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December 31

Silver Lining

A low fi version of the Stiff Little Fingers song that somehow feels appropriate for this New Year. [more inside]

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Amazing Grace

Thought I'd jump in to the holiday spirit at the last second: Here is a version of Amazing Grace I did back in 2003 for guitar, 2 musical saws, and xylophone (the toy kind with wheels that you drag around by a string). Recorded into Cubase via the tiny microphone on my old 12" powerbook.

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Auld Lang Syne

In keeping with tradition, here again are the Demons of Gyrophonia ringing in 2011 with the same old song. [more inside]

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December 30

New Year's Resolutions

I never keep 'em, but it's no bad thing to at least enter a brand new year with some good intentions.....on that road to hell.... [more inside] posted by MajorDundee at 8:34 AM PST - 30 comments

December 29

Ain't I Lucky

Here's another tune from the Smoke Bender's [previously] first gig. Video here.

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Happy little ditty whose name was inspired by a post in the blue. [more inside]

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I am the cute one

A cover of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's classic, "I Am The Cute One," from the groundbreaking "Our First Video." [more inside]

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A short pop instrumental I wrote shortly after arriving in Las Vegas in 2005 as an exercise in voice leading and chord soloing.

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December 28

Hey Gay Ladies

A song JaiMahodara put together for our good friends, a lesbian couple, by request. The song is meant to be silly and a little tongue in cheek, so we hope no one takes offense. [more inside]

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It's Just Another New Year's Eve

From a 2002 holiday card to my band's friends & fans, we wish you (via Barry Manilow & Marty Panzer) happiness at the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. [more inside]

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December 27

Help me blow my own trumpets

Horn section arrangement question. I am trying to write a horn section part for a song but I need some reality checks. [more inside] posted by unSane at 6:24 PM PST - 7 comments

Naomi Lullaby

A lullaby for my friends who had their first child on Christmas. Done in NanoStudio on the iPad.

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Hard to believe, but I've been here 3 years and 3 days. So, I just got a bunch of my earliest recordings from my dad's computer so I thought I'd post this one from when I was 17 to mark the occasion. Creatively titled "Piano" because of the extended use various E keys on my mom's piano. Definitely wear headphones, secret bonus track at the end. [more inside]

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Oh Come All Ye Slothful

A pragmatic carol for hungover sinners. Oh come let us eat breakast.

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She's got the moves. [more inside]

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December 26

Baby Please Don't Go

Live in deepest Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Accompanying myself on my Hungarian mouth bow. Video here.

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December 25

We Three Kings

And finally, The Christmas Album closes on a low note--literally, this time. After all, where's the fun in having a contrabassoon at your disposal if you're not going to do something wacky with it?* *Headphones recommended for maximum head-rattling [more inside]

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Deck the Halls

Hopefully your halls have already been decked. [more inside]

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December 24

Ukrainian Crab Carol (Shchedryk)

Alright, time to ruin Christmas with the gift of Crabtone. [more inside]

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Millimeters of Mercury — Finish Last

Millimeters of Mercury is back after the end of finals at USC to present this decidedly retro electropop song that bounces and pounds in B flat major, occasionally straying into harmonic minor and dabbling in diminished chords and flat sevenths. Enjoy. =]

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Angels We Have Heard On High

More like Black Angels We Have Heard On High, amirite? [more inside]

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December 23

Hit the road Jack

One of my favorites, that Ray Charles sure has a nice voice [more inside]

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Coalstockings (Blacklung)

Now for, perhaps, the most abstract experiment on the album, and another test of our previously stated theory. [more inside]

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Greyhound Fears

The second song I recorded after this one.

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Mountain Instrument Medley

A swirling medley of carols from Cousin Jim's back porch. [more inside]

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December 22

Little Drummer Boy

roll truck roll on dulcimer, firemonkey on trumpet [more inside]

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Winter Wonderland

It's one of my least favorite christmas carols, so it seemed appropriate to tackle it instead of something that I cherish (and therefore wasn't willing to tamper with). Decided to drop a verse or two, because let's face it...who isn't a little sick of christmas music.

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Bad Santa

An original composition by our own Tommy Scheurich, and another experiment in instant festivity. [more inside]

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Silent Night

Extremely spartan recording, for me. Vox, piano, a simple vox harmony, and a melodica solo. [more inside]

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The Loss That I Made For Myself

A new instrumental song. [more inside]

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Up on the Housetop

Because this holiday tune appears on every beginning band's premiere concert program, it's one of my favorite to mock. [more inside]

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December 21

What Child is This?

We all thought as hard as we could, to come up with a Christmas song that none of us hate, so we could do it semi-reverently, in a manner which at least resembles proper. It took so many takes to get it right that now we hate this song, too. [more inside]

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Have Yourself a Walken Little Christmas

A special encore performance by Christopher Walken and the Lounge Fellas.

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Island Music

Come! Enjoy the traditional island music and bask in the random notes!

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Silent Night

"What should we play next?" "How about Silent Night?" "Okay." [more inside]

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Boom Chicky Boom

I've just started a new band. It's a rollicking affair, kind of a neo-primitive, New Orleans funk/blues explosion, with tuba, drums, and yours truly on diddley bow (etc) and vocal. This is the first song of the first set of our first gig, and was a completely impromptu, unrehearsed affair. These guys can read my mind, and I think it's gonna be a really fun band. Well, it's already a really fun band, actually. I do hope you enjoy it. Video here.

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Fool For Yule

The stations of the cross won't play my single. [more inside]

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December 20

Rusty Chevrolet

A cover of a holiday classic. This is my first real multi-track project. [more inside]

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Christmas (Is the Time to Get Fucked Up)

Sometimes Christmas cheer comes in bottles and baggies.

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Santa's Slay

The first of two experiments on The Christmas Album, testing the hypothesis that [x] + sleighbells = instant festivity. [more inside]

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A redo of this in a new direction.

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Can the Hive Mind help me with this riff?

I wrote this simple little Mellotron piano chord progression this morning but it's baffling me. Can anyone suggest how I get it to loop back around to the beginning again? [more inside]

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O Tannenbaum

Be patient. I'm told the melody appears in here somewhere. [more inside]

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December 19

Roadhouse Cafe

Bedroom blues wankery. [more inside]

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Blues Wrapped Round My Head (live, 2010)

This is a live version of a tune I originally posted here back in 2007. Video here.

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Jingle Bells

A quick introduction of our two newest toys, and the first track off our new Christmas album. [more inside]

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I'm Dreaming of a White Russian

Every year, I do some sort of travesty of a Christmas song for my music webcomic. This year, I decided to get crazy and do an in-character recording of it as the band in the strip. So the Awesome Boys are proud to present "(I'm Dreaming of a) White Russian." (the parens in the song title make it extra-Alternative).

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Driving Home For Christmas

Quick and dirty cover of Chris Rea's gruffly charming classic. Hope Chris doesn't mind me breaking in and rearranging the furniture a little. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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December 18


one of my least favourite carols, but still... [more inside]

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The Fanstastic Voyage of the U.S.S. Totes McGotes

The usual silliness from me. The sauciest synth licks are to be found at 0:54 and 1:05.

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Performed by my group from the improv module at uni and recorded at our gig a couple of weeks ago. Originally by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. [more inside]

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December 17

Santa santa (with your nose so bright)

My son's singing debut just in time for Xmas.

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Ain't a Damn Thing (We Humans Can Do)

Yesterday I dashed off a little song for the alligator bites an electric eel thread. I actually do this kind of thing pretty frequently in Mefi threads, but this one garnered more favorites than usual, so I was inspired to record it today. The bare bones arrangement (vocal, diddley bow and stomp box) reflects the fact that I only had about an hour to do this thing...

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Vilchik, the Dog

Another little piece of "For Grigori - I sold goat". [more inside]

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From Olga

Arnaud wasn't just about the techno noise. He was an enormous fan of Laurie Andersen's Oh, Superman and had assembled a vocoder himself by taking apart the family's old tube TV. His mother Olga, who was not an educated woman, could not write without speaking aloud, and so one day when he heard her writing a letter, he snuck a microphone under the rickety table, fed it to his home-made recorder, and began to play along... [more inside]

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The Card Cheat (live)

A cover of the Clash song, recorded live last Saturday night in Pomona, CA.

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All I want for Christmas is......

I'd like Santa to bring me: - A Revox reel-to-reel tape machine so I can master in analogue and maybe warm up that digital brittleness - even if it sounds shit, having the machine in my studio will just look soooooo cool; and - a Fender Telecaster 62 Custom Reissue in Ocean Turquoise - these have the cool edge binding but I'd dump the rosewood neck and replace with maple. What would you like Santa to bring you? posted by MajorDundee at 11:46 AM PST - 46 comments

It Was a Good Year

My take on creating a song based on the hilarious "For Grigori, I sold goat" -- A Christmas Mystery letter.

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December 16

The Fuzz

Originally by Umphrey's McGee, performed by my band for the improv module at uni at our gig a couple weeks ago. [more inside]

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Carry On (live)

Another song from last week's live show - not sure how I got so lost there at the end, but otherwise it's a good version. Previously.

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Brought the strumstick out the other night, for a solo gig in beautiful downtown Ikebukuro. This is a tune I've posted here before, in another incarnation. Video here. [more inside]

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December 15


A bossa nova Elliott Smith cover. [more inside]

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Christmas Don't Be Late

Now chipmunk-free.

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love has made us killers

Rough recording of a work-in-progress. [more inside]

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Get out!

So there was this awesome ask.MeFi post, "For Grigori I sold goat" -- A Christmas Mystery. [more inside]

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My group from the improv project at uni performing Chameleon by Dave Barnes at our gig last week. [more inside]

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BP Song

Another song from Saturday's set at Characters in Pomona. This is a new song about the Gulf spill- it's only the second time we've done it live, and it still a little rough in the middle part. Demo version.

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December 14

Star Dream

Smoothy, dreamy chillout vibes with gently gliding arpeggios swirling over luscious synth chords. Think Futurecop meets Mike Oldfield.

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Fighting a Dolphin

This song is very funny and very good. We made this song several years ago and I think it holds up well. The band was called "nouns and verbs."

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December 13

One For The Road - Long Live Rock (Live)

The end of our set Saturday night, recorded from the crowd on my TASCAM DR-07. We opened up for East Bay Ray's new band The Killer Smiles, the band was pretty excited about it, and I think the energy really comes through. [more inside]

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Polk Salad Annie

Here's my humble version of Louisiana-born singer/songwriter Tony Joe White's most well-known tune. Recorded live at SABACO in Waseda, Tokyo on December 9, 2010. Loved this song ever since I first heard it at age 12. Here I'm using is the Vietnamese jaw harp called the Dan Moi, plus a wobbly, warbly drone from the JUNO 60 analog synth. Video here.

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December 12


This began as an improvised piece involving a Poly Evolver synth, a Memory Man pedal, and an iPhone running Moog Filtatron. Then I decided to bury everything in noise, fuzz and tape flutter until it became nigh-unlistenable. Enjoy!

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January Collaboration Challenge Early Notice

Alright, I'm giving up a little early notice for the January Collaboration Challenge. This is redundant for those who follow MeFi Music regularly, but here goes. [more inside] posted by snsranch at 4:01 PM PST - 44 comments

the kricket rides again

A song written for a boring snowy day. Ambient/slow-hop/dreamscape techno at it's most. After all, who hasn't lost almost an entire day playing in FruityLoops, right?

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December 11

A Joke I Didn't Understand

This tune is another example of a lyric directly inspired by a Metafilter comment. Shortly after reading the comment, I wrote the lyrics, and posted them in that same thread. Got around to singing it (well, it's half sung, half intoned, actually) the other night. Video here. [more inside]

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Layered Bells

A little experiment in the ambient/minimalist Steve Reich/Mike Oldfield vein. [more inside]

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Spanish Bombs

Acoustic cover of my favourite song in all the world.

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A quick surf-punk blast thru the Ukrainian folk song which was neutered into Carol of the Bells. For the challenge, obviously! [more inside]

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Tentacles - Just Not That Creepy

Inspired by a short conversation with my girlfriend. [more inside]

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December 10

Your Little One Way Street

Recorded live at Sabaco in Waseda, Tokyo, on December 9, 2010. I'm playing my new Hungarian mouthbow. There's a wee touch of distortion here and there in the recording, but nothing we can't live with, I s'pose. Video here. [more inside]

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inin (live)

the last track on my htmpng efforts

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Cheap Speakers?

Speaker advice for a small, newbie studio? Under a hundred bucks or so, preferably available from [more inside] posted by Squid Voltaire at 8:52 AM PST - 7 comments

December 9

Christmas Time is Here

A favorite Christmas song. [more inside]

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Bozo's Lament (cover)

My housemate and I take a little break from finals. Jonathan Coulton cover! Enjoy! [more inside]

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Heinreich's Compulsion

Ambient modal psychedelic clawhammer banjo drone? Sure, TheCoug, whatever...

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December 8

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (A Dramatic Reenactment)

I recently discovered this bit of classic radio-recorded vinyl. Enjoy a blast from the (present) past. [more inside]

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December 7

Fish Are Great

So yesterday dmd mentioned in IRC that his wife miagaille was going to be stuck in a hospital room for a few days being very bored because of some neural testing stuff, and how she'd be amused if I wrote a song, and I was like "just a song about anything? Like, 'fish are awesome'?" and he was like, yeah. Yeah, that would work. [more inside]

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Study Hard

Inspiration for all you students... [more inside]

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put the sound in my ear again, it felt good in there

an improvisation on my smart phone, recorded in the breakroom during my lunch break at work [more inside]

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Real To Reels -Tribute to John Lennon

I wrote this on December 8th, 1980 right after I heard about John Lennon's murder. I was in college, in Albuquerque N.M., and was so upset I had to take a cold shower to calm down. I wrote it in the shower, and wrote it down when I dried off. We've played it in various bands ever since, and this version was recorded in Chicago in 1995. [more inside]

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Grand Canyon (Magnetic Fields Cover)

I received a violin bow this weekend it's been really exciting and fun using it to play the electric guitar, so I thought I'd post a quick and dirty new cover of the Magnetic Fields song "Grand Canyon". Here's a video of me playing the song with the bow. Also, those loud bangs you hear that sound like regular worker crew replacing the roof? Wrong, they are actually hella underground, lo-fi authenticity booster superheros. [more inside]

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December 6

Ten Years in a Hundred Dollar Suit (vox up)

I pushed the vocal track a couple of dB on this track I posted yesterday as several people suggested. See what you think. [more inside]

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December 5

Silver Bells

Every year I like to do at least one Holiday tune for myself, family & friends. [more inside]

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slow burn

instrumental on 12-string acoustic. [more inside]

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n900 improv

An improvisation on an instrument programmed using the csound DSL for audio synthesis, running in real time on a nokia n900 smart phone. [more inside]

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Cassettes: better to fetishize than actually deal with

I'm digitizing a bunch of old tracks off of cassettes, and they have that expected cassette muddiness to them. Does anyone have any advice in remixing and remastering them? [more inside] posted by umbú at 7:42 PM PST - 2 comments

Ten Years in a Hundred Dollar Suit

So Aimee Mann and Bruce Springsteen are in a bar discussing the greatness that is Living on a Prayer, but what they haven't noticed is that Toto are at the next table, and Sonic Youth just walked in the back... [more inside]

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A little seasonal cheese for your cellphone.

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December 4

PC: Garageband = Rocknroll John Hodgeman?

Anyone tryout Acoustic? (billed as garageband for the pc) [more inside] posted by es_de_bah at 1:48 PM PST - 9 comments

December 3

Turn Me On

goofin' to da funk. [more inside]

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Musical Gazpacho to calibrate your ears

In the Mixing Tips & Tricks thread, Cantdosleepy proposed a truly awesome way of both calibrating monitors and getting your ears tuned up and ready to mix. Now I just need some suggestions for ingredients for his musical Gazpacho. [more inside] posted by unSane at 12:37 PM PST - 18 comments

A good cover of Comfortably Numb...

This is what I head when I saw this from youtube... Lots of interesting parts in the youtube video. [more inside]

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December 2

Come Summer

Another track from my hometaping album. [more inside]

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Happy Holidays!!11!!

It's time for another challenge, but first many thanks and kudos to everyone who participated in Vocals Only. That was really excellent and everyone kicked ass. [more inside] posted by snsranch at 2:01 PM PST - 3 comments

The Worst Things (Christmas Remix)

With apologies to chococat... [more inside]

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Tonight You Belong To Me

A quick arrangement I did for guitar and musical saw of "Tonight You Belong To Me" by Billy Rose and Lee David. You might remember it from here.

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December 1

Crab, Why Do You Smoke?

A short thrash/death tune about a crab's habit. [more inside]

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Not-so-super Collision

SuperCollider help? [more inside] posted by mkb at 9:32 AM PST - 1 comments