played last Friday at the Cameron House in Toronto, with a new band called Roughlands. I'm on upright bass [more inside]

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Boss Man Song

A song from the POV of the Boss Man. [more inside]

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November 23

You can save me

This is a remix of a song from when I recorded a band.

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Originally by Ani DiFranco; this version, by way of Keller Williams. [more inside]

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The Ballad of Cherry Hill

This is the lead-off track from the forthcoming EP, Labyrinths, by Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies, to be released 1/7/10. It's a wistful slice of indie-pop about insomnia, suburban isolation, and the boredom of hometowns. [more inside]

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Fake RPG Soundtrack: Hero's Theme

This tune represents the hero of an RPG video game. Plucky, upbeat, and intrepid, it marches along with a gentle lilt, describing the heroic potential of our protagonist. Yet there's also a tender side to the main melody; during emotional scenes, expect to hear this theme repeated in an undertone. [more inside]

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November 22

Thugg Lyfe

Suggestion for an upcoming challenge: grab lyrics from your favorite gangsta rap song and use them in a decidedly not-hip-hop style. [more inside] posted by man vs sun at 9:57 PM PST - 10 comments

Thanksgiving at the Club

Today we're having a giant Thanksgiving feast/talent show at my place. I decided to make a Thanksgiving themed Baltimore Club track to celebrate. [more inside]

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Fake RPG Soundtrack: Main Title Theme

This is the main title theme for an RPG (as in, video game) that doesn't actually exist (outside of my head, anyway). It's an orchestral piece with strong emphasis on melody and emotion. [more inside]

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Jeff Buckley's Ozark Melody

In the summer of 1996, less than one year before he died, Jeff Buckley wrote and recorded this song which was released for free on the Internet, but never on any of his albums. [more inside]

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November 21


a piano song

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The Man Who Sold The World (For A Fistful Of Dollars)

One or two MeFites have suggested I take a shot at a Bowie cover. 'tis, played for laughs (obviously - I hope). The idea for the spaghetti garnish came from seeing the cover of the original US Mercury version - the UK equivalent featuring a shot of Dave trying hard to look all coquettish in one of his mum's best frocks. Offered up with apologies to DB, Ennio Morricone and fans of the original track. [more inside]

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Twist and Doubt (spoken version)

This performance recorded live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, on October 27, 2009. If you'd like to know what that string instrument is that's accompanying my voice, well, one video is worth a thousand words... [more inside]

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November 20

An old chestnut......

Yup - another whinge about the charts. I know we've been here many times before but..... Should add that I have no wish to piss anyone off or start a fire (which is kind of oxymoronic innit?), but I think there is a genune issue here. [more inside] posted by MajorDundee at 11:23 AM PST - 21 comments

November 19


Another mashup. This time, it's Rihanna vs. the Eagles. [more inside]

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November 18

Good Advice

Remember everything they told you in those after school specials? It was all true. [more inside]

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Paddy O'Shay

A very rough demo of a new song for the Peter O'Tooles about a remarkable man. [more inside]

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Angeline the Baker

Traditional old-time fiddle tune in D, instrumental clawhammer banjo & guitar. [more inside]

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November 17

The Undiscovered Country Song

A quiet song about looking around for all the people you've misplaced over the years. Guitar, piano, cello, recorded live using a field recorder. Vocals overdubbed later at home. Unreleased from a new Tangemeenie side-project my wife Lori will eventually also contribute vocals to, called "The Wishing Well Divers." [more inside]

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November 16

The Great Bush River

A song for the Peter O'Tooles about a famous river in Northern Ireland, although it is conceivable that there is some additional, and less savory, meaning to the song. [more inside]

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November 15

Kodachrome Ghosts (demo)

An unfinished guitar-free thing I keep coming back to. Kind of old-fashioned I suppose, but it has a cleanness of line that appeals to me. Suggestions for improvements very welcome - I already know the vocal needs re-recording. But does the track modulate enough? Does it need to have more oomph?? It is really a wee bit linear and.......boring??? [more inside]

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A little bit of Jazz topped with a few blues riffs on a funky little plate placed on a table of natural ambiance. [more inside]

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Data transfer?

What is the best way to send a Sonar project 1000 miles? [more inside] posted by Zenabi at 12:42 AM PST - 5 comments

November 14

Our Town

Just another game song i was working on...tried to make it sound like a lazy laid back easy going town theme ... let me know how i did ..

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What is the function for IP consumption?

During a discussion concerning the eventual exhausting of all IP addresses, fnerg asked "What is the function for IP consumption?" then remarked, "Hey, that rhymes!" I liked the sound of that...

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I'll Be Fine

An Irish air for the Peter O'Tooles about the unintended and disappointed effect of too much alcohol on an amorous evening. [more inside]

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arrested development

(or: use of facebook interests page as failed communication device) [more inside]

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November 13

Can't Spell Undead Without U

Breakups? Hard enough on the living, but harder for zombies. [more inside]

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evil boss theme

This is a song i am working on for a theme to one of the bosses in an RPG i am working on with my brother.

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Atriplex - Saladin Circle

Some shifting noise and randomness. [more inside]

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Robot Army

A little robot dreams of world domination.

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November 12

violent night.

ok.. but what if I had played my guitar like I was closing my eyes imagining pretending to be metallica, (hey no lawsuits please some kind of monster, it truly doesn't sound like y'all at all, and only happened in pretend land. ("That's where I'm a pirate") playing silent night, while also playing a backing that sounds (a little tiny) "velouria" (ish) [more inside]

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Bound to Pins and Needles

Ahoy! I finally had...well...made a free few hours to work on some music. Here's what I made. [more inside]

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A drinking song in waltz time for the Peter O'Tooles, telling a tale of semi-sober pub hookups; loosely borrowed from "Irish Lullabye." [more inside]

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Aether: in ancient thought, the elemental god of the "bright, glowing, upper air," the changeless substance that fills the universe above the terrestrial sphere. This is what I imagine traveling through it sounds like. [more inside]

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Dear Santa

A Christmas track for this year's XMas EP. [more inside]

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Otom Null

Last night's lo-fi dubstep trip-out. [more inside]

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November 11

Sandy Boys

A traditional old-timey tune as recorded by my pseudonymous string band, Crookneck John. [more inside]

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County Down

A song for the Peter O'Tooles where I seem to be using the names of locations in Ireland as a metaphor for oral sex, which I am sure they don't appreciate and for which I apologize. [more inside]

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Home (a sketch)

a quick-strummer. some warbly stanzas.

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just noodling with the time bending (stretch&/or.compress) effect w. pedal, zoom707 what if i tried to make my guitar sound or talk like mario 8bit sound [more inside]

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November 10


A song I made for an animated movie that might exist about people that are addicted to stars. [more inside]

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Lowlands Away

A version of a traditional shanty song, recorded mono with a guitar. [more inside]

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Broken Wheel (skelp version)

Having used my current DAW for the last 3 years, and spending countless hours re-recording tracks that were too slow, I finally discover that it does have a varispeed function. Just how fucking dumb is that.......? [more inside]

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She Too Rah'd My Loo Rah'd

A love song, and, possibly, an extremely flithy one; second song for the Peter O'Tooles. [more inside]

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Two Fair Brides

A rollicking hillbilly song about a couple of runaway brides.... [more inside]

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November 9

Butcher (Leonard Cohen cover)

Had I my druthers, I would be in a blues duo akin to The Black Keys or The Pack A.D. But I'm not, so I have to make do with smacking my Epiphone around and putting amp simulation on my voice. If ever I find a drummer who shares my vision, we will cover this song properly. [more inside]

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Songwriting/Composition for Practical People?

I'm interested in learning more about songwriting / composition. What I'm not interested in are the glut of "How to get rich writing top 40 hits for dummidiots" titles out there. [more inside] posted by usonian at 1:07 PM PST - 17 comments

The Lady's not for Burning

By the Maggie Thatcher Experience. I'm re-submitting as I got a message saying it was pulled last time because it looked like an advert (lots of html links) - No links this time. Hope it's now ok. I am a newbie. please be gentle with me. Yours, The Maggie Thatcher Experience [more inside]

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End of the World

A nifty remake of a classic....tried for eerie, don't know if it succeeded....

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November 8

Walkabout (Atlas Sound cover)

In which I decide to stop candy butt-ing around it, and attempt to join the reverb drenched, echo cave sound of today. This doesn't really sound like anything I've done before, so I'd love to hear a couple reactions. [more inside]

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Forbidden to Face the Natural Light - Part 1

Part 1 of 3 of a concert work for brass, percussion, and This American Life! This work is basically a "setting" of the Peabody award-winning expose into Guantanamo Bay, "Habeas Schmaebas" Ira Glass gave me permission to compose this work, which premiered in Boston under Brian Kaufman and his brass ensemble back in March. This is one of my first posts, and though I know its a little out of left field I still hope you'll enjoy it. Parts 2 and 3 to come...

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November 6

My Sister the Giant

I'm doing an album this month, and this is the first thing I've recorded for it. I think the album will be mostly or completely instrumental, but we'll see. [more inside]

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The Christian Life

Cover of a Byrds cover of an old Louvin Brothers song. [more inside]

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Oh Balloon Boy

This is my messy pop-rock interpretation of mikepop's excellent parodic adaptation of the old murder ballad "Darling Corey", which this sounds basically nothing like. [more inside]

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joe's last mix

A fantastic piece of symphonic music with deep connections to electronica, joe's last mix by Tanner Menard is a fun ride (this performance is by one of my ensembles with me conducting). I've posted this before, but he and I are doing something different with the piece, and I'm wondering if any of you are interested in participating.... [more inside]

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November 5

Best of the Web: new mix

flapjax at midnite was kind enough to do a mix for me that brings out the vocals better.

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November 4

Joe Wilson's Lament

Not as current as a balloon boy song, but hey...I wrote it after being at the gym and seeing Joe Wilson on every TV news channel. It's pretty 'topical', I think. Think of it as a love song between Joe Wilson and Obama. [more inside]

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Derry Pair

The first song for my new Irish band, The Peter O'Tooles, about a comely young woman from Derry and her desirable fruits. [more inside]

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Reincarnation Blues

What I would sound like if I were trying to sound like Bob Dylan - if Dylan were simultaneously "bringin' it" and "keepin' it real". [more inside]

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November 3

National Motivation via Trend Month

Home Taping, anyone? [more inside] posted by ignignokt at 2:22 PM PST - 8 comments

The Life of Perfect Creatures

The first Earthling sent into orbit was a dog named Laika. She didn't know that they had no intention of bringing her home. [more inside]

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Balloon Boy ballad collaboration

A couple of days after balloon boy I worked out some lyrics for a ballad while riding my bike around town. Now I just need a banjo player... [more inside] posted by mikepop at 5:58 AM PST - 13 comments

November 2

Best of the Web

From this comment I made. [more inside]

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Space Gait

An electronic dance song I made the other day, but now with more of the flavor of today. [more inside]

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Slide Your Left Hand to the Right (A Little)

This jaunty ditty features my wife singing lead and chococat playing the ukelele. I mostly just stand around. [more inside]

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The Falcon and The Showman

Background music for watching footage of the Balloon Boy balloon sailing along.

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Man vs Blue, Mvt. VI: Finale (May 11, 1997)

The final movement of my first (and, so far, only) composition, a multi-movement improvisational piece for acoustic vs. electronic instruments, based on the 1997 rematch set of chess games between Garry Kasparov and the computer, Deep Blue. [more inside]

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November 1

Goodbye Horses (cover)

Here is a cover of Q Lazzarus's "Goodbye Horses" made famous I'm told in Silence of the Lambs and Clerks 2.

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