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July 31

The Tourist

The lovely closing track of OK Computer, re-imagined as some sort of throwback synthpop thing. [more inside]

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It's a pretty dented-up song as it stands. I submit my version with all its dings and dents, though, because I'm up against the deadline.

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freeb ird

Random Free Bird midi dumped onto the robot xylophone.

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Karma Police

Well, here it is. I just couldn't pull off any of the ideas I had to make my cover unique, but I really didn't want to fail the challenge completely. So here's my crappy, iPad recorded version of the tune. [more inside]

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Karma Police

Here there be sludge. [more inside]

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Not my favourite Radiohead tune, I'll tell you that much. [more inside]

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Fitter happier and more malicious

Sulking straggler throws hat in challenge ring. [more inside]

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Paranoid Android

The epic second track off the Roddy's O-Face record. It's pretty hefty compared to the rest of the songs, so make sure you can handle a solid minute and forty five seconds. [more inside]

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Climbing Up the Walls

My submission, just under the wire. Improvised into my phone just now, while fighting dizzy spells and having just submitted to a biopsy procedure. This is also my first Mefi Music submission.


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The Tourist

Recorded in my bathroom. [more inside]

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an imaginary anthem

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July 30

Paranoid Android

My song for the OK Computer challenge. Pretty similar to the original, but with my own personal touches here and there. I performed everything, and recorded it in Logic Pro 9. [more inside]

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My contribution for the July challenge. Just a few pianos and vocals. Thanks JaiMahodara for singing. [more inside]

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No Surprises

I downloaded a karaoke file to help find out how the arrangement was put together (although the file I downloaded seems to have some odd deviations from the original track). Somehow I ended up rearranging the tracks and assigning them to string quartet, woodwind, church organ, marimba and dulcimer. And TR808. Not real, of course. I liked the way it sounded enough to keep it. And then I put vocals on it, and I don't know whether it didn't all go (as Satie would put it) au form du poire. [more inside]

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Sweet, I tracked down the opening track off Lofi Computer. [more inside]

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Electronic instrumental, 80's style arpeggio, loud bass and an extremely simple melody. [more inside]

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July 29

No Surprises

I really have no explanation for what I was thinking on this.

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July 27

The Egg That Never Was

Another long instrumental noodle-athon. Making it up as we go. [more inside]

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3 AM (Night Of The Cougar)

59 seconds of punk written by Riot Dog's 20 year old drummer Levi, on a subject that should be readily apparent.

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July 26

Theme for Trilby

Not every cat deserves a theme song.

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Polyethylene [parts 1 & 2]

A cover of a B-Side from Radiohead's OK Computer. [more inside]

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Subterranean Homesick Dylan

It's well known that Radiohead went to Bob Dylan for inspiration on the title of Subterranean Homesick Alien; it's less well known that they actually lifted the song structure and lyrics themselves from this rare demo recording. [more inside]

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Resistor - Insecure

This one is a sparkly nugget of synthpop about the bitter, self-sabotaging adolescent lurking within all of us. Or at least within me. It's classic Resistor. [more inside]

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Fitter Happier ((Russian language version))

My assigned tune from OK Computer. For mouth bow and Russian vocal. Video here.

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July 25

karma kops

I downloaded a random MIDI file of Radiohead's Karma Police and sent it, almost raw, to this robot xylophone which couldn't understand most of the file. It sounds terrible. There's also a boring video version.

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Subterranean Homesick Alien

Version # 7248 of this song. My entry into the OK Computer MeFi Challenge. [more inside]

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Airbag(ft The Dev Cave)

My cover of Radiohead's Airbag for the July 2012 MeFi Music Challenge. [more inside]

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Earth Bound

I covered this already but found this version I now have brain cancer and can no longer play. [more inside]

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(half) lucky

As sang by the paranoid android. Right before running out of battery.

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July 24


MeFi Music Challenge July 2012 cover of "Subterranean Homesick Alien" off of Radiohead's OK Computer. [more inside]

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July 23


This is what happens when a wimpy acoustic guitar player writes a song entirely with a vintage synthesizer. [more inside]

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vampire deer - unwritten 4

a totally improvised guitar solo through 2 alesis nanoverbs, a dod dimension 6 (dual fx) and a behringer virtualizer pro - i love old cheap rack fx [more inside]

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July 22

Time after Timer

My version with the help of Miles [more inside]

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July 20

Climbing Up the Walls

Well, this is my cheater because Let Down is my song. But it is turning out to be difficult, so I've been working up a few others to play when I get pissed off at Let Down. [more inside]

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Karma Police (Tragically Straight Version)

A little spit-polish on the learning-to-play-it demo I recorded after I got the assignment. I had to get it mixed and off the desk before I spent the rest of my life adding the goofy little fills I missed the first time through. [more inside]

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After many failed attempts, here is my contribution to the project. [more inside]

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July 19

Exit Music (Again?)

It's time to come clean... [more inside]

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Need last minute touring help in NV/CA!

Know of any venues between Reno and Los Angeles that might need a band for this Saturday night? [more inside] posted by platinum at 11:05 PM PST - 2 comments

July 18


If any of our previous posts for this challenge have been successfully creepy, then hopefully, this will be the stuff of nightmares... [more inside]

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July 17

Let Down

Time for a short break from the creepy. Turns out, all that needed changing was one word, and this was actually a bit of Mississippi Delta Blues in disguise--mostly because nobody in Mississippi has ever heard of the word "drivel." Sit back on your front porch with a cool glass of lemonade for this one. [more inside]

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I learned how the play the song the proper way, but then I threw it all out the window for... whatever this is. [more inside]

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Climbing Up The Walls

For some reason, finding out that the song was inspired by a moribund sanitarium brought to mind monks.

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just a instrumental thing I did while trying out some new software.

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Px Viy

As I've been advised to stay home in the evening (, I redownloaded FL Studio after a long hiatus and spent last night fiddling around with it again. I'm a bit rusty and I found the new interface (10.x) overly complicated and counter-intuitive from what FL used to be in older versions, but at least it's something to do -- it's also just a demo version of FL and prevents saving progress, so this came out in one go, unedited, as you'll hear.

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July 16


From sort of creepy to really creepy. From cover/arrangement/orchestration to abstraction. This is not your Major's Lucky. [more inside]

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She Talks To Rainbows

A Ramones cover from the latest Red On Strike album. For comparison, here's our previous attempt at recording this song, and a video of us doing it live a couple weeks ago.

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July 15

Paranoid Android

My attempt at the Bohemian Rhapsody of my generation. [more inside]

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Waves of Waves

"Waves of Waves" explores the sounds which constantly and invisibly lap at our feet, as observed from one particular vantage point on the Westside of Los Angeles. The piece reveals the simultaneously fragile and expansive nature of territories and communities. [more inside]

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Exit Music (for a Film)

It's probably a different film now (could still be Romeo & Juliet, but they might have to use chainsaws now). Headphones are best, for maximum crunchification. [more inside]

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take a trip with me... inside your mind [more inside]

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July 14

Pissin' In The Sink

An instrumental I wrote in 2008 for my Carvin electric 12-string. I was going for a honky-tonk piano sound.

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Exit Music

Not a part of the Monthly Challenge, but the first song I recorded on my tenor ukulele. [more inside]

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Subterranean Homesick Alien

In the six months they were together, Roddy's O-Face went through three bassists, the last of whom insisted on being called "The Colonel" at all times. This was a song about the town they were all going to high school in. [more inside]

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My ambient tune "Morning" showed up in this touching Source Filmmaker video (then on Valve!)

Morning is the first of four pieces from a release that I did earlier this year called "Within the Darkness." Quiet, atmospheric textures. I woke up one morning and this fellow on YouTube named MetalSeer had put up this really nice video from Valve's Source Filmmaker. [more inside]

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July 13


Forgive me gatecrashing the challenge. I've never consciously heard "OK Computer" or this track. I just read through the lyrics and this one resonated for some reason - serendipitously enough given it's Friday 13th! Hope no-one is offended by this effort bearing absolutely no relation to the original other than the lyric. Feels a bit like I've drunkenly decided to juggle with some Meissen china or something... [more inside]

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An Unnamed Country

A quiet piano driven song cut and pasted on itself.

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July 12

Paraynoid Randroid

You get what you pay for.

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Karma Police

Here's another Roddy's O-Face track off their Lofi Computer album! If I remember right, Ned wrote this one, and it's about his ex-girlfriend's cop dad and the time he drew a magic marker Hitler stache on her at a party when she passed out, or something like that. [more inside]

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Zola Jesus - Trust Me [I-495 Bridge Reconstruction]

A live performance of a "reconstruction" of a Zola Jesus song performed at Sonic Circuits Broken Mic Night. [more inside]

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Paranoid Android

My allotted song for the July Metafilter Music Radiohead Extravaganza. [more inside]

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Hollow Saturn

Starts out atmospheric as we slowly descend through the thickening clouds. [more inside]

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July 11

Nirvana- Zappa

I know I uploaded a previous version. But now I've completed a solo part with my friends who played lead guitar and pedal steel. The rest is me trying to work out this Zappa tune with my own words, midi instruments, and staying true to the basic idea, western theme, music, but with a 'now' twist. I hope you enjoy it, and send me any thoughts that might occur to your wild elephant mind.

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Cook, Peary, and Byrd

Here is my entry into the "Educational Song" challenge from March of last year. (THIS IS AS FAST AS I WORK, PEOPLE.) It is a searing exposé / sing-along waltz that reveals the truth about early arctic exploration. My dad plays trumpet, my friend Jessica plays trombone and sings, my wife Sue sings just a little bit, and MeFi's own dubold and Pecinpah sing as well. Lyrics and (yes!) citations are inside. [more inside]

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No Surprises

As recorded in Tom's mom's garage by the infamously unfamous punk ingenues Roddy's O-Face. From their first and only album, Lofi Computer. [more inside]

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July 10

Exit Music (For a Campfire)

So, y'all know that Thom Yorke has a ridiculous power and range to his singing right? Well I don't. [more inside]

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July 9

Let Down

My attempt at the July challenge... [more inside]

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let down - vampire deer (radiohead)

my cover of the radiohead song ...

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July 8

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Radiohead's Subterranean Homesick Alien, the mariachi cover. [more inside]

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July 7

Climbing up the Walls

It's always best when the light is off. [more inside]

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The True 300 (Mexican Clowns)

Another Riot Dog song, written by our bass player Steve about 300 clowns who got together in Mexico City to laugh for peace. [more inside]

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If You Want Me To Stay

Another jam (Sly cover) at yet another gig, circa 1994. It would have been totally forgotten and unremarked were it not for the fact that someone taped it. [more inside]

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July 6


Another ditty for the baritone uke

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Karma Police

Fun with samples on my entry for the MeFi Music Album Challenge. [more inside]

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Green Boots

This might be a good song for a sunny summer weekend! My wife Sue sings it. Other ingredients: Autoharp, marimba, and a boss baritone sax solo supplied by MeFi's own man vs sun. [more inside]

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July 5


Bouncy Tech House piece [more inside]

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Long Cool Blonde

Hau' weg das Zeug! [more inside]

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will you still love me tomorrow (cover)

I like this song, so I sang it in a room by myself.

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My Country 'Tis of Thee - Fingerstyle

That, or God Save the Queen. Your choice. [more inside]

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Surf And Destroy

Some beach music off the new album from my punk band Riot Dog. Oi! Oi! Oi!

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July 3

Do the Vampire

A plain-jane cover for The World Famous. [more inside]

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Heard and Said

I tried to imagine what Duran Duran's "Notorious" would sound like if it were originally written by Japanese funk band Zoobombs.

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July 2

mmHg — Drumline II (Check It While We Flip It) (ft. Bonez, Nepaul, and Halfknot)

This a remix of an earlier drumline-based song by me using an a capella rap recorded by 3 MCs and allowed for use — the fusion makes a nice catchy result.

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July 1

3 Legged Dog

A very short and simple ode to my dog who I love. [more inside]

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